Immortal Soaring Blade - Volume 3 - Chapter 55

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Book 3, Chapter 55 - Asura Subue Corpse Formation

After this man let out a panicked roar, Han Zhibao stopped and slowly turned around. However, his expression was not the same as before. That gentle smile was long replaced with a sneer!

Han Zhibao had a cold and cruel smile. He looked at the rogue cultivators who had not only come to the Wind Mountain Villa to eat and drink for free, but also wanted to leave with the free spirit stones.

This time, the skinny man wasn’t the only one who panicked. Even the slowest person realized that something was wrong.

“I’m telling you to follow me, so follow me. I originally thought of taking you all deeper into the mountain, where there is better scenery for you to all die. Since you’re all so impatient, then I’ll send you all off here. You all are so garbage that I won’t even refine you into spirit corpses.”

Han Zhibao spoke with cold intent, looking at the man that shouted earlier with killing intent.

As soon as he finished speaking, the crowd began to panic.

“What does your Wind Mountain Villa plan to do!?”

“Hmph, we have more people. We’re not afraid of him!”

“You… you… if you dare to do anything to us, your Wind Mountain Villa will be destroyed. If so many of us go missing, they will know it was your Wind Mountain Villa!”

Everyone shouted something, and the situation became uncontrollable. The voices got louder and louder, and Han Zhibao frowned harder and harder.


An invisible aura spread out. Han Zhibao released his mid stage Spirit Core Realm cultivation. A powerful pressure spread across these cultivators, and the weaker cultivators immediately coughed out blood.

“Go. Don’t leave any alive and don’t leave any traces.”

Cold and callous words came from Han Zhibao’s mouth. This caused despair to appear in the hearts of these cultivators who were still hoping to get lucky. However, what happened next truly frightened them!

Han Zhibao’s body released a dark green light. This dark green light exuded a gloomy aura—it was clearly corpse energy!

However, these low-level cultivators couldn’t recognize that it was corpse energy, but they instinctively felt that this spirit force was terrifying.

He wasn’t the only one. The disciples from the Wind Mountain Villa released their Foundation Realm cultivation without hesitation. These rogue cultivators were surrounded by flashes of dark green light. The only difference was that there were different shades of dark green for different cultivation levels.

Based on their survival instinct, they released their spirit force to resist, but how could they resist dozens of people? Han Zhibao was worried that someone would escape, which was why he had brought so many people. With over two dozen disciples in the Foundation Realm and Han Zhibao at the Spirit Core Realm, they could easily deal with these weak cultivators.

These Wind Mountain Villa disciples all cultivated the same evil method and had already made a heavenly vow, so there was no worry about information leaking. The disobedient disciples had been killed a long time ago.

The rogue cultivators at the Spirit Transformation Realm had the protective light around them immediately melt when the dark green corpse energy touched them. Then their bodies were immediately surrounded by this dark green corpse energy and rapidly dried up. Their breath disappeared and their dried corpses fell to the ground.

The sounds of flyings swords echoed and endless corpse energy entered the crowd. The weaker cultivators died on the spot, their fear remaining on their faces.

Only the few Foundation Realm cultivators were better off. They clenched their teeth and desperately resisted the surrounding dark green gas. However, their spirit force was being rapidly consumed, and they could only watch the protective light around them weaken. They had no way of escaping.

Finally, the few Foundation Realm cultivators watched their shield get melted by this dark green corpse energy with indignation.

Only a few miserable screams rang out before everything became silent once more. The only thing left on the ground was a few dozen corpses giving off some corpse energy.

Han Zhibao watched all of this without any expression, then he looked to the southeast, where Villa Master Han had gone. He slowly said, “Clean this place up and then come to the forbidden land with me.”

Han Zhibao’s body trembled at the very end as if there was something that terrified him there.

“Yes!” The disciples all responded at once. They cleaned up this tragic scene without any expression as well.

The corpses were still exuding a faint, dark green corpse energy, but fortunately, they were not afraid of this corpse poison. The vegetation that got contaminated by this dark green corpse energy quickly withered.


On the other side, Zhao Jiuge’s group had already landed. When they landed, they couldn’t help but observe their surroundings. This was a valley deep in the mountains. This place was slightly sunken in and was surrounded by mountains. 

Everyone couldn’t help but look around with some doubt. This place didn’t look like a spirit vein. No matter how unknowledgeable they might be, this place didn’t look like a spirit vein. Spirit veins were usually at the bottom of a mountain.

