Chapter 107: 107
In this period, there were occasions when the black hawk became a messenger of peace .

After hearing the situation from Rebecca, Evelyn quickly wrote a letter in her own handwriting, tying it to the fastest hawk she borrowed from Fabian and sent it to the Felice Kingdom .
“So, I said it was ridiculous! No, is that what a thoughtful person would say? Oh, I’m dumbfounded . ” Rebecca was spilling out her stories that she had been stacked up so far .
“That… … Yes . Rather, I want to say thank you to Sir Liam . ”
“What? Why him?”
“no… … As Duke of Akshire, it’s not easy to be a witness to this sensitive matter . At that time, he also came forward to protect Adrian, but this time……I made him lie about my divorce . ” Evelyn felt guilty every time she thought of Liam . Her heart was heavy because Liam, the great Duke of the Kingdom, had been forced to testify lies several times for her private life .
In Evelyn’s memory, Liam was always a pure and reliable person… . No, he’s like a best friend in a perfect sense .
“Oh, Princess, really, Don’t mind it . You don’t have to worry about him . ”
“Well, Rebecca, you said that because you’re his sister, but…… Sir Liam is a decent Duke . ”
“And he’s my younger brother,” Rebecca responded confidently, and it seemed like the right word for this moment .
“But I shouldn’t do that to him . ”
“Just leave him . Anyway, it’s not a sin for Liam to lie one or two more times . ”
“But sir Liam…… he’s famous for his honest heart . ”
“Psstt… . . “Rebecca chuckled loudly, “Oh, Princess, you’re so naive . ‘Honest heart’? That’s a lie, too . ”
Evelyn’s face was stained with curiosity as Rebecca giggled as though she was having fun .
“Princess, Liam … . . he’s been lying to me often since he was five . Do you know how many times he lied to me, saying that he wouldn’t tell my father about my wrongdoing?”
“That’s… … Maybe it’s because of his personality that he can’t lie to his father?”
“Can he do it for me too? Obviously, I told him not to tell . And Liam agreed!”
There was no basis, but Evelyn was convinced it was just Rebecca’s one-sided scolding . And she felt more compassionate and sorry for Liam .

Just this time, Evelyn wondered how much criticism and abuse he faced during his long trip to Rebecca?
“Princess . ” Nora came up and whispered softly to Evelyn . “With His Majesty’s special permission, Sir Liam will stop by . ”
“Really? Let him in right now . “Evelyn looked happy, but Rebecca sighed deeply, “Huh……that kid…… . ”
Rebecca wasn’t doing a useless grumble . She thought that It was time for Liam to give up Evelyn . If he met her for no reason and confused his own mind, it would be more humiliating for Liam .
That was the main reason why Rebecca didn’t want Liam to meet Evelyn .
“Princess . ”
After a while, Nora came in first, and Liam followed behind her . As soon as he saw Evelyn, Liam opened his eyes round, staring at her as if he had lost his mind for a moment .
Evelyn, who noticed that Liam’s eyes were quite red, had more sympathy for him . She pitied him, imagining how much he was bullied by Rebecca on the way here .
“Sir Liam,…… I’m sorry, and thank you . Thank you for coming all the way here, really . ” Like most insensitive people, Evelyn was one of those who weren’t aware of Liam’s feelings .
It wasn’t that she didn’t know Liam’s heart at all, but it was because Evelyn thought she was just his first love that would pass .
Knowing everything between the two, Rebecca crossed her arms, observing his younger brother . From his look, it was obvious that he would drag his feet in vain again tonight .
“No, I’ll do……anything if I could help the Princess . ”
Liam’s green eyes were rusty . Rebecca’s eyes turned sour, and she could no longer smile at her brother . “Liam’s right . Akshire is a friend who shares fate with the Princess . There’s nothing we can’t do!”
“But it’s true that it’s hard since you’re a Duke . I owe you a big debt . ” Evelyn whispered in reply .
“There’s no debt between friends . Right, Liam?”
“… … Yes . If you think that way, I’ll be upset . ” Liam tried to comfort Evelyn by saying a pretty positive thing . The bitter pain of first love seemed to have made a man mature .
“Still, how should I repay you?”
When Evelyn had a slight smile on her lips, Liam’s stinging pain deepened, “Just… …please remember our friendship . ”
Friendship… . . With those words, Liam ended his heartbreaking first love . “I will be happy with that alone . ” This was also the only confession given to her .

Evelyn nodded in excitement and grabbed Liam’s hand, tenderly, “I’ll never forget . All my life, no…… I’ll remember this friendship even if I die . ”
“Yes… … that’ll do . ”
Liam’s first love had ended just like this . Sadly, it was only Akshire’s brother-sister who grasped this heartbreaking moment . And Evelyn, who didn’t know Liam’s sincere heart, was so slow-witted, so she made Liam’s feelings even more pitiful .
But his sister, Rebecca, thought it was rather fortunate, “Now that we’ve met, that’s enough, isn’t it?” she immediately mingled between the two . If Liam’s first love couldn’t come true, it was wise to give up quickly .
“Liam, go ahead . There must be a lot you must to do . ”
“Why are you kicking him out so quickly? Sir Liam has just arrived at the Empire . ”
“Well, he has a lot of things to do,” Rebecca said firmly . “Princess, my brother, and I are not here just to help you today . ”
Evelyn’s eyes widened for a moment, then soon she nodded calmly, “Sorry, I had a short thought again . ” Then, she looked at Liam again . “Sir Liam, I need you to help me . ”
“Of course, that’s why I’m here . ” Liam had to accept the fact that there was no hesitation in Evelyn’s words now .
“Yes, I need an ally . Just like you guys . ”
Only then did Evelyn completely understand Fabian’s purpose to bring Akshire’s siblings . He wanted to give Evelyn a chance to fight as well . Not only a change, but he also gave a sword and shield to Evelyn, who was empty-handed .
“But I’m not going to leave this place right now . ” First of all, Evelyn had to know how to distinguish between the urgent and the important things .
“Everyone, listen to me . ”
This time, Rebecca looked at her in silence . Liam followed his sister and also locked his eyes at Evelyn .
“This is an Imperial Palace . Everything is different, and everyone is different . Maybe no one……who want me to be the Empress again and Adrian to be the Crown Prince . ” Evelyn said precisely in the face of the harsh truth .
“It’s not just that . I have enemies who try to attack with fierce hostility . ”
“Duke Metis, right? And also Marquis Satin’ . ” Rebecca responded correctly . “My damn ex-husband mingles in their battle with his mouth shut . He said most nobles are very loyal to Duke Metis . The rest of them are still fighting for power . So the Parliament is always at war . And His Majesty must lead the Empire while the nobles fight each other like that…”
“He’s a loser, but his judgment is true,” Liam added sarcastic terms . Still, after receiving Rebecca’s sharp gaze, he quickly shut his mouth back .

