I Have A Super USB Drive - Chapter 620

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Chapter 620: Group Annihilation

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At this time, the boy was curled up in the corner, his head bowed as he cried silently while soldiers with live ammunition stood all around him. Anyone who saw him would feel compassion as if these soldiers were oppressing the child.

Although Sean did not want to believe that the boy in front of him might be a murderous demon. At this moment, Sean still subconsciously tensed his body.

“Found out anything?”

Victor looked at everyone around him and everyone shook their heads.

Seeing this, Victor could not help looking at Sean on the side.

Sean had no choice but to walk up himself. He squatted in front of the boy and the boy shrank back subconsciously, seeming to be afraid of everyone here.

“George, relax, no one here will hurt you.”

Sean tried his best to make his smile more sincere. “Can you tell me what happened last night? Don’t worry, we’re not saying you’re to blame, but... We’re all curious.”

However, a development that Sean had never expected occurred. After seeing Sean, George suddenly screamed and wailed at the same time, “It’s you guys, you killed my parents and all the people here. It’s all of you!”

As he yelled, his emotions became more and more agitated. In the end, his eyes rolled over and he fainted...

Seeing this scene, Sean’s heart suddenly sank. “It seems that his mind is still a little confused. We won’t get anything out of him for the time being.”

Beside him, Victor also frowned. He did not say much but ordered everyone to take George away, leaving the place only to Sean.

“Can you use your abilities now?”

Victor asked again, “If the identity of the murderer can be directly identified, that would be best.”

“I can try, but you must leave first because when my ability is activated, it will be disturbed if there are other people present.”

Hearing these words, Victor did not say anything else. He turned around and left, closing the door for Sean on his way out.

Only Sean was left in the room.

Seeing this, Sean no longer hesitated. He took a deep breath and began to use his power.

Suddenly, the sunlight in the room slowly dimmed as if the scene outside the window had directly changed from day to night. At the same time, there seemed to be wisps of gray shadows on the ground. These shadows continued to squirm and twist in Sean’s peripheral vision, but when Sean looked directly toward them, he saw that all this was an illusion...


A weird murmuring began to appear in Sean’s ears. It seemed that someone was whispering in his ear, but no matter how he strained to listen, he could not hear what was said. By this time, the light in the room had been completely dimmed. In the darkness as thick as ink, Sean seemed to see many people lying faintly on the beds in the room.

These were children and George was among them.

“Did I succeed?”

Sean breathed a sigh of relief in silence. While maintaining his powers, he slowly paced to the bed where George was. Through the dense darkness, Sean seemed to see that George on the bed was frowning and twitching his lips.

It was as if the child at this time was falling into some kind of nightmare.

In the next second, a thick mist suddenly drifted into the room. The mist seemed to appear out of thin air, with a faint yellowish color, which directly brightened the entire room.

“What is this?”

Sean looked around blankly. The dusky mist was dreamlike, drifting in the room quietly, even distorting the sense of distance in the room, giving him the illusion of being in a vast world.

No, it was not an illusion...

Sean suddenly saw that in the misty distance, a few figures were walking over slowly. As the mist was dense, he could only see that these figures had human silhouettes.

However, unlike ordinary people, their walking movements were a bit awkward. Strictly speaking, they appeared to be floating.

As they got closer, their silhouettes could be seen more clearly. However, at this time, Sean’s pupils shrank involuntarily because he finally saw that these figures were not humans at all. They were just spherical heads without a body, with only strips of tentacles hanging down!


Sean held back the horror in his heart. He took two steps backward and then realized that these monsters were not real now. He was just looking back at them in the past.

There were three of these monsters. They floated out of the thick fog and then stretched out their tentacles toward the nostrils of the children. The next second, before Sean’s eyes, the bodies of the children shriveled directly...

“So, it’s this group of monsters causing trouble?”

Sean felt angry and helpless as he watched. He wanted to stop them but when he stretched out his hand, it simply passed through the monsters as if they were mere shadows. All this was just a scene from last night that he had rewound to.

After these three monsters drained the children in the room, only George was left behind. Then, they opened the door, turned, and moved outside...

“I understand...”

At this point, Sean finally gave up the idea of ??continuing to observe. He withdrew his power and the darkness and dense fog in the room immediately dissipated. Sunlight came in again from the window.

After basking in the long-lost sunshine, Sean quickly opened the door and came to the corridor, where Victor was standing by.

Seeing Sean appear, Victor gave him a surprised look. “Your nose is running.”

Sean was taken aback for a moment. He reached out and touched his nose but he only felt a string of mucus flowing out of his nostrils. There was a small trace of blood in the mucus but he was too immersed earlier, and he did not even notice the liquid flowing out of his nostrils.

“I thought I’d bleed, but who knew that only snot came out?”

Sean frowned but then he put that all aside. “I’ve found out what happened. It turns out that George wasn’t the murderer but his nightmare!”


“Yes, I suspect that George is a special psionicist!”

Sean asserted. “He has the ability to materialize his dreams. It’s only because he can’t control his emotions in the dreams, so he’ll lose control and kill people every night!”

“He can’t control his emotions in the dream?”

Victor was a little puzzled. Then, he changed his line of reasoning and realized that Sean was referring to George’s parents.

George originally had a good family but then his father was killed in a gunfight, so his mother found a violent stepfather. At the same time, her attitude toward George turned around 180 degrees and she became cold and indifferent.

Due to the indifference of his stepfather and mother, George had killed them in a dream after awakening his psionic powers.

If this was the case, then everything made sense — why both abnormal events happened late at night, why both abnormal events revolved around George, why only George survived each time, and everyone else died...

