I'm the King Of Technology - Chapter 1024

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Chapter 1024 - Ghosts!



The 3 front-line sh.i.p.s pushed the already infiltrated dragia sh.i.p.s forcefully.

And the more they created space, the more damage their sh.i.p.s underwent.

Sadly, the slaves below thought that once they escaped from here, the dragias would also take them along before the ship sank.

But little did they know that the door heading up and out of the bottom floor was completely sealed.

To the dragias, they hoped to buy more time by sealing the door and preventing water from flooding in and up.

It wasn't until the water reached bench-level, did they feel real fear.

Some even saw fish in the water too, making them drop the paddles and start screaming.

"Ahhhhhhhhh. We're trapped here! We're really trapped! I knew those bastards would care about us. They told us to paddle away, promising to rescue us. But it was all a lie!"

"What do we do? What do we do now? Dammit! I regretted ever borrowing money from this evil Temple!"

"Me too! My mother was so ill that she was almost on death's door. I tried everything in order to make her better. Then one day, a doctor came by and said they'll be able to help her if I pay 4,000 copper coins. He also said that he knew one very kind temple that could loan the money out. I did as he said, borrowed and paid him. As promised, he even cured my mother. Or at least that's what I thought. She seemed better but died only after 2 months. I couldn't pay the heavy debt and was taken in as a slave. It's only after that I learned that the good doctor was the one who poisoned her in the first place. I hate this temple and their evil ways!"

"Every slave here has suffered in their hands. My sister is also somewhere on one of their bases. I don't even know if she died or not. I haven't seen her in 7 years. My father sold us to these bastards all for enough money to be with his mistress! From what I know, my sister was used for baby-making to produce more Dragias. Just thinking that all my nephews and nieces were now born as dragias is one of my biggest regrets! I really regret it! I should've killed that bastard father of mine when I had the chance! Now, he's probably enjoying his life with his mistress while my sister and I suffer."

"Crying won't solve the issue now! We have to flee before it's too late. I can't die without having revenge!"

"But how can we flee without these chains on us?

What do we do?"



Everyone looked around anxious, as their eyes were filled with sorrow and unwillingness.

They all had a story filled with endless regrets and wanted nothing more than to avenge themselves.

But looking at it now, was that even possible?

Some thought of pulling their limbs from the chains and even cutting them off if possible.

So if they did that, then wouldn't they be crippled all over with no feet or hands?

Some had already given up and sat still on their paddling benches, waiting for death to take them.

Then suddenly, they saw something that spooked them silly.

With the reflected sunlight through the small gaps around the paddling holes, this floor wasn't as dark as the other floors.

A fraction of sunlight shone inside, giving them some view of things.

So of course, the moment they saw the scene before them, they all leaned towards the walls in height as if wanting to blend with the wood.

First, they saw several big bowl-like glass heads submerge slowly from the water.

And then, the bowl-heads grew into tall sticks.

"Monster! Ghost! Monster!

It's the underwater Ghost monster of the fallen pirates!

The legends are true!!"


Everyone trembled and freaked out, as if they had ever seen such a thing in their lives.

No matter who it was, experiencing such a thing would put the fear of the dead in them.

No one. Not even those back on earth would sit still and watch something they had never seen before without fright.

Soon, these strange beings approached them swiftly.


"Help! Help! We're about to get eaten!"

"You... You don't want me! My meat tastes like sh**t. Look, it's true! I... I... I don't want to die!"

"Help! Help! You damn dragias need to get us out of here! We are about to become ghosts!"

"Help! Help! Help! Help!!!!!"


At this moment, even those who had accepted death earlier on couldn't accept this.

Dying by drowning or getting eaten by fish was fine and good.

But why then did they have to be eaten by strange supernatural creatures that lived underwater?

This was too cruel, right?

The slaves watched these people approach them quickly, making them pee in fright.

But when they thought these strange creatures would attack them, they soon heard the sounds of chains breaking, leaving them in confusion.


But why?

Instantly, they then saw a few of the glass heads light up and glow, revealing several heads inside.

Oh, no!

Were these creatures severing and collecting heads?

Everyone panicked even more.

It wasn't until these heads spoke that they calmed down.

Earlier on, the Baymardians didn't say anything or made their underwater helmets visible because they weren't sure if the enemies were still checking in on the slaves or not.

They didn't want to alert the enemy, at least until the other slaves in the other sinking sh.i.p.s were rescued.

The slaves were so happy that they broke into even more tears.

In a way, they were somewhat pleased that they got chosen to come here with the dragias.

They couldn't help feeling bad for the other slaves trapped and locked away in the many dragia bases.

They gained their freedom, but what about others?

"Everyone, quick! We have to leave fast!

Take very deep breaths, hold on tight to this role and pull yourself downwards.

We have boats directly under this ship.

So head downwards!"

Everyone did as they were told and saw at least 50 round vessels under the water.

This... this was too crazy!

I'm afraid that if they ever told anyone this, no one would believe it and think they were crazy.


Just like that, they were saved in the nick of time.

At the same time, some underwater teams began infiltrating the other sh.i.p.s.

This battle was going on for too long.

They had to end it fast and carefully.

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