Immortal Hero: I Can See the Success Rate - Chapter 48

Lin An was suddenly transported into a void .

In front of him laid a crisscrossed chessboard, and on its chequered surface, there were all kinds of chess pieces .

The pieces were carved into various images, and each image was vivid and lifelike . It seemed as if the chess pieces were about to come to life .

The black and white chess pieces took the forms of humans, ferocious beasts, and war chariots, and they each had their own aura .

Suddenly, the void was filled with the sound of war drums, and at that moment, an eerie voice rang out .

Lin An had already heard the voice before, and it quickly outlined the rules of the chess game .

However, although Lin An knew the rules, he had little time to come up with a strategy .

‘Isn’t it just a chess game? With the success rate system, I will naturally figure out the moves!’

After the strange voice fell silent, the chess game officially began .

Suddenly, the illusory image of an old man appeared in front of Lin An, and with the wave of its hand, the illusory image began to move the chess pieces around .

Nonetheless, Lin An remained calm .

As the chess battle continued, the earthly seasons changed rapidly around the two competitors . From intense heat to cold winters, it felt as if they had gone through countless changes in time .

The chess game progressed step by step, and the chess pieces fought wantonly on the chessboard . In the end, a king would have to be crowned .

At the same time, several notifications kept popping up furiously before Lin An’s eyes .

[The fifth move to the fourth move is only a test . The success rate of countering it is 100%!]

[If you move your rook diagonally, your opponent will not be able to defend against the hidden arrow . Your success rate will be 100%!]

Lin An had an intense expression on his face as he focused on the chessboard .

His battle techniques were endless, and his attacks were as swift as the wind .

After some time, he completely crushed the illusory elder .

Abruptly, the illusionary image turned into starlight dust and instantly dispersed .

“You have defeated the chess saint; you will now receive a reward . ”

After the deep voice rang out, Lin An was teleported back to the pyramid .

The other disciples had seen Lin An disappear in an instant, but in less than a second, he had reappeared in the pyramid again .

“Senior Brother, this disciple from the Jiuxiao Sect seems to have failed . He hasn’t changed at all . He just suddenly disappeared for a moment . ”

“I thought there was something amazing about him . I didn’t expect that he couldn’t even enter the chess game . ”

“Let’s go back . There’s no profit in this pyramid . ”

In their opinion, Lin An hadn’t even played the chess game .

However, Lin An had actually taken close to a hundred years to defeat the chess saint .

Zhang Ling frowned as well .

She was convinced that Lin An had failed .

After all, it had only been a breath’s time since Lin An had vanished, and he didn’t seem to have accomplished anything .

When Lin An looked around the pyramid, he was also a little confused .

But in the next moment, the interior of the pyramid changed completely .

The ground opened up and revealed several sets of bones .

There were at least hundreds of remains, and judging from their appearance, they had died at different times .

The most recent remains seemed to have decomposed for close to a hundred years .

“These could be the bodies of the disciples who died after failing the challenge!”

When he saw the scene, Lin An felt relieved .

However, the other disciples in the pyramid were all scared silly .

Why had such a cruel phenomenon suddenly appeared!

As they stared at the remains, some of the clothes that covered the bones seemed a little familiar .

“Wait, are these our senior and junior brothers from a hundred years ago?”

Once they discovered that some corpses were still covered in the robes associated with the Heavenly Mystery Sect, they were shocked .

In the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm, death was an ordinary phenomenon . It was fine with the disciples if it occurred to someone they didn’t know, but if it was someone they knew, it would be terrifying .

“It can’t be . These are the disciples from the Heavenly Mystery Sect’s Tianyun Hall . So, they died here during the training in the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm a hundred years ago! What is going on?”

“Why did these remains suddenly appear?”

Everyone looked nervous, and their eyebrows couldn’t help but tremble .

The scene inside the pyramid continued to change .

Soon, a few rows of weapon shelves appeared along the walls .

Everyone thought the weapons were a reward .

Once the disciples from the Heavenly Mystery Sect saw the situation, they were no longer sad for their dead brothers and sisters . They immediately rushed towards the weapons .

The mystic realm was full of opportunities, and they couldn’t afford to let any chances slip through their fingers!

The weapons on the shelves were rare treasures . Therefore, the disciples from the Heavenly Mystery Sect naturally wanted to secure all the weapons .

Zhang Ling followed closely behind them .

Although the disciples from the Heavenly Mystery Sect had the advantage in numbers, Zhang Ling was not to be trifled with . Additionally, she was also confident in Lin An’s combat strength .

“Junior Brother Lin, let’s quickly collect them . This is our opportunity!”

Just as everyone was about to touch the weapons rack, a mysterious force suddenly repelled them .


The disciples from the Heavenly Mystery Sect were appalled .

They had almost laid their hands on the weapons, but they couldn’t collect them .

As they reluctantly retreated, an otherworldly voice echoed through the pyramid .

“Only those who have solved the exquisite chess game have the right to choose three weapons as their reward!”

“Those who had nothing to do with the chess game will be punished by the heavens if they insist on laying their hands on the treasures!”

The mysterious voice was authoritative as it sounded off the warning .

The disciples of the Heavenly Mystery Sect finally reacted when they heard the voice .

“No way! Could it be that the disciple from the Jiuxiao Sect has already solved the chess game?”

“Only this can explain why this phenomenon happened . I have to say, we can only wait for Lin An to finish collecting the rewards before we kill him and steal his goods!”

The disciples from the Heavenly Mystery Sect looked at each other and quickly decided to kill Lin An once he collected the treasures!

They didn’t conceal their intentions .

When she heard the conversation between the Heavenly Mystery Sect disciples, Zhang Ling could not help but scowl .

She immediately said, “Junior Brother Lin, you choose the rewards first . I will deal with these three opportunists!”

The three disciples from the Heavenly Mystery Sect immediately burst into laughter . “You two don’t stand a chance against us!”

“The Jiuxiao Sect is just a small sect . How dare you go against our Heavenly Mystery Sect! In a while, when Lin An receives his reward, this will be the place where you will both die!”

“Did I ask you to speak?” Lin An was already furious . “Why don’t you just shut up!”

As he spoke, he charged over with the black and white flames burning furiously in his hands .