“If that’s true, then Mr. Sean, you’ve truly cracked this abnormal event.”

Victor also breathed a sigh of relief in his heart, but he still had some doubts. “Can you tell me what you saw after activating your power?”

“I saw George’s dream world...”

Sean immediately described, “His dream was filled with a boundless mist and deep in the mist there were a few monsters that looked part human and part octopus. These monsters can use their tentacles to enter through people’s nostrils and suck out their internal organs. That’s all that I saw.”

“Very well...”

Victor said with satisfaction, “Thank you for your cooperation. If there’s any need, I’ll be in contact with you.”

With that, he turned around to leave.

“Hold on!”

Sean hurriedly stopped Victor. Seeing Victor looking back suspiciously, Sean clenched his jaw and asked immediately, “May I ask, how are you going to deal with this child?”

“Don’t worry, we won’t kill him.”

Victor replied, “We’ll adopt the methods of psychological counseling to guide his superpowers. Maybe we’ll absorb him and make him one of us.”

“That’s good.”

Sean heaved a sigh of relief. After all, George was just a child. His childhood had been unfortunate enough. It would be too tragic if he was treated as a guinea pig or a criminal because of this incident.

The case was settled. Sean was about to take his leave immediately, but when he walked out of the welfare home, he was chased down by a task force member who rushed over and handed him a document.

“This document is a non-disclosure agreement. If there’s no problem with it, please sign it.”

The task force member reminded, “After signing the document, you cannot disclose any information about the Blacklight Foundation and this abnormal event. If you do, we’ll try you in the court of the Federal Special Branch. You may face a punishment of ten years in fixed-term imprisonment or even the death penalty.”

Sean frowned. He opened the agreement and took a look, then raised his eyebrows and asked, “What if I don’t sign it?”

“If you don’t sign it, we’ll assume that you don’t agree with the confidentiality regulations on the document.”

The member of the task force replied, “Then, to prevent you from leaking our secrets, we’ll erase your memories. Then, you’ll forget everything that has happened today.”

“Erase my memories?”

Sean was taken aback and then said coldly, “Aren’t you infringing on human rights?”

“Sorry, it’s confidential, we have to do this.”

The task force member was neither too submissive nor too forceful.

Seeing this, Sean had to suppress the fury in his heart, signed his name on the last page, and then handed it to the other party expressionlessly. If someone familiar with Sean saw him now, they would know that Sean had been angered by now.

“Thank you for your cooperation.”

The task force member saluted Sean, then turned and left.

Sean stifled his rage, left the street that was sealed off, and returned to the police station. It was not until all his colleagues welcomed him back that Sean’s inner anger subsided.


In the evening, Sean returned home and gradually fell into deep thought.

There were two things he was thinking about. One of them was that he had met the group of people claiming to be the Blacklight Foundation during the day. These people were mysterious but with extremely high authority and even the local police department could not interfere with their judgments and cases. The word Blacklight also reminded Sean of the name “Blackwatch Corporation”.

“Could it be that the rumors are true, that Blackwatch has reached a level of parity with the four continents, and even this foundation dedicated to handling abnormal events is led by Blackwatch?”

After thinking for a while, Sean could not help but shake his head. He had just come to his senses but he fell into deep thought again when he looked at the food prepared at the table.

He had not eaten for two days and one night.

The food was clearly laid out on the table but Sean found that he had no appetite and he did not even want to drink a sip of water.

Sean knew that this was not right. The human body might occasionally lose appetite for a day or two, but it was impossible to not even need water.

However, even if he forced himself to drink water, he would still puke it out again as if his body was already filled to the brim. There was no room for even a glass of water...

“What’s going on?”

Sean was a little disconcerted but no matter how he thought about it, he could not figure out why, so he had to call his boss and tell him that he needed to take the day off tomorrow and go to the hospital for a checkup.

After the phone call, it was nighttime, so Sean stopped thinking, but instead went back to bed and fell asleep.

He did not dream all night.

Early the next morning, Sean was awakened by knocks on the door. The knocks on the door were extremely loud and crude as if a group of people was kicking the door, which infuriated Sean.

He had to get out of bed at once, walked through the living room to the door, and asked loudly, “Who is it?”

However, the knocking persisted and no one answered.

Seeing this, Sean suddenly became a little wary. He looked through the peephole outside but only saw three or four soldiers in black combat uniforms standing outside the door. He was very familiar with this get-up, for it was the same group as the task force from yesterday.

Seeing this, Sean opened the door and at the same time, asked the other party coldly, “Why are you here again? Didn’t I sign the so-called non-disclosure agreement?”

“Mr. Sean.”

The leader saluted Sean and then took out a document, saying, “We’re task force three of the Blacklight Foundation. In view of your special psionic ability, since you’ve learned of our foundation’s existence, we hope to temporarily transfer you to our team to help investigate an abnormal event. This is the transfer letter.”

Sean took the document and saw that it had the red seal of his police department and the red seal of Michigan at the same time.

Goodness, to transfer him, they even got the stamp from the state police...

Sean secretly marveled at the authority and efficient speed of the other party but felt that something was fishy, so he asked, “Haven’t I solved the abnormal event yesterday? Is there another abnormal event now?”

“I assume you’re talking about the abnormal event investigated by task force five yesterday.”

The person in front of him wore a helmet, so Sean could not see his face. He only heard the other person say indifferently. “Unfortunately, this abnormal event has been transferred to our task force three for investigation.”


Sean was even more flabbergasted. He worked in a police station himself. He naturally understood that unless someone applied for it, basically a case would not be transferred to another person. No matter how special the foundation was, it would not possibly violate this basic rule. After all, it was all about morale.

“Because just last night, task force five was fully wiped out.”


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