Immortal Soaring Blade - Volume 3 - Chapter 56

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Book 3, Chapter 56 - Massacre

After San Wu finished speaking, the atmosphere suddenly became tense and everyone became silent.

It took a long time for everyone to react. They only half-believed these words. They looked at Villa Master Han and then at San Wu.

“What is a place of extreme yin?”

“Villa Master Han is a well known figure, he shouldn’t be plotting anything.”

“That’s right, Villa Master is already so powerful. Why would he plot against people like us?”

“What do you know? Listening to that little monk, I don’t think he is faking it.”

“Why don’t we ask Villa Master Han if it's true or not? Fortunately, there are a lot of us here.”

After a moment of silence, there was chaos. Everyone had different expressions, but most of them were looking at Villa Master Han. They wanted to see his reaction.

Villa Master Han had his hands behind his back and a smile on his face. He silently looked at everyone, and in the end, his gaze fell on San Wu.

The white-haired old man didn’t panic at all, and his two young disciples silently stood behind him. The three of them had an ethereal feel to them, as if nothing happening around them had anything to do with them.

“Hehe, I was just curious and wanted to join the festivities, so I came to see this rank-5 spirit vein. It turns out it was all a trap for you to commit evil deeds. What wild ambition. However, are you not afraid of being found out and your Wind Mountain Villa getting wiped out overnight?”

The cold man in green revealed a cold smile, and his eyes were filled with anger. His late stage Spirit Core Realm cultivation was a bit chaotic. If not for his lack of strength, he would have already made a move against Villa Master Han. However, seeing how calm he was, he likely had a powerful treasure or a hidden ace prepared.

Originally, the surrounding people only half-believed San Wu’s words and hoped that Villa Master Han would explain the situation. However, the cold man’s words caused the situation to become even more chaotic.

“Villa Master Han, what the hell is going on? Is what he said true?”

“You want to deal with all of us? If anything happens to us, how will you be able to withstand the fallout!?”

“Villa Master Han, please give us an explanation!”

Each question was filled with more anger than the next. Everyone looked at Villa Master Han with ugly expressions.

“Explanation? Why do I need to explain? What the little monk said is correct. I didn’t think there would be someone among you who would recognize a place of extreme yin. This saves me the trouble of tricking you all going down into the mountain. Be devoured by the Asura Subue Corpse Formation, hahahahaha!”

The smile on Villa Master Han’s face became wider and wider as he spoke. At the end, he let out a mad laugh.

“All of you will die today, so I advise you not to reist. Otherwise, you’ll be refined into a spirit corpse and can never be reincarnated!”

Villa Master Han’s eyes were extremely cold, as if the people before him were mere ants. Aside from strength, nothing was important to him.

As Master Villa Han’s words echoed, a dark green smoke slowly drifted into the valley from all four sides. One look at this dark green gas would make one shudder. More and more dark green smoke appeared, and it seemed to want to envelop the crowd.

“Don’t be afraid, there are a lot of us here. No matter how powerful he is, if we all act at once, he can’t deal with us all at once.”

Seeing the cultivators begin to panic, the scarred, burly man let out a roar and made a move. The other four burly men around him followed to support him.

His voice was no weaker than thunder, and it immediately awakened the cultivators that were shocked by fear.

The sweet woman from the dao couple immediately reacted and shouted at the crowd, “Everyone, use spirit force to protect yourselves. There is something strange about this smoke. Then everyone launches their attacks together!”

At this time, only the Spirit Core Realm cultivators were more calm and didn’t panic.

A ray of dark green light appeared before Han Tianhu’s body and shot toward the scarred, burly man like an arrow.

At the same time, Han Tianhu, who was beside Villa Master Han, had a fierce expression. He laughed in anger. “Why can’t one person deal with you all? My father doesn’t even need to make a move, just me is enough!”

After he finished speaking, he continued to release his mid stage Spirit Core Realm cultivation, and that spirit light became even brighter.

During this time, even more dark green smoke appeared in the sky. The Foundation Realm cultivators immediately released a protective layer of spirit force around their bodies.

The white-haired old man’s brows moved slightly and his body was tense, as if he was ready to make a move. However, something caused him to stop, and he looked at Zhao Jiuge with a gentle smile.

“Just you? You think too highly of yourself!”

Zhao Jiuge let out a roar. He was already prepared and immediately pulled out his life-linked flying sword, the Cold Underworld Sword.

A soft phoenix cry echoed, accompanied by a flash of blue and white light. It was particularly eye-catching in the dark green smoke.

