Kawaranu mono <kirameki no gōremu> - Chapter 60

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Episode 60 - Master/slave relationship


I am a golem.

I am a hard-working golem who has decided to dive into the labyrinth without taking a break. I was actually thinking of staying at an inn, but I only had star gold coins, so I decided to dive into the labyrinth and try to make a living.

I could have exchanged my star gold coins, but I didn't want to carry too many coins around, so I didn't. I would have liked to have a toolbox with an endless supply of tools, but I don't think that would be possible, since magical tools disappear when I equip them.

I arrived at the entrance of the labyrinth, where I had been refused entry before, and greeted the guild staff with one hand raised in greeting. The guild staff didn't stop me, probably because the old man from the guild had already talked to them.

When I entered the labyrinth, I found quite a variety of adventurers. They all look like they're having a great time with their parties.

Watching the adventurers as they navigate their way through the labyrinth, taking care to avoid traps and other obstacles, was very informative. That's what an adventurer should look like. After all, it's dangerous to get caught in a trap.

Click. Boom, click, pop.

You see, if you walk around without paying attention, you'll step on these switches. This time, an arrow came flying at me. If it hadn't been for me, I would have been injured. Oh well.

I'm going to pick up this short arrow. I might be able to sell them. I was a little hopeful that the pouch would be punctured when I put the arrow in it, but it was indeed a cursed item. It wasn't that fragile.

I continued into the depths of the labyrinth, slapping away at the demons that appeared in the labyrinth.

{Log: Golem has dealt 150 damage to Wild cat}

{Log: Wild cat has died}

The enemies in this dungeon seem to be weaker than the beginner dungeon I was diving in. It doesn't matter to me, because there's not much difference.

The wild cats that I have defeated turn into light and disappear. They sometimes drop items, but only occasionally. Oh, this time a tiny stone fell. I threw the little stone into my Pouch and proceeded onward.

I wonder if the demons in this labyrinth are eating any food. Sometimes I feel like a wild cat is preying on something small and fluffy. I wonder if the bodies of the demons don't disappear even after defeating each other.

I came up to the 10th floor, observing other adventurers. Everyone except me is in a party and it looks really fun. I really enjoy party play, like kyah, wa, guwa, I'm slashing. I'm a little envious!

“I'm with you.” “Concentrate your attack while I hold them off.” “'Fly sideways! I'll shoot it out with my line light!” “I don't care about me, just get out of here!” I'd like to enjoy party play. I can't speak, so it's a bit of a hurdle.

Oops, while I was thinking about that, I arrived at the boss room.

Hmm, it seems that this is the same as the beginner's dungeon, and you don't have to defeat the boss to go on. The boss was already being fought by another adventurer, so I couldn't interfere in the fight. I've seen something like this before when I was a human, but I don't think it was a proper thing to do because it was considered bad manners or something.

I walked by the wall and aimed for the stairs so as not to disturb the adventurers who were happily fighting the boss.


“This boss is strong.”

“Yeah, they're different colors.”


“Melissa! Gwah!”

“Don't look away, you idiot!”

“Gazari! Let's get out of here! We shouldn't push ourselves!”

“I know, I know! But he's not going to let us leave! Gwah.”


“Get Melissa and the others out of the room now!”

“Guh~ sorry.”

As I make my way to the stairs, I'm impressed with how adventurous they are. If things get dicey, retreat without taking any chances. This is an important thing to do. You only have one life. If you die, that's the end.

But that skinhead adventurer alone seemed to be in danger. It's like a scene where he' s saying, “I'll buy you some time, so you guys can escape.“ With a squeak, the skinhead's sword was blown away. Hmmm, it might be bad manners, but I'll help him. I don't care if someone gets mad at me.

The boss monster is trying to swing his arm down toward the skinhead. I step in between them, generating line lights on my back, and flick his arm. I glanced at the skinhead as if to say, "Well, wasn’t that kind of cool.” The skinhead, who was in a defensive position, was surprised by my sudden appearance. Fufufu, you can be surprised.

“Eh, a silver golem?”

I ignore the skinhead and attack the boss monster.


{Log: Golem dealt 200 damage to Orange Wild Panther}

{Log: Orange Wild Panther has died}

The boss monster turned into light and disappeared, and a small stone fell on the spot. I picked up the small stone and tried to give it to the skinhead. The skinhead is stunned and seems confused, “What, what?” He seemed confused. I gestured to him to calm down, and he finally spoke to me.

“I, I'm sorry. S, Silver golem. You saved me.”

I nodded my head and urged him to take the small stone.

“No, I can't take this magic stone after you saved me. You can take it with you.”

