I Dislike the Male Lead’s Child - Chapter 45

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Chapter 45

T/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotation marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.




I was led into the garden after I was ready.


Then I ate with Asellus.


The meal prepared by the chefs with all their might was a full course dish that could only be eaten in three hours.


It was all messed up, and I am feeling like crazy.


It was only after I started eating that I had some free time.


It was only then that I was able to ask Asellus about everything.


However, not a single word about the ‘Princess’ came out of Asellus’ mouth.


‘What the hell?’


I had a question.


I was wondering if I should ask directly or not, but suddenly the front door became noisy.


It looked like a messenger had come.


A knight hastily received the telegram and came to us and said,


“An invitation came from the royal palace.”


“Invitation? What’s going on?”


Asellus read the invitation and immediately burned the contents.


He added an explanation to my bewildered self.


“It’s a futile story.”


” futile story.”


He frowned and spoke.


“The king kept telling me to attend the banquet. He wanted to introduce some princess.”

[T/N- Scum king who the hell in his right mind introduce her daughter to a married man]


Only then did I understand why Asellus had returned alone.


‘Asellus met the princess and fell in love at first sight.’


But he had not yet met the princess.


‘It’s clear that Asellus came back straight to the mansion because of me.’


However, people could not leave him alone, the hero of the kingdom and the first wizard of mankind. It was still like. [T/N she meant like in original]


Didn’t the royal palace send invitations in a hurry?

All doubts were then resolved.


Asellus seems to be going to and from the royal palace to blossoming love with the princess from now on. [T/N- She reminded me of myself when I was crazy about some shipping ]


‘Then I need to get a divorce as soon as possible, so Ascelus doesn’t feel guilty about me.’


Thinking about it that way made me feel better.


As I drank tea after dinner with a sigh, Asellus asked with a puzzled expression.


“Brill, what are you thinking?”




As I shook my head, I suddenly realized that Asellus might have forgotten what I had said eight years ago.


I looked at him and opened my mouth.


“Do you remember our promise?”




“If you have someone you like, we’re going to divorce.”


Asellus put down the glass he was holding, seemingly bewildered.


His eyebrows rose upwards.


“Why all of a sudden?”


“I just remembered.”


“Have you found someone you like?”


He waved his hand, asking if it was possible.


It was late in the evening after a long time passed.


The sky was dark. The place where we sat was bright because there were braziers on all sides to illuminate it warmly.


It was only then that I got my eyes on Asellus properly.


I was caught up in all sorts of thoughts until a while ago and couldn’t see him properly.


He was also dazzled from head to toe as if he was capture by maids. 

[T/N- Just like Avril was forced to dress up]


Most of all, I really liked his strong physique and handsome face.


‘He grew up well. The princess will fall for you as soon as she sees him.’


I smiled in satisfaction, and my eyes met him.


Asellus looked at me and whispered softly.


“Pretty, Brill.”


At his words, my face turned red.


As I reflexively avoided his gaze, Asellus spoke with a gentle voice.


“I’m glad I could tell you what happened.” [T/N- His journey to kill the sea monster]


I was just wondering if you had met the princess.


Asellus continued to whisper in a pleasant voice.


The sweet voice sounded like a lullaby.


“Brill, can I ask you something?”


I nodded involuntarily, drunk by the sweet voice.


But the words that followed were not so sweet.


“…Why were you so surprised when I gave the doll to you earlier?”


I was fascinated by the whispering voice, and I met his eyes, startled.


Asellus continued to look at me, and our eyes met eventually.


Straight eyes stared at me.


I avoided his gaze without realizing it.


No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t come up with any excuses.


Everything was a mess in my head.


As I was silent, Asellus asked first.


“Maybe. Did I bring up the story of the child?”


That was an accurate point.


My shoulder flinched, and he furrowed his eyebrows.


It was obvious that he noticed I was nervous.


As an excuse, I cut off the words I had kept in my mouth the whole time.


“All, of course! We’re friends.”


“Friends? We’re married. And now we’re adults.”


“That’s right, but…”




What should I say?


Seeing the tenacity of Asellus, it seemed that he had no intention of backing down easily.


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