I Fell In Love With My Enemy After Recognizing The Wrong Person


Authors : 齐成琨

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Comedy , Romance , Shounen Ai

Chapters: 8

Last update: 5 days ago


Xia Xixi has a boyfriend named Li Quyin who looks exactly like the movie emperor Shen Bailou.He and Shen Bailou are half-brothers from the same father but different mother. Their father does not love Li Quyin's mother. So, their lives are particularly miserable. Shen Bailou never even mentioned that he had such a brother.Xia Xixi felt that Shen Bailou was a dog in the human face, in fact a scum tr*sh.Li Quyin was different from him. He was kind, gentle and considerate. Although he was occasionally a little domineering and strong, he was a perfect boyfriend material.Xia Xixi: My boyfriend is a little pitiful.Li Quyin (black card in my hand suddenly feels non-cost efective. jpg): Yeah I eat one meal a day. I'm really pitiful.Xia Xixi: It is very hard for my boyfriend to move bricks on the construction site every day.Li Quyin (change into construction site suit.jpg): Buy this construction site, I will move bricks from tomorrow!Xia Xixi: I hate Shen Bailou the most, that tr*sh!Li Quyin (I'm wronged I'm wronged.jpg): Yes, I hate that tr*sh Shen Bailou the most.Real . Li Quyin . Shen Bailou (smoking melancholy. jpg): Did I just made fun of myself again ?Li Quyin: Yes

I Fell In Love With My Enemy After Recognizing The Wrong Person