Chapter 169: 169

Chapter 169: Softer, Don’t Wake Her Up

When they drove past a pharmacy, Mo Yesi got Uncle Li park the car by the side and get some ointment .

The handprint on Qiao Mianmian’s face had already faded, but her cheek was still red and swollen .

Mo Yesi applied it on her face and rubbed it gently .

Qiao Mianmian was very fair, so the redness was even more obvious .

Mo Yesi’s expression darkened as he observed the swell .

At the Mo Corporation .

After Uncle Li had parked the car, he walked over to open the door to the backseat .

Qiao Mianmian was still sound asleep against Mo Yesi . Just as Uncle Li was considering whether to wake her up, he saw his Young Master carrying her out of the car .

“Let’s go . ”

With that, Mo Yesi walked towards the elevator with Qiao Mianmian in his arms .

Uncle Li was slightly stunned before realizing he was to catch up .

Young Master is way too nice to the Young Madam .

He actually dropped everything at hand to support her just because he was worried someone would bully her .

Time is money for the Young Master .

The amount of time he spends outside the office costs him a good amount of money .

And now, in order not to wake Young Madam up, he’s going to carry her to the office?!

Won’t the other employees be shaken by this?

Mo Yesi took the special elevator meant for him . It took him from the car park straight to his office on the top floor .

They got past the bulk of the employees in the first-floor main lounge, but there were still a few male and female secretaries on that floor .

All the secretaries were shocked when they saw Chairman Mo walking out of the elevator carrying a woman .

They were so stunned that they forgot to greet him right away .

It was only when Mo Yesi was walking past them did they politely greet . “Chairman Mo . ”

Mo Yesi’s brows furrowed right away .

The secretaries were startled by his reaction .

They thought that Chairman Mo was angry because their greeting was late .

They were just about to apologize when he turned around and glanced at them, saying softly, “Softer, don’t wake her up . ”

The secretaries were confused .

Chairman Mo wasn’t upset because they almost forgot to greet him?

But because he didn’t want them to wake that “mysterious woman” up with their greeting?

Their jaws dropped .

Who was this goddess? And how was she able to have Chairman Mo pamper her this way?

Two of the female secretaries looked up and tried to catch a glance of that woman’s appearance .

But besides her lush black hair, they couldn’t see anything else .

Her face was buried in Mo Yesi’s chest .

But they could see that she was very fair, so fair that her skin had a cool undertone .

Before they could catch another glimpse, Chairman Mo had carried her into the Chairman’s office .

Once the door to his office was closed, everyone began discussing . “Did my eyes play tricks on me? Chairman Mo was carrying a woman?”

“No, you’re right . It was a woman . We all saw it . ”

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