Evelyn then put a cookie snack in front of Liam because she felt sorry for him, who looked scared of Rebecca . Then a blissfulness spread in his green eyes . It’s just one cookie, but Evelyn was thrilled that their friendship was beautiful .
“Duke Metis will keep trying to grab the Emperor’s tail and encourage Lady Metis to sit on the Empress chair . He will never give up that opportunity . ” Liam said .
“I know . Because in the past, he was the one who opposed our marriage the most . And even now, the Empress Dowager and Lady Metis are staying in my Palace . ” Evelyn spoke calmly . Meanwhile, Liam enjoyed the cookies .
“I’ve heard it, but…… that’s great”, Rebecca added keenly . “Is she the youngest daughter of Duke Metis? Stella, that dreamy child . ”
“Yes, when I got married, the Empress Candidate was her eldest sister … . . All of Duke Metis’ children were married, and only the youngest daughter was left . The Empress Dowager brought her to the Palace with an excuse that she’s her niece . ”
“But then suddenly the Princess appeared . ”
“Yes . ”
Like pouring oil into embers, it was the beginning of all war .
“First of all, it’s hard for us to come forward now . Liam, can you tell me about your plan?”
Surprised when his name was called, Liam quickly returned to the face of the wise-young Grand Duke of Akshire .
“Even though the Duke Metis dominates, there are always noble oppositions . But unfortunately, they don’t unite as one, and they always fight in small groups,” explained Liam .
He knew this well since his father, the former Duke of Akshire, frequently visited Parliament and closely observed factional relations . Hence, it was also taught to Liam, who was his successor . “So I want to bring these powers together . They’re powerless as they’re scattered right now, but when they’re brought together, they’re sure to be a force against the Metis . ”
“That’s a political thing…… Aside from that possibility, we should consider the situation of you as Duke Akshire . ”
“I’ve already come to a conclusion . ” Liam looked composed . As a duke, he was trained to think of all the implications and possibilities that might have taken place .
“My father, a former Duke, was an influential man in Congress . However, Duke Metis had a very sharp confrontation, and Akshire decided to leave the fight for a while . Because there was no advantage to argue with them . ”
Evelyn nodded . From generation to generation, Akshire was known for its wisdom in making decisions and judging things . So that’s the reason why Liam’s father stopped taking steps to Congress under the pretext of being sick . He thought he had nothing to gain by beating Sagan, who was in a state of high spirits at the time .
“But things have changed . ” Liam whispered calmly, “It is true that we want to help Princess as a friend . But, I want you to know that we’re not just going for that reason . ”
“Sure… . . I think we should do it for Akshire’s sake first . If not, I’ll never allow it . ”
“Now I want to gather the villages on the border area to be incorporated into Akhsire’s territory . But it’s just reckless territorial expansion or a provocation for other aristocratic regions if there’s no power on Akshire’s behalf… . . I mean, as a Duke, I have to appear in Congress to represent Akshire . It doesn’t fit my personality, but I will challenge myself if I have to do it . “

Honestly, for Liam, who had a quiet personality, this task might be difficult for him .
“The small factions scattered now are the factions led by the former Duke of Akshire . ”
Evelyn’s eyes suddenly glistened, “Then … your plan to unite the opposition, it’s not just a metaphor, but a real plan?”
“Yes, some of them have already agreed,” Liam said insignificantly, but Evelyn knew this was the beginning of a big event that would face a new phase in Congress .
“All I can do is prevent Duke Metis, the only one who has a majority in Congress, from running rampant . ”
It was an absolutely important move to tackle Duke Metis’ step, but it was something Evelyn couldn’t do . And that was also an area where Fabian, who was an Emperor, couldn’t get involved .
“It’s not something the Princess needs to take care of . It’s just to balance the Parliament,” Liam assured her .
“Yes . I believe Sir Liam can bring a fair parliament again . ” Evelyn nodded sincerely . “And since I trust you, I have something to say . ”
“Just tell me anything . ”
“The enemy who is targeting me … … it’s not just Duke Metis . ”
Rebecca looked at Evelyn’s eyes sharply .
“I know it sounds absurd . But, I mean it . ”
Liam nodded .
“I think… …the Vatican is aiming for Adrian……No, I’m sure . ” Evelyn had a hard time telling this, especially to Akshire’s siblings, who had close relations with the Vatican for a long time . Because she was nervous, just saying that these words might break the relationship between them . “I’m sorry to say that, but there’s no proof of that . ”
However, Evelyn believed in Rebecca and Liam, and she didn’t doubt them .
“We don’t need proof . ”
“Yes . If the Princess is sure, so it must be true . ”
And that belief was the same for them as well .