Chapter 387
Landon helplessly shook his head and decided not to bother with the system anymore .

He had previously guessed it out . . . . but he just wanted to be sure that he was right .

Buy who knew that asking a simple harmless question would make hom look stupid to the system?

Bruh . . .

Didn't they say that teachers or those above, loved students who asked a lot of questions?

Wasn't it better for him to ask,  than for him to assume?

He truly could wait for the day when he could meet these Gods face to face . . . . more still  he just wanted to see the system's creator, as he felt that it would've probably been some sassy God .

He shook his head wryly and continued looking at the other new missions .


[Side-Mission 9: A while back, some of Nopline's men had already gone out into the different empires to capture more slaves for him .

And very soon, they would be passing through several routes by water towards Terique .

The host is to hijack these slaves and rescue them by ship .

Deadline: 3 months from now .

Punishment for failure: 2% of the host's Soul Pool will be devoured by the system .


Side-Mission 10: The host needs to find Tristan Parcely . . . . . the rightful heir to Teriques throne, and aid him in taking over Terique from Nopline's grasps .

Deadline: 2 . 5 years time at most .

Punishment for failure: instant Death and soul destruction . ]


Landon massaged his temples in annoyance .

How many people did he have to aid to become king?

He still hadn't put William on the throne yet . . . . and now, there was also some who needed his help as well?

That would mean that he would have to dedicate his attention to both of them, while running Baymard, creating new things and completing his main missions .


And speaking of his main mission, 90% of it was already done . . . . . as he had already created new snacks like pringles, as well as taught the medical team and walked them through countless operations in the hospital .

Truthfully, all that was left were for 2 more drugs to be created . . . . which were scheduled for production within the next 2 months .

And after that . . . . he could finally have his Cathode T . V God-Dammit!


Landon felt like he needed to hurry up in uniting the entire Pyno Continent, as he still needed to venture out to other continents and aid those whom the system would tell him to .

It wasn't going to be easy, as some of these places had people like those from the Temple of Adonis, who would fight him to the last drop of their blood .


And one shouldn't forget that he still needed to get this place up to par with earth's standard before his death .

He was now 17 years old, soon going on 18 . . . . and if he didn't hurry it up . . . . . hehehehe . . . he would be a goner for sure .

Of course to be fair, he too wanted to go above earth's technological level as well .


Previously, the system had even told him about technology that allowed dogs and humans to communicate with each other . . . which was way above earth's level .

But so what?

Wouldn't it be cool to actually know what those boss dogs were truly thinking of?

Sometimes . . . . they acted more too intelligent, from ordinary dogs, and this alone had really piqued his interest even more .

Bottom line, he had to hurry things up and unite this place as fast as possible .

But first, he had to get rid of all the bad seeds within the Pyno continent before he could venture out anytime soon .


Through it all . . . . . he only had pity for Lucy, who would be marrying a busy man who was all over the place .

He felt like this damn system was the type to even bother him during his 'Busy' session with Lucy .

Sigh . . . . . well, it looked like it was time for him to move out again .


And while Landon was thinking about his own plans . . . far away from the entire Pyno continent, a young girl was excessively sweating while being gently held down by the people around her .

The people in the room were all different from those within the Pyno continent .

For one, their complexions were all brown . . . . ranging from the darkest shade of brown to the lightest .

And what made them look even more unique, was that none of them there had black hair at all .

In short, from where they were from . . . . . . black or colored hair was very rare to find  as everyone here was born with white or silvery hair .

They looked very similar to 'Storm' in the X-men .

But unlike Storm, their eyes were all green in color . . . .   with a few people with purple and yellowish eyes .

But none had black, brown or even blue eyes here .


Presently, these people were all living within a hidden city, whose entrance was just below that of a waterfall .

They had fled their massive exquisite city . . . and gone into hiding in this hidden one that was built by their ancestors ages ago .

And why had they fled?

It was all because on one wintery day, several ships had suddenly landed here, with some people who call themselves the Children of Adonis .

Sadly, they had killed, raped, imprisoned and enslaved more than 60% of the City's population ever since then .

And the other 40% who managed to escape, had immediately fled into this hidden city below the waterfall .


Right now . . . . within the biggest building within the city, almost everyone had gathered around the youngest princess of 15 years old .

She was a SEER!

Right from their ancestors time . . . . one person within the royal family would be gifted with the gift to have visions from the heavens .


These visions came whenever and wherever . . . . so they truly had no control over it .

It was just that 2 weeks before the attack occurred, the system had been in a deep trance for that entire time .

And when she had finally woken up, it was too late . . . the enemy had already arrived .

That was the longest she had ever taken to digest a vision .

For her, it happens in a second, but when she got back to reality, she woke up being carried by her people while fleeing .

Instantly, she knew that it was too late . . . and she truly blamed herself for her slowness .


As for what God they worshipped . . . . they chose to give tribute to the heavens in general, for fear of pushing off any other Gods there .

As one of their ancestors had once said that in one of his visions, he had seen a room filled with more than 300 overly glowing lights . . . which he believed to be Gods .

So he really couldn't tell or pinpoint who it was exactly . . . that had been giving them these gifts .

Hence, they chose to play it safe and praise the heavens altogether . . . . . lest they piss off any Gods there .

And just like how some people back on earth had the power to protect, tell fortunes and sometimes see spirits . . . . . some of the people in this world, were also blessed with that as well .


Right now, the young girl was trembling as if she had been hit with a severe fever . . . . . and her green vibrant eyes, had turned completely white instead .

"She's ready . . . . . She's ready . .

Quickly, quickly . . . . . bring the blood!" Yelled 38 year old man who looked very similar to her .

"Yes your majesty!" The people responded .


The fresh blood from a goat had been poured on the Princess's right side .

And immediately . . . the people guided the princess' hand and dipped it in the blood .

With that . . . everyone stood up and took several inches back .

Now . . . it was time for the princess to work her magic .


'Scrashhh! . . . . Scrashhh! . . . . Scrashhh!!'

The princess began to paint a portrait of a man with the blood . . . . . and after the portrait . . . she moved a little but to the side and drew out a map that led to the man .

Then something which had never happened before occurred .

The princess calmed down on her own, while still in a trance . . . . . and immediately stood up and pointed towards the east .


"His . . . . . His name . . . his name is Landon Barn .

And he is our saviour . "