Kawaranu mono <kirameki no gōremu> - Chapter 59

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Chapter 59 The Value of a Star Coin

I'm a golem.


In my first exploration of the labyrinth, I was able to obtain 21 coins called star gold coins.


If the coin was worth 1,000 Japanese yen, it would be worth 21,000 yen; if it was worth 100 yen, it would be worth 2,100 yen. If the coin was worth about 10,000 yen, that would mean that I got 210,000 yen!


I don't know how much this is worth, but I can tell one thing.

At the very least, if it's worth about 2100 yen, I can buy a brush! And who knows, I might even be able to buy a towel too!


Now I have no choice but to go and buy my own brush!

I walked down the street to the grocery store where I was forced to buy the pouch.


“Hey, hey, what is that?”

“Oh, it looks like a golem.”

“But is it okay?”

“You're right, I don't think I would wear that.”


Damn, I'm just walking around in the city and this is what I get? Is this all part of the curse of the Pouch? What a horrible item. But it's useful for storing gold star coins and the like. Think positively! I am saved by it. I don't have to hold onto the gold star coins because of this. It's just that the pattern is terrible. If it weren't for that, it would be a normal bag.


I walked into the general store. I go to the brush section that I had checked out before. No, not the toilet brushes. Let's choose something else. Hmm, how about this white one? With this, I can see at a glance exactly the amount of dirt on it.


I ran the brush around to my back and found that it reached my back just fine. I don't have any itchy parts, but it seems to reach the itchy parts as well. Hmm, this is good. This is the best. I'll be counting on you from now on, my brush #1, Whitea!


I was convinced and took the brush to the counter. At the counter was the same girl who had been there before, Girl A, the helper. When she saw me, she said, “Ah.” But since I've been here before, she's not surprised. Fufufu... I guess I've become a familiar customer. A regular customer.


I put the Whitea on the counter. Then, as I fumbled to get the gold star coin out of my pouch, the girl mumbled, “Oh, you're still using that?” The girl looked at me as if she had just seen something unbelievable!


I was about to take out the gold star coin, but my hand involuntarily stopped. I want to take it off, too, if I can! But I can't get it off because of the curse! Just walking outside, my reputation drops, and the damage inflicted on me by rumors is immeasurable!


{Log: The effects of the [Enlightened One] have calmed my excitement}

Relax, it's just an ordinary pouch. Just an ordinary bag. That's all. Don't worry about the pattern.

I put a gold star coin on the counter to test it out. I wonder how much it is worth. The girl's reaction should give me an idea of its value.


The girl was surprised and said, “Eh, this is..” Perhaps it wasn't enough, I quietly pull out another star gold coin. “Eh, eh”. The girl looks at me and the gold star in surprise, but doesn't give me the item. I wonder if it's not enough.


I pull out another gold star coin. “Ehhhh” The girl was astonished, but she still wouldn't settle the bill. As I suspected, it was only worth about 100 yen. When I tried to get another one, the girl shouted, “Mommy!!” as in the past, and withdrew to the back of the store.


After a short wait, the girl came back, hiding behind her mother. I didn't want to see the mother, though. She was the one who cursed me.


Seeing the cursed pouch hanging diagonally across my body, the mother looked satisfied and said, “Oh, you seem to like it! I'm so glad!” she said with a smile.


I shook my head from side to side, but the mother didn't understand, “You don't have to be so shy.” Ugh, What a self-paced person. And what a self-interpretation. She's a scary woman!


“So, is it hard for you to believe that the good golem is here again, Olivia?”

“N-No, Mom! I think he wants to buy a white brush, but then he pulled out a gold coin that I've never seen before! Though I haven't seen it in person, isn't it a star gold coin?”

“Huh? There's some idiot here at ...... that would pay a gold star to buy a brush.”

Oh, from their reactions I guess the gold star coin is pretty expensive; it must be worth about 10,000 yen, and I can't blame people for thinking I was just trying to get a change of money when I pulled out a 10,000 yen bill for a brush that cost about 300 yen. As I was agreeing with myself, the mother came over to talk to me.


“Good Golem, you can't use these gold stars in this store, or probably any normal store anywhere.”

Eh? Why? I'm protesting! I want this brush, I want Whitea! If this gold star is worth anything, I want to trade it! Of course I don't need change! I continue to make desperate appeals, but Mother is having none of it.


“No, no. I'm afraid I can't accept this. You don't seem to know anything about money, so I'll enlighten you. Here is a basic bronze coin. By the way, this white brush is worth eight small bronze coins, do you understand so far?”


I nodded my head in agreement. The mother continued to explain.


“10 small bronze coins here will be equivalent to 1 large bronze coin. Then, ten large bronze coins are equivalent to one silver coin. That's roughly the amount of coins that are normally used.”


I see. I guess one bronze coin is about 100 yen. I'm not sure.

“And on top of that, there are even larger silver coins, gold coins, and large gold coins, but the most valuable is this star gold coin that you are so carelessly holding out. People like us will never have the chance to use star gold coins.”


