Immortal Path to Heaven - Chapter 544

Chapter 544: 544

Chapter 544: Lil’ Red’s Anger

In the Spiritual Realm, Mount Wuzhi suddenly lit up as an enormous light beam filled the peak .

The people below were astonished as they watched, but nobody wanted to go check it out . The news about the establishment of a fixed interspatial passage had given rise to much discussion on Mount Wuzhi, and it was known that the sect used plenty of manpower and resources for this .

Therefore, after seeing the light beam, their first thought was that the passage had been successfully built .

Although it was only the lower realm, they were aware of the benefits of having another realm, hence most people were overjoyed .

Nonetheless, on the flat ground at the peak, the faces of the 9 Venerable Ones changed . They flew backward to make a massive space . Sure enough, when the light disappeared, 2 humongous creatures appeared .

They were Multi-armed King Kong and the goshawk . Sandwiched between them were Wu Yuanwei and Hong Feiyu, who looked displeased .

After all, anyone that was stuck between 2 enormous creatures could not be in a good mood .

Even so, what actually caused the 9 Venerable Ones to be taken aback were not the gigantic creatures, but the little red bird, which was spreading its wings and flying high in the sky .

The little red bird was only about the size of an adult human’s fist, and it was far from the seemingly dauntless and invincible big multicolored bird in the light bean . Nevertheless, the Venerable Ones could notice how fearsome its aura was .

In actuality, without the shock from the light beam earlier, none of the Venerable Ones could have identified the little red bird’s origin . Given that the illusory image of a phoenix appeared, they would not deserve their ranks if they could not recognize it .

When they saw the little red bird, apart from Zhiming the Venerable One, the other Venerable Ones were secretly relieved .

‘Ah, it’s just a young phoenix…’

Despite that, as soon as they were relieved, they furrowed their eyebrows .

So what if it was a young phoenix? At the end of the day, it was still a phoenix . Perhaps there were Almighty Beings among the Humans in the Spiritual Realm that could resist phoenixes, but it did not mean that Danzhou had such people too .

Faced with a phoenix, it seemed like there was no difference to them if it was an adult or not .

Furthermore, young phoenixes were known to be more dangerous than mature phoenixes . This was because they were young and did not know the ways of the world yet, thus they only acted according to their wishes . Once someone disobeyed them, they would immediately make a move .

It would be simple if young phoenixes were capable enough; they would just eliminate the living beings that offended them . However, if they could not get rid of their opponents…

One must never think that the Phoenixes were a reasonable race . If young phoenixes were not a match for their opponents, perhaps there would only be one outcome—an adult powerhouse from their race would show up to eliminate the Humans .

Oh, not only the Humans, but countless races such as the Demons, the Giants, and so on would also suffer the same face if they encountered a young phoenix .

An Almighty Being from the Humans might be able to resist a powerhouse from the Phoenixes, but the Venerable Ones could not find someone like that to keep watch on Mount Wuzhi .

All of a sudden, the faces of the Venerable Ones took on ghastly expressions .

Wu Yuanwei’s eyes flickered, and he finally composed himself . He looked around and was elated because he instantly recognized Lingfeng the Venerable One, so he quickly walked out from between the 2 giant beasts and bowed with respect . “Greetings, Lingfeng the Venerable One . ”

Lingfeng the Venerable One finally looked away from the little red bird and uttered, “That’s enough; you may get up . ” He added after a pause, “You did very well, so we’ll definitely reward you . ”

He initially wanted to praise Wu Yuanwei well to express in front of the others how much the Wu family had contributed; he wanted to strive to gain a bigger portion of profit in the future . For some reason, Lingfeng the Venerable One was nervous when he saw the little red bird hovering above his head, and he could not bring himself to say too much .

Wu Yuanwei thanked the Venerable One right away, but he noticed the strange atmosphere too .

In spite of that, he dared not talk too much in front of so many Venerable Ones .

“You bunch of idiots, where did you take Lil’ Ming to?” Without warning, the little red bird in the sky could not hold it in anymore, and it shouted .

It had been observing the changes in the space along the way, so it did not notice that Ou Yangming and Big Yellow had disappeared . Only when the little bird was sent into the Spiritual Realm by the passage’s power and recovered its real body, it realized that the young fellow was gone .

The little fellow was not bothered at first because it thought Ou Yangming was playing hide-and-seek with it . When it later flew into mid-air but could not find him and realized that the connection between them seemed to have been cut off too, it finally panicked a little .

Upon hearing the little bird, the other Venerable Ones shut their mouths as they dared not say a word .

Since they were on Mount Wuzhi, they were not going to draw fire against themselves .

Lingfeng the Venerable One smiled bitterly, but deep down he felt more bitter than that . He cupped his hands and replied to the little red bird with respect, “Sir, we didn’t see that, that… Sir Lil’ Ming . ”

Even though they did not know who Lil’ Ming was, given that a powerhouse from the Phoenixes was concerned about that figure, they knew that the figure was not a nobody . As such, it was better to address that figure with some respect .

