Chapter 108: 108
Thanks to Akshire’s brothers and sisters’ trust, Evelyn spoke with a lighter heart about what had happened and what she had felt . She didn’t forget to say that she had a strange vision and a suspicious intuition of David, the Vatican Paladin .

“His Majesty knows this too . And he also has the same thoughts as me . We did everything we could, including sending the Black Hawk to investigate, but …… . ” Evelyn blurted the end of her words . “It won’t be easy because the Vatican is originally a tightly secure and closed group . ”
“Huh . So that’s why you couldn’t get any conclusive evidence . However, as long as we regard them as an enemy and watch out for them, we will be fine . ” Liam nodded . The most fearful thing was not knowing the enemy’s existence . Evelyn could only find a way out by defining the enemy precisely .
“The council’s job is important, but I’ll look into it in my own way,” said Liam .
Evelyn nodded at his trustworthy remark with a smile . Liam’s eyes had a green shimmer . Rebecca couldn’t see it anymore, so she waved her hands to break the atmosphere, “Liam, you have a lot to do now, right?”
Liam nodded unconsciously, as Rebecca gave a forced smile, “I’ll… … I’ll leave now . ” He said grimly, but sadly, Evelyn waved to Liam happily without knowing his broken heart .
Seeing her, Liam was unable to say anything, trudged with drooping shoulders, following Nora out of the Secret Chamber . Evelyn looked at him grievously, but Rebecca shook her head, “It is a miracle that he was allowed to enter here . This is a place that can’t be entered by any man other than His Majesty . ”
Rebecca thought about her little brother’s feelings in her own way . She hoped that Liam would be able to quickly get rid of the remaining feelings he had for Evelyn . But on the other hand, it was hard for him not to get involved with Evelyn, who had decided her own way .
“That’s… right”, Evelyn agreed with Rebecca this time . Fabian had a great deal of thought for Akshire’s siblings to come to her secret chamber . There was nothing wrong with being careful, especially in times like this .
“By the way, Princess, more than that . Now let’s get to the point . ”
Evelyn stared at Rebecca blankly . After all this talk, what did she mean by ‘get to the point?’
“You still have the biggest incident story!” Rebecca’s eyes flared excitedly .
“The demon assault…… . ?”
“Not that . ”
Evelyn tilted her head . She wondered if there were a bigger incident than that?
“I was curious while running all the way here since I thought it was crazy . ”
Evelyn could see Rebecca’s intentions soon .
“Please tell me in detail how, why, what circumstances and moment, or how you changed your mind to reunite with His Majesty,” Rebecca spoke like a bullet barrage until she was out of breath . But her eyes sparkled .
Evelyn suddenly had a sheepish look, “Uhm that’s… . . that somehow…… . ”
“Well, first of all, shall we start from the time you left the Felice Kingdom with His Majesty?” Rebecca didn’t seem to retreat . “Oh no, let’s forget that moment! Yuck, the demon is gross, and I’ve heard it earlier, so let’s skip that part . ”

“Uh… okay”, Evelyn began to grope her memories, “You know roughly about our divorce case, and I didn’t really want to reunite . ”
“Then, what about now?”
“Now it is… . ” Evelyn’s cheeks blushed slightly, “That’s my choice . Since I wanted to be here … … I thought I wanted to stay by His Majesty’s side . “
Rebecca’s green eyes grew round . She didn’t believe that she was the same Evelyn, who had cursed her ex-husband not long ago .
“No, no, you can’t . It’s not enough if you’re not tell me every single moment . ”
“What do you mean it’s not enough?” Evelyn asked back .
“Please tell me in detail, divided into minutes and seconds, focusing on the changes in your heart . ”
Rebecca was determined to take a seat . Evelyn sighed a little, but she nodded quickly . It seemed that today would be a very long night .
Liam’s eyes turned sore right away, but he tried to endure it as a matter of pride in this situation . He couldn’t cry because he still had a job meeting Fabian, his eternal enemy .
“I see you, Your Majesty,” Liam said bluntly after entering the room . His unexampled posture was a sign of discontent he felt . But Fabian calmly accepted his legitimate protest, as he still had a little conscience .
“You played a difficult role . ”
“Yes, for the Princess,” Liam emphasized his answer that he didn’t do it for Fabian .
Fabian then twisted one corner of his lips in response to his offhanded reaction, “I’m willing to forgive you for lying and testifying against me in the Felice Kingdom . ”
“You can punish me if you want as I did it for the Princess . ”
The nerve wars between Liam and Fabian were tense .
“Well, thank you for helping my Empress and my son . ”
“For the Princess, it’s not a big deal . ”

