Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System - Chapter 592

Chapter 592: The Damsels Rescuing The Hero!

Su Fa spoke coldly to the group of people from Mt . Fengyu .

The other disciples from Mt . Leng also stared at Wang Xian and the group with contempt . They had no regard for them at all .

Even if Mt . Fengyu was ranked as the tenth strongest mountain sect currently .

As they spoke, terrifying auras shrouded towards the crowd from Mt . Fengyu!

The auras from Dan Realm experts weren’t something that Inborn disciples could withstand .

The disciples from Mt . Fengyu turned pale and gritted their teeth instantly as though they were small and helpless boats on the rough seas .

“Trying to exert your dominance over us with your aura?”

Wang Xian lifted the cup before him as he stared coldly towards Su Fa, who was in the middle of the group of disciples from Mt . Leng .

“We can also settle it in the arena!”

Su Fa looked at Wang Xian with ridicule . “Dragon King? So what if you defeated Kong Guanglin easily? Although others have said you have the strength to rank among the top ten disciples, I wonder…how many moves will you last against me?”

“No matter whether it is imposing our dominance or settling things in the arena, you guys from Mt . Fengyu are trash to us regardless of whether it’s the present or the future . So what if you are the Dragon King?”

Su Fa lifted his head proudly and had no respect for Wang Xian at all . His voice reverberated throughout the entire spiritual tea session .

“This is… Mentor Yu and Mentor Leng are fighting it out above and the disciples of the two mountain sects are going against one another here?”

“That’s a given . Considering that their mentors are fighting it out, how could the disciples be sitting there! It’s only natural that they should try to crush the other sect!”

“Mt . Fengyu isn’t in the same tier as Mt . Leng . Even when the Dragon King has shot up on the charts recently, they still couldn’t be compared with Mt . Leng . Mt . Leng has Ao Shuwen and Su Fa!”

“No matter whether it is imposing dominance over the other or settling things in the arena, the disciples from Mt . Fengyu are completely outclassed . They would just be tortured!”

“Is that young man the Dragon King? He sure knows how to act cool . Everyone is standing there and yet he sits by the side and enjoys his tea . Hehehe! He’s just going to be beaten up for trying to act cool!”

When the surrounding crowd heard Su Fa, they smirked and were just waiting to see a show .

They enjoyed their tea and had some food while watching the conflict between disciples from Mt . Leng and Mt . Fengyu . In a way, this was rather entertaining .

The only shame was that Mt . Fengyu was too weak . It would be an overwhelming defeat and thus the crowd was a little disinterested .

More people were focusing on Wang Xian . They were interested to see what the Dragon King really looked like .

“That kid is still as scornful as before!”

Standing beside Ao Shuwen, Tong Xiuping stared harshly at Wang Xian as he remarked .

“Brother Ao, the disciples from your Mt . Leng have a conflict with the other group . Why don’t we head over and teach that guy a lesson!”

The other young man, Feng Haosi, smirked as he spoke .

“There’s no need to . Just leave this to Su Fa . A meager Dragon King isn’t qualified to warrant us taking actions ourselves .

Ao Shuwen looked across nonchalantly, sipped on his spiritual tea and spoke with a smile .

“Haha! You’re right! Su Fa from your mountain sect would be enough to teach that brat a good lesson!”

Tong Xiuping and a few other young men commented with smiles .

“Huh? That is…?”

At this moment, where the disciples of Mt . Xue were standing . Yao Beibei and Feng Beiling were looking in the direction of Mt . Fengyu and Mt . Leng out of curiosity . Suddenly, someone caught their eye .

Piao Lingxue was also looking at Wang Xian who was sitting there .

So he’s here too! Piao Lingxue thought to herself .

“Master! It’s that handsome master!”

Yao Beibei and Feng Beiling weren’t aware that Wang Xian was the Dragon King . They also didn’t know that Wang Xian was a disciple from Mt . Fengyu .

Seeing Wang Xian, they were astonished . However, excitement beamed in their eyes .