Oh, my God, it was worth that much! I understood that it was very expensive, but how much exactly was it worth? When I tilted my head, the mother seemed to have guessed.


“Hmm, I think one star gold coin is worth 100,000 bronze coins.”

“Yes, you are right. Mom. That's what father told me once.”


What do you know, this star gold coin is worth 100,000 bronze coins! It seems I've somehow become a very rich person! I guess I'm one of the celebrities now! I'm feeling kind of happy.


“So, put this gold star coin away. You can't use it in my store, thus I won't be able to sell this brush.”


The girl was shaking her head in agreement with her mother's words.


Ehhhh…I reluctantly put the gold star coins away in my pouch. It's no use having useless gold stars and useless money, I thought, shrugging my shoulders. The girl seemed to sympathize with my depressed state.


“Mom, don't you feel sorry for good golem? You could at least give him this brush.......”

“Don't be silly, Olivia! What kind of store gives away its goods for free?”

“But you gave him that pouch, didn't you?”

“No, that was because it didn't sell for seven years and no one wanted to use it, so that's a different story.”


I looked at the mother in disbelief. Was I cursed because of a stock sale? What a mess. The grudge of being left unsold for so long may have seeped into this bag.


Nevertheless, looking at the mother, the girl's kindness seeps into my steel heart. Thank you, girl. I'm sorry for calling you a typical helping girl A. You are a proper braided helping girl!


I waved my hand to the girl and tried to leave the store. The girl called out to me.

“What happened to the wristband you used to wear?”


I looked at my left wrist and saw that I was indeed missing my wristband. What's going on? Remember, remember, remember. Scan the golem memory!

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{Choose: small mermaid, queen's swaying boobs, map of the world, departure from the land of mermaids, fallen remains of golem, high five with Ichiro and Jirou, butler's power sexual harassment, or flying dragon king?}


What's that? Isn't this the part where you say, “There is no skill called Golem Memory?”


I had no idea that the golem memory could retrieve memories and photos. I don't have a manual, so I'll have to figure out how to use the functions by myself. I have no choice but to try to read the Queen's swaying breasts.


<Queen's boobs that shake and become a cushion>

Well, it certainly brought back the image I had at the time, to perfection!


If this was the case, I should have snapped the shutters of my mind more. Next time I'm free, I'll remember the young lady and other things and take some pictures.


No. I'll concentrate on the wristband now. Could it be that it got burned by the dragon's flame? I was so absorbed in the pouch that I didn't pay attention to the wristband at all. I wonder if I could ask Camome to make one more for me.


I waved OK, OK, no problem, and left the grocery store.

Farewell, Whitea!

If you are bought by someone other than me, please be happy!



I came to the adventurer's guild. I looked for Camome, and it seemed that she was just not working on anything. I walked up to her and stretched to make her aware of my presence.

“Oh, Golem-san. Is there something wrong?”

I showed her my left wrist and appealed to her for another wristband. Camome replied, “Oh, you've lost your wristband! I'll get it for you right away, just wait for a moment!” Without any hesitation, she accepted my request.


I was really impressed with her attitude towards the customers. It seems that Camome was a pretty good receptionist after all. While I was waiting for my wristband, Charao was trying to approach me.


Hmm, what brings you here?


“Hey, stray golem! You, last time--”

Byun, Gan!! “Guff~oooooo!!” bang.


What? A chair just flew out of nowhere. It hit Charao with great speed. It looks like he didn't even attempt to dodge it, but is he okay? I was worried about him, and when I tried to check on him, Camome called out to me.


“Don't worry, Golem-san. Gurio-san won't die from that!”

No, it won't kill you, but it will hurt you. Is it okay to just let it be?


“It's Gurio-san's fault for trying to get involved with Golem-san when he doesn't need to be messed with. Right, everyone?”

Camome smiles and looks around at all the adventurers around us.


“Oh, yeah, you're right, Camome-chan.”

“There's a sign on it as well.”

“That was Gurio's fault, wasn't it?”

I wonder if that's true. If everyone says so, well. Maybe they don't like Charao, I don't know. I took the wristband from Camome and left the guild. Again, Camome saw me off outside the guild. It was like VIP treatment. I can't help but feel that she has some ulterior motive, but oh well.

And from this day on, I rarely get into trouble in the guild.




This may change in the future, but these are the money values I figured.


Star gold coins: 10,000 star gold coins, 100,000 bronze coins, 10,000 large bronze coins, 1,000 silver coins, 100 gold coins, 10 large gold coins.

Large gold coin: 10000 bronze coins, 1000 large bronze coins, 100 silver coins, 10 gold coins.

Gold coin: 1000 bronze coins, 100 large bronze coins, 10 silver coins.

Large silver coin: 1000 bronze coins, 100 large bronze coins, 10 silver coins.

Silver coin: 100 bronze coins, 10 large bronze coins

Large bronze coin: 10 bronze coins

Bronze coin: Basic unit

Small bronze coin: 1 bronze coin for 10 units.

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