Journey To Become A True God - Chapter 616

When Ye Chen and Feng Xue arrived outside the mansion, there were already countless people in front of the mansion .
Ye Chen and Feng Xue saw that the sky around the city became very dark, there were lots of lightning and lightning striking everywhere .
This phenomenon is very frightening, many people are afraid of the strange phenomenon that is happening at this time .
Right above the sky, there was a man who was hovering while being enveloped by thousands of thunderbolts around his body .
This man exuded an extremely terrifying strength, just looking at this person made everyone here feel oppressed .
Dear senior, what have you come here for?, Feng Luo stepped forward and saluted the man who was currently hovering above the sky .
Feng Luo knew that this man above the sky was extremely strong, he couldnt help offending the senior who was currently hovering above the sky .
Stop making small talk with me, quickly call the Bitch from the Feng family here . The man in the sky told Feng Luo to call the prostitute of the Feng family .
Senior, who do you mean by that? Feng Luo still doesnt understand who this senior is referring to .
Im looking for Feng Xues Bitch, hurry up and bring her here . The man in the sky had actually come here looking for Feng Xue .
Hearing what the man who was currently in the sky said, everyone immediately looked at Feng Xue with suspicious gaze .
Actually what Feng Xue did until a great senior came here looking for him .
Hearing this, Feng Xue started to hide behind Ye Chens body, she started to be afraid of the man above the sky .
What is it? Senior is looking for Xue . Feng Luo wanted to know why a great senior wanted to find Feng Xue .
I came here to settle business with that bitch the man in the sky said to Feng Luo that he came to settle me with Feng Xue .
Husband, this person really came for me . Feng Xue became afraid, she continued to hide behind Ye Chen .
Xue calm down, I am here, nothing will be able to hurt you if I am here Ye Chen tried to calm Feng Xue who was currently looking scared .
Ye Chen looked at the man who was currently hovering above the sky, this man was really so brave to make Feng Xue fear like this .
Ye Chen was going to make this person pay for daring to frighten her woman like this .
Who are you, why are you looking for Feng Xue? ,Ye Chen asked the man who was currently hovering above the sky, Ye Chen wanted to know where this person came from .
My name is Xiao Xian, I am an ancestor of the Clan Xiao This man told Ye Chen his name .
Xiao Xian is an ancestor who comes from the Xiao Clan, Xiao Xian lives in the Holy Land of Kunlun to be precise and serves the Gates of Eternity Sect .
If it werent for an important reason, Xiao Xian might never have returned to this mortal world again .
Ye Chen looked at Xiao Xian who was above the sky, it turned out that this man was an ancestor of the Clan Xiao .
If Xiao Xian is from the Xiao Clan, then that means Xiao Yunce is behind all of this .
It was unexpected that the Xiao Clan would have a strong person like Xiao Xian .
So Xiao Yunce sent you here? Ye Chen said to Xiao Xian .
Xiao Yunce ?, He does not have the right to send me here , I came here because it involves the pride of belonging to Xiao Clan with a force which is owned by Xiao Xian, no anyone who is able to make or ruled Xiao Xian .
Xiao Xian came here because of his own will, he wanted to punish those who dared to insult his Xiao Clan .
Although he was long gone from the Xiao Clan, Xiao Xuan was still from the Xiao Clan, so it was not strange that he would be angry when someone dared to insult the Clan he belonged to .
It seemed that Xiao Xian was being used by Xiao Yunce to take revenge for what Ye Chen had done .
Xiao Yunce must have told Xiao Xian strange things that he wanted to go alone to this Feng Clan .
I dont care about the pride that your Xiao Clan has, but you have scared Xue, be prepared to accept the consequences . Ye Chen wanted to make this person pay for scaring Feng Xue .
Xue you wait here, I want to solve the problem with this person Ye Chen told Feng Xue to wait here while he went to take care of Xiao Xian .
Fine, but be careful when fighting that person . Feng Xue nodded very obediently, she told Ye Chen to be careful .
Take it easy, I will definitely always be careful when fighting this person . Even though Ye Chen was much stronger, he was still very careful when fighting every enemy he encountered .
Ye Chen went towards Xiao Xian, he flew right in front of Xiao Xians figure .
Everyone below was stunned by what Ye Chen was doing .
The people here couldnt believe that Ye Chen could fly like the great senior in front of them .
In Xiao Xians eyes, there was a hint of shock when he saw that Ye Chen could fly, it seemed that this young man in front of him was a cultivator .
So you are a cultivator, it is fitting that you are very brave to challenge me . Xiao Xian said to Ye Chen who was in front of him .
Dont talk too much anymore, lets solve this problem as soon as possible, Ye Chen didnt want to waste any more time he had, he had to beat Xiao Xian immediately .
Such an arrogant kid, be prepared to accept this old mans wrath . Xiao Xian felt insulted by Ye Chen, as a strong cultivator from the Kunlun Holy Land, Ye Chens words were an insult to him .
Xiao Xian decided to go ahead and attack Ye Chen, he would make Ye Chen understand who he really was .
While being enveloped by lightning on his body, Xiao Xian charged towards Ye Chen .
Ye Chen also decided to go forward and attack Xiao Xian, from Ye Chens body began to come out a profound fire that was extremely hot, this fire began to envelop Ye Chens body .
Ye Chen and Xiao Xian were getting closer, both of them reached out and started to attack each other .
Boom Ye Chens palm and Xiao Xians palm met, when the two strikes of fire and lightning met, an extremely powerful explosion occurred above the sky .
This explosion was like a bomb shook the area around here, the people below began to leave to save themselves .
From below Feng Xue saw the battle that Ye Chen was fighting .
Xue, lets get out of here, its not safe here . Feng Luo invited Feng Xue to immediately go find a safer place .
This place was not safe, Feng Luo was afraid that they would all be dragged into the battle that Ye Chen and Feng Luo were doing .
This was the first time Feng Luo had seen the battle of someone who looked like God, he never imagined that the two powerful masters would meet and fight on top of his Feng Clan headquarters .