Other disciples from Mt . Xue were also astonished to see Wang Xian .

“Great Senior sister, that… That…”

Feng Beiling pointed at Wang Xian . Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped as she exclaimed, “He’s that handsome master from Yong Chang City!”


Piao Lingxue nodded her head .

“Great Senior sister, did you know that handsome master is a disciple of the Da Hong Immortal Sect?”

Upon seeing Piao Lingxue’s response, the surrounding disciples from Mt . Xue asked this in astonishment .

“Yeah, I knew that Wang Xian is the Dragon King . It’s just that I did not expect him to be here today!” Piao Lingxue answered .

The master that was unparalleled in refining elixir pills and equipment!

He was the most famous master in the entire Yong Chang City currently . His name had almost reached the entire Yong Chang world by now .

“How dare the people from Mt . Leng try to bully handsome master? Let’s go . Let’s go support the handsome master!”

“Let’s go! Who is more talented than that master in the entire Yong Chang City?”

“I had not expected that master to be the Dragon King . He’s too cool . Let’s head over! Let’s head over!”

The disciples of Mt . Xue stared at Wang Xian with excitement .

Even Yao Beibei and Feng Beiling were staring at Wang Xian with fervent eyes .

The group of girls had all hoped for a romantic occasion with an insanely talented alchemist master and blacksmith master .

All the disciples from Mt . Xue stood up and headed towards Wang Xian .

Damsel saving the hero! They were thinking of saving Wang Xian!

Piao Lingxue chuckled . She stood up and followed behind .

“Eh, where are the beautiful girls from Mt . Xue heading to?”

The surrounding disciples from various mountain sects were surprised to see the female disciples from Mt . Xue standing up .

At the other end, Wang Xian put down the teacup in his hand while looking at the crowd of arrogant disciples from Mt . Leng . He stood up, stared at Su Fa and remarked emotionlessly, “Let’s meet in the arena . No one is to blame for any death!”

“Haha! Great! You are indeed the Dragon King . Your courage is really commendable!”

Su Fa was taken aback by what Wang Xian said . However, he broke into laughter soon after and replied, “Arena? No one is to blame for any deaths? Let it be then! Haha!”

As he spoke, the smile on his face deepened . His eyes were locked on Wang Xian as he continued ridiculing him . “It seems like I’m going to be the warrior that slays a dragon!”

“This… The Dragon King is challenging Su Fa in the arena? No one is to be blamed for any death?”

“Damn! How stupid is he? Su Fa is currently ranked fifth and has reached the Half-step to Budding Realm . Isn’t he courting his own death?”

“Interesting . This is going to be interesting . I was thinking Mt . Fengyu would be completely crushed . Who would have thought that the Dragon King wouldn’t back down? Great! Great!”

When the surrounding disciples of Da Hong Immortal Sect heard their conversation, their eyes lit up with excitement .

Those female disciples from Mt . Xue that were walking towards Wang Xian frowned, quickened their pace and said, “You are really arrogant to speak of slaying the dragon!”

“If you are challenging master Dragon King, you have to get past me first!”

“Is Mt . Feng trying to impose his dominance over Mt . Fengyu? Retract your aura and don’t push things too hard!”

Just as the disciples from Mt . Leng were smiling proudly and releasing their aura towards Wang Xian and the other disciples of Mt . Fengyu, sharp voices resounded suddenly .

These voices and what happened were heard and seen clearly by the surrounding disciples .

“What’s the situation? What are the disciples from Mt . Xue doing? Why are they helping the disciples from Mt . Fengyu?”

The surrounding disciples were taken aback . Even the disciples from Mt . Leng was stunned .

However, what was truly shocking to them was seeing the female disciples crowding towards Wang Xian as though they were diehard fans of his .

“Handsome master, I had not expected you to be the Dragon King . You are really too stunning! Wah! I want to be your girlfriend!”

“Dragon King, Dragon King… This name is truly domineering . Can you give me your autograph?”

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