The cold man in green asked once more, “Villa Master Han, are we there yet? This place doesn’t look like a spirit vein.”

Villa Master Han smiled and raised his right hand. He pointed at the hill not far away and said, “The spirit vein is right there. Let’s go in.”

Han Shaolong had already disappeared. He had led the disciples of the Wind Mountain Villa into the mountain pass ahead. Only Villa Master Han and Han Tianhu remained.

San Wu’s expression suddenly changed and he shouted, “Jiuge, we have entered the tiger’s mouth, so we need to be careful.”

This confused Zhao Jiuge and Pei Su Su. This was the first time they had seen San Wu like this. Before Zhao Jiuge could ask, San Wu had already walked up to the people heading in and shouted, “Don’t go in, be careful of his tricks. This isn’t a spirit vein at all! I knew there couldn’t be such good things in this world!”

This caused the people who were walking toward the mountain to become stiff and look at San Wu in confusion. Although Zhao Jiuge and Su Su didn’t know what San Wu had seen, they immediately became tense. They secretly activated their spirit force, and the flying swords on their backs faintly buzzed.

San Wu looked at the smiling Villa Master Han and let out a cold snort. He angrily said, “What spirit vein is this? The mountain to the east forms the Dead Ox Belly Point, the mountain to the  south forms the Wood Spear Head, the mountain to the west forms the Dog Skull Point, and the mountain to the north forms the Broken Surface Gentle Tune. This valley is surrounded by these four mountains. The earth is not earth, it’s clearly a place of extreme yin!”

After hearing this, the white-haired old man wasn’t shocked at all, as if he had expected this. The others, including the cold man in green, were all shocked.

Zhao Jiuge and Pei Su Su’s expressions changed greatly. They didn’t fully understand the surrounding terrain, but they had heard about how dangerous a place of extreme yin was!

To be exact, a place of extreme yin was the rumored land of rising corpses.

This kind of place was best suited for spirit corpses to grow. The spirit corpse the Ten Thousand Corpse Old Man had used against Zhao Jiuge and Su Su back then was the lowest quality. If that spirit corpse were nourished here, its strength would improve rapidly.

The majority of spirit corpses were created by people. Some were created by chance from a place where a lot of people were buried. It would then drink blood to absorb spirit force to increase its strength.

Spirit corpses could cultivate but lacked intelligence, since they were dead. Artificially created spirit corpses were controlled and could never reincarnate.

A person has three souls and seven fragments. When a person dies, their three souls scatter. Those three souls are the heaven soul, the earth soul, and the life soul.

When a person dies, it's like a lamp going out. When someone draws their last breath, their life soul dissipates completely, but their heaven soul preserves their memory. The earth soul remains in the body and slowly dissipates over time.

This was why cultivators at the Soul Formation Realm were so difficult to kill. After reaching the Soul Formation Realm, one’s earth soul changes drastically. If even a trace of it remains, it can recover. Then it can possess another body and continue to cultivate.

In the end, the soul is the power source and the body is the boat. If the boat is gone, cultivators can change to another boat to continue down the river of life. If the power source is gone, no matter how powerful the boat is, it can’t move forward.

Places of extreme yin were generally rare. Once one was found by a corpse cultivator, they would treat it like a great treasure, while most people would regard it as useless. Not only could they quickly improve their cultivation in these locations, they could also use the extreme yin to nourish powerful spirit corpses, which would become a great help for them.

Spirit corpses were divided into six levels, and each had its corresponding features. Zhao Jiuge had already learned about this during his battle against the Ten Thousand Corpse Old Man.

Those created naturally were called spirit zombies, while man-made ones were called spirit corpses. Spirit corpses had the bodies of cultivators, so they had powerful flesh and could display the strength of when they were alive!

This kind of place was a natural breeding ground. It was suitable for evil doers to nourish spirit corpses.

Zhao Jiuge and Pei Su Su looked at each other and saw the shock in each other’s eyes. They didn’t expect to encounter such a rare place like this.

Thinking about all the strange actions of the Wind Mountain Villa and then leading everyone here, they understood Villa Master Han’s evil intent.

He wanted to kill everyone here to replenish the spirit force of this place and then refine their bodies into spirit corpses!

Zhao Jiuge’s chest heaved up and down. He found it difficult to breathe. What Villa Master Han was planning was simply unforgivable!

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