I Might Be A Fake Cultivator - Chapter 1593

Chapter 1593: 1593

The Southern Heavenly Gate had completely disappeared .

There were now only two toppled pillars left in this world to verify its past existence .

The pillars no longer emanated any energy fluctuations and were just useless pieces of rubble .

As for the two bronze gates imbued with coordinates, those had already been pushed into the chaotic turbulence and completely disappeared .

Everyone’s heart surged with indescribable excitement upon seeing this .

“The Southern Heavenly Gate that has stood for several decades on this continent has finally been broken by us…” Sun Yuluo stared blankly at the place where the Southern Heavenly Gate was previously situated with a dazed expression on his face .

“I can’t believe this is all real . ” Merlin was also in disbelief .

“We did it…” Tears began to well up in Su Qianyun’s dreamy blue eyes . A sense of accomplishment swelled in her heart, striking her with the urge to cry .

“Countless living beings on the Tai Chu Continent are of the opinion that the heavenly gates cannot be broken . I really want all of them to see this…” Black Spirit Snake smiled .

Xu Xiaolan turned to An Lin with a vibrant smile . “We have to thank a certain someone for making a bold decision . It was all because of his decision that we were able to achieve something so monumental…”

Everyone came to a realization upon hearing this . That certain someone really had been imperative to their efforts! When the world thought that breaking the heavenly gates was impossible, he was the first to stand up and announce that he was going to break all obstacles in this world!

Everyone turned toward An Lin .

It was An Lin’s confidence that had influenced them and prompted them to come on this journey with him, resulting in the achievement of such a monumental feat!

If someone else had invited them to destroy the Heavenly Human Tribe United Army, they would slap them in the face without any hesitation and denounce them for having hallucinatory tendencies . However, An Lin the miracle-maker was the one who had extended this invitation to them, and they chose to believe him!

An Lin seemed to have a certain type of magical power, which made everyone around him believe in him!

Perhaps some people would be skeptical of him initially, but after witnessing the miracles he had created, all of them would soon be won over by An Lin .

Black Spirit Snake, White Spirit Snake, and the Fist Sage, who had only joined the extermination team halfway through, were quite surprised .

“An Lin founded the extermination team?” Black Spirit Snake was astonished . She had initially thought that such a bold endeavor would have been led by the Celestial Thearch or Chen Chen, not An Lin .

However, all of this made sense when she thought about the things An Lin had done in the past .

In fact, it would almost be strange if he weren’t the founder of a team like this!

“Ohhh… Senior An Lin is so bad*ss!” White Spirit Snake’s eyes glowed the worship and reverence .

An Lin made a rare show of modesty . “You don’t need to look at me like that . I’m only the person who set things into motion, but everyone played a role in this operation . Everything was made possible by you guys!”

Everyone was filled with a sense of achievement upon hearing this .

All of them had joined the extermination team with the resolve to give up their lives if required . They had displayed exemplary courage and power for the sake of the human race, so all of them were worthy of the accolades An Lin was bestowing upon them .

An Lin turned toward the graceful and elegant Vermilion Bird Princess with a smile . “Of course, our Vermilion Bird Princess is a hero too . You are also a member of our extermination team as well, and the human race will not forget your contributions!”

“Huh? Me too?” The Nine-Colored Divine Vermilion Bird faltered slightly before a sense of elation welled up in her heart . This was the sense of achievement derived from contributing to such a monumental feat .

However, she suddenly came to her senses a moment later . “F*ck off, An Lin! The Southern Heavenly Wing Nation is neutral! We’re neutral, for God’s sake! Waah… You screwed me over big time! You b*stard! All you do is screw people over!”

Everyone burst into laughter .

An Lin scratched his head with an apologetic expression .

Xu Xiaolan looked up with a faint smile on her face at the enraged divine vermilion bird in the sky, and she felt like she was quite adorable .

She could still clearly remember the Vermilion Bird Princess risking her life to try and save An Lin and her . It was exactly because of this that she was quite fond of the Vermilion Bird Princess .

Under the starry night sky, the elated laughter of the extermination team rang out amid a relaxed and joyful atmosphere . Following that battle of life and death, everyone had also gotten much closer to one another .

Even the Fist Sage and Xuanyuan Cheng were acting as if they were old friends as they discussed the feasibility of incorporating the power of explosions into punches .

Of course, they had to discuss an important matter, which was the stance of the Southern Heavenly Wing Nation in this war .

All of the Heavenly Human Tribe powerful beings had been taken care of, so there were no witnesses .

But the Heavenly Earth God had escaped .

He had witnessed the Vermilion Bird Princess risk her life to save An Lin and Xu Xiaolan before attacking the Heavenly Gods with his own two eyes . The situation was completely different now because of that, and the entire Southern Heavenly Wing Nation could be targeted by the Heavenly Human Tribe for what the Vermilion Bird Princess had done .

The Vermilion Bird Princess was very distressed as a result . At that time, An Lin and Xu Xiaolan were about to die, so she didn’t think of anything else aside from saving them .

She only realized what a massive mistake she had made in hindsight . This was a mistake that could endanger her entire race! There was no good that could come from fighting the heavens! She was very self-critical, and many of her beautiful feathers had fallen amid her fit of distress .

Everyone gathered around to hold a serious discussion regarding the Vermilion Bird Princess .

In the end, they could only come up with two potential options for her . The first of which was for her to get the entire Southern Heavenly Wing Nation to join the Kingdom of the Nine States United Army .

The second option was for the Nine-Colored Divine Vermilion Bird to announce her official detachment from the Southern Heavenly Wing Nation and the Sun Tree, thereby making all of her previous actions the actions of a lone rogue . In that case, her actions would have nothing to do with the Southern Heavenly Wing Nation . If the Heavenly Human Tribe had a problem, then they could come and find her .

After that, she could find a safe place to hide until everything was over . Alternatively, she could join the Four Nine Immortal Sect, and everyone could have fun together…

After pondering the situation, the Vermilion Bird Princess chose the second course of action .

As for joining the Four Nine Immortal Sect?

Did they think she was an idiot? The Vermilion Bird Princess was a proud and free being who was certainly not stupid enough to risk her life for the Four Nine Immortal Sect in their battle against the Heavenly Human Tribe!

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