Chapter 106: 106
Fabian smiled at ease as the nobles shut their mouths in shame .

“Why do you think I issued the edict and approved the divorce right away?”
Indeed, at that time, Fabian didn’t know what was going to happen in the future . But it was clear that he never considered it as an everlasting goodbye . To be precise, in his heart, Fabian denied Evelyn’s farewell . However, as it was his own defence, he couldn’t make it obvious to other people .
“Our marriage wasn’t easy because the nobles were so opposed to it . That’s why I love my wife so much . Do you believe that I released an edict overnight and kicked her out of the Palace?”
It couldn’t be denied that he was upset with Evelyn as she brought the Vatican in their breakup . But Fabian had ulterior motives when he signed the divorce-edict .
Evelyn, whom he knew, wasn’t a woman who would say goodbye in vain . Her mind wouldn’t change easily, and momentary thoughts about separation would disappear in an instant as long as the Vatican didn’t intervene . Still, Fabian couldn’t admit to breaking up with Evelyn forever .
“Your memory doesn’t seem to be intact, Duke, so I’ll explain it to you personally . ”
Those painful days in Fabian’s life were indelible .
“The Empress told me to divorce her . And I issued an edict just four days later as soon as it dawned, depriving all the Empress’ rights and retrieving everything I had given her . That’s how the Empress went back to the Felice Kingdom . ”
Everyone in the room looked puzzled and seemed to wonder, “What’s the difference?” What’s important for them was that the Emperor had divorced . They didn’t care about the former Empress at all . The reason behind It was none of their business .
“You still don’t get what I mean?” Fabian raised the marriage record in his hand, looking at them . “Our divorce happened before the Vatican intervention . ”
The noble complexion suddenly turned dark . Fabian believed, Evelyn would come back to him one day . He couldn’t predict the future with precision at that time, but at least he didn’t give up . So, to promise a future, he had to issue an edict before it was too late . That moment was still precise in Fabian’s memory because it was a moment full of hesitation for him .
“Well, but… Duke Akshire went to the Vatican…… . ”
“I said that I helped their divorce, but I never said it was the Pope who executed it,” Liam said bluntly because it was true . Even though the Pope intervened, Fabian had already ended their marriage relationship with an edict first, and the divorce happened immediately without any intervention .
That’s why Evelyn was able to return to the Felice Kingdom before she even knew she was pregnant . It was thanks to the edict, their divorce proceedings ended peacefully and quickly without any chance for the Pope to intervene .
So in short, their divorce was never legalized by the Vatican .
“At that time and even now, I had no intention of divorcing Evelyn Felice . . This marriage record is the evidence . From everything, I gave to the Empress…… Isn’t it the marriage certificate that comes first among them?”
When Evelyn became the Empress, the marriage record between the countries officially took effect . The moment the Vatican declared her Holy marriage, Evelyn was the first woman of the Felice Kingdom who became the Empress .

“It was too bad this has caused quite a stir . ” Fabian was going to nail them . “But the only thing that matters now is the good news that my Empress is coming back and I have a successor . ” His corner lips rose softy . “Of course, the loyal ones will bless me with this good news, right?”
They were all trapped on the chessboard highly designed by Fabian . From the start, Duke Metis had no chance of winning . The victory wasn’t only due to Fabian’s right tactics . It was his quick decision to accept Evelyn’s divorce right away and keep the marriage records in his hands .
“Well, yes! It is the joy of the Empire and the Imperial family!”
“It’s an Imperial honour that Empress’ Palace has found her master again, together with Imperial’s successor!”
“That’s right!”
The praise echoed through the congress hall as if they had been waiting in waves against Duke Metis .
Fabian nodded with a delighted expression . But her black eyes continued to stare at Sagan, giving a warning that his uncle would see blood if he said more nonsense here .
“Is Duke Metis unwilling to bless me? I am sad”, asked Fabian sarcastically .
“Is not like that, Your Majesty, I’m just worried about…… . ”
“Dear Duke Metis, of course, you are worried about my remarriage . ” Fabian gave a shot in advance . As each other’s cards had already been revealed, this succession battle was already meaningless .
“Yes, but there’s a circumstance, only with the blessing of the Vatican…… . ”
“I will ask them for it myself . ” It was surprising that Fabian, who despised the Pope said such a thing . Sagan was still unaware of Fabian’s sincerity . But now, Fabian was willing to kiss the Pope’s feet to protect Evelyn and Adrian .
“Do the Elders recognize Adrian, who was born from Evelyn Felice as my legal child?”
“… … On behalf of the Senate, yes, he is . ” The oldest Senate got up from his seat and said calmly .
“Even though we’re divorced on paper, we didn’t intend to cut off our relationship, so Adrian is not an out-of-marriage or illegitimate child . Can this be proved by the Duke of Akshire?”
“Yes, I’m the witness . ”
Now, the conclusions Fabian wanted to get were clearly visible . From the start, Fabian didn’t think he could handle the Empress and successor issues at once . Vice versa, Sagan wanted to block both at once . So, since the beginning, the match had already been decided from there .
“Then, in conclusion, Adrian is my biological son and the legitimate child of my only wife . Therefore, I recognize Adrian as the official successor to the Imperial family . ” Fabian declared . Satisfaction appeared on his face, who finally managed to block all of Sagan’s scheme at once .