If the skinhead says so, I'll take it. I threw the small stone into my pouch, waved my hand to the skinhead and walked down the stairs.

Hmmm, I feel some kind of eyes on me. Someone is staring at me, I think. But there's no one around me, either. There's no point in worrying about it. Let's move on.

When I got down to the 13th floor, I saw Faina, the adventurer who had the magic sword, and her party. When Faena noticed me, she shouted “Ah” and approached me.

I wondered if she was still angry with me for breaking her magic sword. But I fixed it back to normal, so I don't think she has any complaints.


Could it be that you're taking advantage of the fact that you're in a labyrinth to strike me down in the dark? That's fine. Come at me! I’m going to strike back!

I put on a fighting pose, and when Faina came in front of me, she bowed her head. What? I felt a little nervous. Isn't she going to attack me?

“I'm sorry about the other day, Golem-san. I was the one who slashed at you out of nowhere, and you really helped me by restoring my magic sword. Thank you.”

Oh, you wanted to thank me? I nodded slowly and said not to worry about it. Faina asked me to shake her hand, and I shook it back. I waved goodbye and walked deeper into the labyrinth.

A horse-headed demon with some kind of huge axe attacked me at a position where I could still be visible to Faina. I quickly dodged the axe and dealt a blow to the horse-headed demon.


{Log: Golem has dealt 200 damage to Mauma the Wandering Labyrinth Hunter}

{Log: Mauma the Wandering Labyrinth Hunter has expired}

The horse-headed demon turned into light and disappeared, leaving behind horse meat wrapped in green leaves. What? I don't want horse meat. I was expecting to be left with a big axe, but the axe disappeared.

I picked up the horse meat and wondered if I should put it in my pouch, but I couldn't eat it, and I didn't want to get the smell of raw meat on my pouch. What should I do? Should I leave it?

I looked towards where I left Faina, and they were still within sight. Well, I'd rather give them to Faina than leave them here. I walked back to Faina and forced her to accept the gift, which she refused to do.

I dashed away from the scene, not wanting to be chased and forced to take it back.

I was so desperate to get away that I fell into a pit on the way. I knew the labyrinth was dangerous. If you're not careful, your life will be in danger. You really never know what's around the corner.

The place where I fell was crawling with demons. There didn't seem to be any other adventurers around, so I figured it would take too long to knock them down one by one, so I used my line light to wipe them out.

After that, I had a hard time picking up tiny stones, claws, fangs, and other drop items. It's like I'm a lone scavenger. I regretted that I could have saved myself the trouble of picking them up by just hitting them as they approached.

As expected of an advanced dungeon. There are treasure chests as usual. It's not like a beginner's dungeon! Let's open it up.


I see, treasure chests sometimes explode when opened. I'm impressed. They're trying to kill the adventurers!

Now, finally, the 20th floor. If I can defeat the next boss, I'll turn back at that point. I don't want to make the same mistake as in the beginner's dungeon.

Fortunately, there are no adventurers challenging the boss.

The boss of this level is a wolf, and it seems to attack with its pack. The boss shouted, "Whoo!" and attacked me in perfect coordination. He's pretty good, isn't he?

But don't underestimate me! Just as you attack in packs, I have a way to deal with packs!

Take that!

I open my arms wide and fire my Line Light at all the wolves! With a chuin, chuin, chuin, the line lights hit all the wolves right between the eyes. The wolves all fall down at once.

I pose fashionably, “There's nothing my Line lights can't beat!”

{Log: Golem has dealt 180 damage to King White-Hunting Wolf}.

{Log: King White-Hunting Wolf has died}

{Log: The Golem has dealt an average of 200 damage to the Hunting Wolves}

{Log: The hunting wolves have died}

{Log: Golem has been raised to lvl 29}

Oh, I've leveled up. It's been a while. But since it's just a level number increase, it's not that exciting.

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Oh, no!

I was planning to give them a quick slap because I had a hard time picking up all the items earlier. What a mess. I was so excited about my immediate coolness that I used the line light again.

It can’t be helped. I went back to searching and collecting the drop items.

Having defeated the boss, I quit my adventure and headed for the surface. The other adventurers I passed seemed to be enjoying their party. They looked like they were having an adventure. I guess it's more fun to play in a party than to play solo. There were almost no solo players.

No, solo players have their own fun! It's wrong to compare which is better. What's important is whether you're having fun or not. Well, I think I just said something cool. Maybe.

When I returned to the 12th floor, I could still feel eyes on me. What is it? I wondered if there was something around here. But there was nothing. As I was looking around, a small white object came running towards me. What is it? A furball?