After San Wu spoke, Zhao Jiuge had been preparing for a strike the whole time. He immediately released a ray of sword energy that intercepted a ray of dark green spirit force flying at the scarred, burly man. His late stage Spirit Core Realm cultivation was on full display.

If Villa Master Han had said those words, Zhao Jiuge wouldn't have responded like this. However, he really didn’t consider Han Tianhu a treat at all. So what if he had learned the corpse cultivation method?

Since he had the power to prevent it, he wouldn’t watch others suffer, even though the scarred, burly man didn’t look like he was any better himself. At least he wasn’t as vile as Han Tianhu and his father.

Besides, he still had the Nascent Soul Realm Pei Su Su with him, who shouldn’t be underestimated. This was why he didn’t hesitate to jump out. The Asura Subue Corpse Formation was being controlled by Villa Master Han and couldn’t be broken quickly, so he’d deal with Han Tianhu first!

The chilling corpse energy was directly swept away by this aggressive ray of sword energy! This shocked Han Tianhu and Villa Master Han.

“Tianhu, don’t play around. Let me resolve this quickly so there are no accidents.”

When Villa Master Han saw Zhao Jiuge’s strength, he immediately shouted at his second son. At the same time, he drew out the power of the Asura Subue Corpse Formation.

At this moment, the difference between cultivation realms became obvious. The flashes of dark green light surrounded them, and most of the cultivators here could only focus on protecting themselves, so they couldn’t lend a hand. Only the dozen or so Spirit Core Realm cultivators fared better, but none of them helped. They all wanted to use Zhao Jiuge to judge the enemy's strength.

Villa Master Han had just finished reprimanding his son when his dark purple robe fluttered and he pointed at Zhao Jiuge. It looked like he was ready to kill Zhao Jiuge. However, Zhao Jiuge ignored this and continued to close in on Han Tianhu. It was as if he wasn’t going to stop until he dealt with Han Tianhu.

Zhao Jiuge used the first three layers of the Mysterious Heaven Sword Art. Each was filled with incomparably powerful killing intent, and each contained its own intent.

Zhao Jiuge’s face was filled with killing intent, and his black robe was fluttering due to the pressure of his spirit force. The cultivators that were struggling to hold on saw this and couldn’t help but feel envy. He had such strength at such a young age—everyone wished they could be like him. The Spirit Core Realm cultivators also watched intently, but none of them showed any signs of making a move.

“Meng Er, Luo Er, both of you look closely. This is the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect’s Mysterious Heaven Sword Art. The sword art we practice focuses on using both strength and gentleness together, while their sword art focuses on just one word: intent. However, I haven’t been to the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect in over 100 years. I don’t know which elder this youth is a disciple of,” the white-haired old man suddenly whispered to his two disciples. Due to the protective light around the three of them, the others didn’t hear his words.

“Teacher, this person’s cultivation isn’t very good. He is much older and he is only at the Spirit Core Realm. After traveling with Teacher, I’ll be able to form my spirit core. If my spirit core grade is high or triggers a phenomenon, then it won’t be long before I catch up to him,” the handsome youth muttered to himself. Although his tone seemed a bit arrogant, his expression was calm, and there was no look of disdain on his face.

The white-haired old man’s expression sank and he looked down. “What did I teach you? You must face heaven with respect. Look at others with appreciation and face the sinister world with caution. If you become careless due to your arrogance, you’ll inevitably be reduced to dirt.”

The youth named Yu Luo wanted to defend himself, but he remained silent in the end.

The quiet girl in red looked at Yu Luo and smiled upon seeing the young man being scolded.

The white-haired old man softly said, “Yu Meng, you have to remember this.” He looked at the two children with a gentle gaze.

The girl in red called Yu Meng blushed and replied, “Teacher, I understand.”

 She then looked toward the place filled with sword energy.

Zhao Jiuge aggressively closed in on Han Tianhu while releasing rays of sword energy. Han Tianhu was caught off guard and couldn’t hold on for much longer. Villa Master Han was already impatient, so he waved his hand. A fire similar to the purple origin fire appeared and flew toward Zhao Jiuge.

“Your opponent is me.”

A beautiful voice echoed, then everyone saw a woman in green walk through the air, appearing between Villa Master Han and Zhao Jiuge.

This figure was Pei Su Su, who was worried about Zhao Jiuge. She couldn’t be bothered with hiding her strength anymore. The moment she stepped into the air, she released her Nascent Soul Realm aura!

This time, Villa Master Han wasn’t the only one shocked. Everyone stared at the figure in the sky in shock.

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