“Also, I will let Evelyn Felice stays in the Imperial Palace in her capacity as the Crown Prince’s mother until our marriage is declared again . ”
Finally, the Crown Prince’s words came out of Fabian’s mouth . Actually, it was natural for Emperors to have successors . But not in Empire’s history, the Emperor explicitly enthroned the Prince’s position as Crown Prince at such a young age . But no one was brave enough to oppose such a trifle at a time like this .
“Well, I’m busy now, so bye . ”
When Fabian disappeared with a leisurely grace, Liam, who didn’t want to talk with the rest of the nobles, turned away .
“Oh, my God . A Crown Prince outside of marriage! Is this the end of the world?” Sagan sighed . However, no one dared to respond to his words, but some agreed . Even though Adrian was Fabian’s son, according to the Empire law, he couldn’t be appointed as Crown Prince and rise to the throne .
Even if Fabian was an Emperor, it was difficult for him to completely ignore the will of influential nobles . A whirlpool began to flow silently in today’s unofficial congress, which wouldn’t be recorded in history .
The reunion of Evelyn and Rebecca was a warm moment, full of tears and laughter .
As soon as the two saw each other, they hardened for a while, and soon Rebecca ran to Evelyn first and gave her a fierce hug . Then they looked at each other’s faces silently for a long time, held each other’s hands, and then smiled while facing each other for a while .
“Princess…” Rebecca was already crying from the very first word .
“How, how …… do you know how much I worried about you?” Rebecca wiped the water droplet in her eyes . Tears in her eyes were already full . “Really … … I’m afraid something bad happened to you and the little Prince … . . ” Rebecca’s voice trembled as if to show her hardship after Evelyn left the Kingdom . Evelyn also shed tears for nothing, so she held Rebecca’s hand tighter .
“Princess you’re so bad! Look at my face . I’ve been worried about you . I… If I can’t get married again, you have to take responsibility . ”
Listening to her whimper, Evelyn was at a loss what kind of expression she should have .
“Because of you…… His Majesty the King…… . ”
“Why is my father?” asked Evelyn in a hurry .
“Hmmm… A well-built King who has a delicate physical appearance …… with a prosperous waist like that generous personality … that noble and rich man … . . . has become slim like Liam! “

Rebecca’s parable was a bit exaggerated . However, it was true that King Arthur had shrunk to his average weight due to worrying about his daughter and grandson .
“That …… his appearance will return to normal soon, so don’t worry”, said Evelyn .
“Yes, I can assure you of that . ”
Rebecca nodded, not at Evelyn’s consolation . Then she looked at Evelyn for a long time, “Princess… . ”
“Yes . ”
Rebecca bit her lips for a moment, but soon opened them up straightforwardly and boldly, “Are you happy now?”
It was a straightforward question, same like her personality . Yet, it was also a difficult question to answer . Evelyn’s choice now was a tough road to undo . And in the end, that included the life in the Palace and the Imperial family that Evelyn and Rebecca hated so much .
“I’ll do it……To be happy…… . ” Evelyn’s blue eyes stare straight at Rebecca . Inside, she could see a firm determination and clear will that couldn’t be shaken . More than any answer, Rebecca was persuaded by her look .
“It’s not just wishful thinking . This time I know I have to find and protect myself . ”
Evelyn had a face that Rebecca had never seen before . At a glance, Rebecca even though she looked like Fabian . With that determination, she realized that she couldn’t stop her best friend any more .
“…… yes, anything . I will support whatever you have chosen . ” Rebecca hugged Evelyn again . She was worried about Liam’s broken heart, but Rebecca was sure he would forget about it quickly and somehow move on .
Rebecca’s real purpose came all the way here was to affirm Evelyn’s will . If the current situation wasn’t at her wish, but due to Emperor’s coercion or other factors, the Felice Kingdom had vowed to wage war against the Empire . Because it was difficult to believe all of the Emperor’s words, so Rebecca volunteered to play the part .
“I am indebted to you, Rebecca and Sir Liam”, Evelyn added, feeling sorry .
“You don’t have to worry about that little boy, he’s a man, and we are friends . So it doesn’t matter . ”
Her feelings before and after were so different . Only then did Evelyn realize that she had met Rebecca .
“Now, look at my mind …… Let’s sit down first . Nora, give me the tea . There are so many things I want to say . “
“Me too . Even if we stay up all night, it seems not enough . How is Prince Adrian? According to the contents of your letter… The treatment…” Rebecca’s face darkened a little .

“He’s fine as long as he’s by His Majesty’s side . Even the famous Imperial doctor said that in three years, Adrian will fully recover . “
“Oh, God, I’m so glad . ”
“Yes, I don’t know how much…… . ” Suddenly, Evelyn thought about it again . “I can’t explain how lucky he is . ”
Adrian was attacked by ferocious demons . Their terrifying tooth marks were all over his tiny body, and the demon’s poison that was constantly tormenting him still hadn’t disappeared . Even so, Sir Philip’s diagnosis that he could be cured and Adrian’s condition improved with constant care was enough to make Evelyn relieved .
“Of course, he is . How worried everyone was . ”
“I’m sure they did… . . Because My father doesn’t believe in all the secret things . ”
“That’s right . The atmosphere was so bad that no one could say anything . Oh, I came here thanks to our stupid Liam talking . ” Rebecca laughed so brightly .
“Oh, let’s not do this and sit down . We’ll stand up like this and stay up all night . ”
“Oh, my God, I’m so…… . ” At that moment, Rebecca tapped her knee as if something had come to her mind . “That’s right!”
“What’s wrong?” Evelyn looked curious .
Rebecca smiled broadly, “Oh, I almost forgot . ”
“What, take your time . ”
“Yes, it’s nothing else……But I need to borrow a hawk . ”
“Hawk? a bird? Why?” Evelyn asked again in wonder .
“Oh, we have to contact your father so that he can stop preparing for war . ” Rebecca’s smile was still fresh . Evelyn just grinned and nodded a couple of times .
That’s right, the impatient Arthur wouldn’t have stayed still .
But the scariest thing was Rebecca who still could smile brightly even though she had almost accidentally forgotten that important news .