Fabian clenched his teeth and forced to smile, “She’s not the P-r-i-n-c-e-s-s anymore . She will be my E-m-p-r-e-s-s again, but it’s a commendable thought, anyway . ”
“I’m worried about the Princess until then . ” Liam didn’t budge either .
From his appearance, he was like a model student, but Liam also had a rebellious spirit inside . Of course, the two grown men knew very well that this was a very childish and too embarrassing battle of nerves for a high-status man like them . But they weren’t able to stop it .
“What would the Empress worry about when she has me?”
“But didn’t you call me?” Liam answered him with a scoffing tone .
Fabian was forced to grin again, pressing down his tantrum . He indeed needed Liam’s help for now . Besides, if he were angry with someone he called for help, Evelyn’s heart would be hurt . Only that thought was the reason Fabian was holding back his annoyance .
“It’s also for Akshire’s behalf . ”
“We didn’t come here because of greed . I just came to help the P-r-i-n-c-e-s-s . ”
Fabian’s smile was suddenly broken at those words . “Duke . ” His low-cold tone clearly rang .
“Yes, Your Majesty?” Liam questioned him back without feeling daunted at all .
“I want to hit your handsome face right now . ”
“Oh, what a coincidence,” Liam said nothing more, but it was a very bold answer . Such a ‘sympathetic’ reply was already a great provocation to the Emperor .
“But what would Evelyn think if we into a rage and fight?”
At the time, Liam was suddenly enlightened . But he was too upset to admit it . Liam couldn’t believe that this enemy-like Emperor could provoke him without thinking about Evelyn . Even though he knew very well, Fabian was originally Evelyn’s husband, but that was a big wound to Liam’s heart .
“Now you understand why I was so patient to refrain from hitting your face . ”
“Well, I never lose my patience anywhere . ”
Although there were no swear words and punches, the atmosphere between them was already messy . Evelyn would have had a long sigh if she had seen this . However, both men seemed to were proud of their strong patience .
“However, there’s a limit to my patience . ”
“Oh . Does that mean you can’t stand it till the end for the Princess?”

Every time a word was added, the atmosphere became more intense . Luckily, the door opened as Serus and Logan came in . With the advent of a new person, the tense situation immediately got a little loose without crossing the line .
“I see you, Your Majesty and the Duke of Akshire . ”
Serus and Logan set the example side by side . Logan was slightly intimidated by the chilly atmosphere, but Serus was different . He was able to remain calm because he didn’t even know what was wrong .
“Your Majesty, let’s begin the meeting you ordered . ”
Later, Fabian sighed and repressed his aggression . Liam also looked resentful, but he looked a little cold .
Thanks to Serus’ calm-presence, the four people sat at a long table and shared the materials they had prepared . It was an indication of Fabian’s efforts that he had arranged such a meeting himself .
“You must already know my purpose in gathering all of you . ”
Fabian’s purpose of holding this secret meeting was to ensure that Evelyn was reinstated as the Empress safely . The other was to make sure Adrian was the Crown Prince and dig and subdue the suspicious Vatican .
Of the three, the most difficult task would be the last one . In a way, it might be the time to make a firm decision with the Vatican, which had been waging a nerve-war since he ascended the throne .
“If Duke Akshire has good abilities, he will be able to gather forces against Duke Metis as planned . Then I can annul the previous marriage record . ”
It was a provocative word for Liam, but he didn’t raise a single eyebrow . His intention to show that he was a more mature man than Fabian seemed to have been conveyed . As proof, Fabian then coughed a little, “I have already conveyed my will to remarry to the Vatican . Of course, the Vatican seemed to think that it’s not a bad business for them . ”
Fabian wasn’t a religious person, and he had no faith in God, but his gold coins were overflowing . He knew the Pope wouldn’t refuse gold coins . But, the problem was that the Imperial family had a bad relationship with the Vatican . Still, on the contrary, they had a lasting friendship with Duke Metis .
“I’ve heard that Duke Akshire has a close relationship with the Vatican as good as Duke Metis . ”
This time, it wasn’t Fabian’s sarcastic remarks . Whatever the Vatican did, it was important that this kind of ‘close friend’ was on their side right now .
“Yes . I know what to do in that part . I will express my support for this remarriage and will actively persuade the Vatican . The secret letter must have arrived in the Felice Kingdom, so combining these forces together, we can equalize the power of Duke Metis . ”
“Even I have doubts about his ability to go to this place . The problem is……… . ” A shadow cast over Fabian’s face .
“I see . When the Pope comes to the Imperial Palace to hold the wedding ceremony, the Paladin in question will also enter the Palace without a hitch”, added Serus .
“But we don’t have a reason for stopping him . Honestly, I can’t even see the enemy’s intentions . ”
“There’s something that bothers me . ”

Fabian allowed him to speak with a nod . Liam decided to forget that Fabian was his opponent . Evelyn’s safety and happiness was the important thing for him now . Even if he shed tears every night, he seemed to be able to bear it if Evelyn was happy .
“As you know, the Akshire and the Felice Kingdom have a long and strong relationship with the Vatican . But the Paladin…… Since when did he show up?”
Fabian frowned his eyebrows .
“I thought about it when I heard about him from the Princess before, but I’ve never heard the story of the Paladin . ”
“… I also couldn’t find any traces of his past”, stated Fabian .
“Your Majesty may not know . But why we, who are good friends with the Vatican, don’t know as well?”
A fundamental question suddenly arose .
“At one point, he was standing next to the Pope in the name of a Paladin Knight . ”
It was strange . No one questioned Paladin’s existence, who appeared naturally as if he had been there from the beginning .
“Can someone suddenly become a Paladin and just appear one day?”
“It’s impossible . ”
But so far, no one had been curious about him . And Fabian was most interested in that part .
“Even in my memory, there’s no Paladin named David . When the Princess put his name on her mouth, she was conscious of his name . ”
“What do you mean? Is he the Pope’s impersonation?” Fabian squinted his eyes, looking puzzled .
“I don’t know myself . I’m sure… Nobody knows anything about him . ”
The air was getting heavier around them .
“Could there be someone that no one knows?” Fabian threw another question, but none of the three was willing to speak . But then, Serus gave a wise answer, “”At least… … There seems to be someone like that . ”
“But too bad, he exists now as my enemy . ” Fabian had made up his mind . He didn’t care anymore who his opponent was . As long as she was aiming for Evelyn and Adrian, he had no intention of keeping him alive .
“I will destroy everyone who becomes my enemy . ”
That was his most tragic conclusion .