On the other hand, Wu Yuanwei widened his eyes . When he saw Lingfeng the Venerable One, whom he regarded as his backing, treat the insignificant little red bird with so much respect, he experienced an upsurge of emotions .

If he was not mistaken, the little red bird was the tiny spirit beast that usually occupied Ou Yangming’s shoulder .

Mm, yes . He had always been under the impression that larger spirit beasts were more formidable, and that their strengths were normally directly proportionate to their builts .

Whether it was Multi-armed King Kong, the goshawk, or Big Yellow, it seemed like they verified the statement .

This was why the elder’s understanding was completely overturned by what he was seeing at the moment .

The useless tiny spirit bird, which had only been jumping on Ou Yangming’s shoulder all along, was yelling recklessly in front of the 9 Venerable Ones . At the same time, the influential figures, who could oppress Wu Yuanwei by moving their fingers, were dead silent .

By observing the Venerable Ones’ facial expressions, Wu Yuanwei could tell how much they feared the little red bird .

The little red bird closed its wings and descended like a cannonball . It was heading in the direction of Lingfeng the Venerable One .

‘It’s attacking me just because it’s displeased about that single remark I made!’

Lingfeng the Venerable One looked pale . He had not been treated like that for a long time .

Ever since he became a Venerable One, nobody dared to be so unrestrained in front of him . When he looked at the red figure swooping down on him, his eyes, his mouth, his head, and his organs ached terribly .

He subconsciously waved his hand as he wanted to release spiritual power to push the little red bird away .

Yes—even at this point, the Venerable One dared not hurt the little red bird at all . He merely wanted to push it away .

The instant he reached out his palm, several familiar voices were heard . “No!”

Following that, several things similar to ropes were tied to his hands, each one carrying abundant spiritual power and was made of exceptionally precious materials . Consequently, he could not break free in that short period .

Lingfeng the Venerable One was appalled . Just as he wanted to struggle, several spiritual powers gushed into him to pin him on the spot .


The red light, which the little red bird had transformed into, crashed hard into Lingfeng the Venerable One, and the forceful power sent him flying away . The moment his body flew away, the different restraints on him disappeared .

Out of the 9 Venerable Ones at the peak of the mountain, 6 of them became an accessary to the tyrant’s evil act by pinning Lingfeng the Venerable One to his spot . As a result, he suffered the little red bird’s blow, which was meant to vent its anger .

Nonetheless, it was worth noting that a Venerable One’s body was so tough that one would not be injured in this situation . The only thing was Lingfeng the Venerable One was covered in dirt by the time he got up, and he no longer looked like a capable figure .

He looked at those that made a move on him, but he knew he probably would not have a chance to take his revenge .

After kicking Lingfeng the Venerable One away, the little red bird felt slightly better . He reprimanded the Venerable Ones, “You set up the formation and led Lil’ Ming here, so how could you not know?” Quickly find Lil’ Ming, or I’ll wipe out your entire race!” It looked ferocious as it spoke .

Everyone else was taken aback after they heard the little bird . They did not think its threat was a joke .

If a phoenix said that it would wipe out a race, it would not spare anyone .

Even if a young phoenix could not do it, an adult phoenix would come; if the adult phoenix could not achieve that as well, an old phoenix would show up .

The Phoenixes were that unreasonable .

“Okay, we’ll… Look!”

Lingfeng the Venerable One signaled the others to let them know that they would be doomed as well if Mount Wuzhi perished .

The other Venerable Ones looked at each other and smiled bitterly . They initially thought they were only building an interspatial passage, hence they did not expect to bring huge trouble and crisis upon themselves . Had they known, they would not have gone through so much to build the passage .

With that, the 9 of them sat with their legs crossed and released their powers again . This time, they only used their powers to search the passage .

After an unknown period, just as the little red bird could not contain its anger anymore, Lingfeng the Venerable One and the others stopped .

“Sir, we found it! There’s an unusual aura in our passage,” Lingfeng the Venerable One noted sternly . He reached out and waved his hand, causing a faint like to appear .

The little red bird’s eyes lit up . It inhaled and swallowed the light without being afraid of it at all .

Even the 9 Venerable Ones could not help but gasp when they saw how bold the little red bird was .

Only a powerhouse from the Phoenixes could be so daring .

The little red bird yelled after a brief moment, “It’s these evil remnants! Hmph, they’re really courting death!”

It glared at the Venerable Ones and said, “I’ll leave these 2 spirit beasts to you . Treat them well, I’ll return to collect them another day . ” Subsequently, it flapped its wings and disappeared at the speed of light .

The 9 Venerable Ones smiled bitterly at each other . After some time, Lingfeng the Venerable One pulled a long face and questioned, “Wu Yuanwei, who exactly is Lil’ Ming?”

Wu Yuanwei immediately answered, “Venerable One, that’s probably Ou Yangming . ”

“Ou Yangming…”

The 9 Venerable Ones had different looks on their faces . Nobody knew what they were thinking .

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