I poked and pinched it, and a hamster appeared from the ball of fur! It was a fluffy ball of fur just a moment ago, but where did the ball of fur go?

“Chuu chuu-chuu-chuu-chuu!”

(You are so strong! Please make me, Jispo, your henchman!)

When I twisted my head to see what he meant by that, the hamster tried even harder to convey his thoughts.

“Chuchuchuchuchu. Chuchu, Chuchuchuchuchu!”

(Us Softis Mouse is the weakest monster in this labyrinth. We are a small fry that are eaten by Wild Cats and hunted by adventurers for our fur!)

This guy calls himself a small fry. That's quite a self-deprecating attitude.

“Ch-ch-ch-ch-choo! Chuu-chuu-chuu!”

(The others have accepted this as the nature of demons living in dungeons, but I can't accept it! Please, please, please take me with you!)

Hmmm. I'm not sure I can take care of a pet properly. I think I should decline. It seems like a lot of work to feed them. With a gesture, I tell the hamster that I can't do it because it would be too hard to take care of the food and stuff. But the hamster is still trying hard to ask for help!

“Ch-ch-ch-choo-choo! "Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-choo!”

(Please do something about that! Even the food is not extravagant! Three meals plus a snack at 3 p.m. is enough! I don't want to be extravagant with the night meal!)

What, you were even expecting a dinner, you hamster? I was a little surprised. What kind of life has this guy been living? He seems to be comfortable enough in the labyrinth.

I shake my head in disapproval. The hamster's appeals continued, with gestures mixed in. The hamster's desperation was evident, but if you can't be responsible for your pet until the end, you shouldn't have a pet.

“Ch-ch-ch-choo! Ch-ch-ch-choo! "Ch-ch-ch-ch-choo!”

I'm here to help you! I can be really helpful! If you make me your henchman, I'll be of great help!

The only thing that appealed to me was that he could be of great help. If you're so sure, then let's hear a little more about it. I urged the hamster to go on, asking him what exactly he can do for me.

“Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch! Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch! Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch! "Ch-ch-ch-ch-choo!”

(I can polish! I can polish things to a shine! Watch me!)

What, you can polish? What on earth do you mean by that?



Bon the hamster's entire body was covered in soft fur. Then it jumped on my arm and started rubbing and brushing its fur and with a squeak and a squeak. Quickly, the hamster jumps off my arm.

Then I found my arm shining differently from the rest. What a surprise!

How can my metal body shine this bright? It's so shiny. Isn't this the ultimate in shine? This hamster might be quite useful.

I look at the hamster, and before I know it, the furball is gone and he's back to his normal self.

“Ch-ch-ch-choo! "Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch!”

(What do you think! Look at that glow! My fur is so premium!)

I'm sorry, but I have to admit it. My body will be shiny with this hamster as my henchman. It's a bit of a hassle to feed him, but the shine is hard to resist. They say that the goddess of fortune only has bangs. All right! I'll take you as my henchman! I nodded gravely to the hamster!


You won't regret it!

I placed the hamster on my left palm and shook his hand with my right. Then the hamster was engulfed in light and its fur became a little bit nicer.

{Log: Golem and Softis Mouse are now connected in a master-servant relationship}

{Log: The effect of the title [Lovely Things] is activated. Softis Mouse has evolved into Active Softis Mouse}

“Chuchu!? Chuchuchuchuchu.”

(W-What is this!? I'm feeling so powerful.)

It seems to me that the hamster's fur has only gotten better, but the hamster itself seems to be able to tell the difference. Unaware of my attention, the hamster recited the spell again.



There was one more "F" in the middle of the spell, but the furball looked the same as before.

As I waited, the furball started to vibrate. What the heck, it's like an electric toothbrush! Does that mean I can now brush just by hitting it? Well, it looks like this guy wasn't lying when he said it would be helpful! That's it! I'm not going to let him get away from me! I'll make good on my promise and take good care of him!

{Log: The effects of the [Enlightened One] have calmed my excitement}

Hamster, I think his name was Jispo. I put Jispo in the Pouch.

“Chuu! Chuu-chuu-chuu!”

(Boss! Please take care of me from now on!)

Jispo pokes his head out of the pouch with satisfaction and greets me cheerfully. I nodded slowly.

“Chuchuchuchuchu! Chuchuchuchu!!”

(3 meals plus a snack at 3pm! And free naps! That's it, please!)

What, you're going to put in an extra condition here, like free naps? I reluctantly nodded my head and left the labyrinth. I can't sacrifice the shine. Shine is important.

Thus, I successfully made the switch from solo to party play.

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