Kawaranu mono <kirameki no gōremu> - Chapter 61

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Episode 61 – Adventurer’s Base


I am a golem.


In my first exploration of the advanced labyrinth, I was able to earn a good amount of gold and silver coins. I guess in the beginner's labyrinth, if you dive down to the 700th floor, you'll find more expensive items than in the advanced labyrinth. I went to the beginner's labyrinth to see if I could dive into it again, though I felt bad for the old man, but it had disappeared without a trace.


That's one hell of a labyrinth. How could the labyrinth hide itself from me? I had no other choice, so I dove into the labyrinth for advanced users.



With the gold and silver coins in my possession, I thought I could stay at an inn, so I went to an innkeeper.


I was refused.


In spite of my desperate appeals, he insisted that demons alone were not allowed. What an unreasonable man.


Here! When I showed him the wristband on my left hand, he mumbled, "Safe and sound! Golem-sama" the man muttered something unintelligible. Hmm, I think I heard that mother mutter something similar when she saw the wristband before. Still, the man stubbornly refuses, saying nope.


Seeing my efforts, Jispo came out of the pouch and said he had to do the same. We have to appeal to him to let us stay here together!



(Let me and my master stay at the inn! We have money!)


Jispo appeals by holding a star gold coin in his hand! The clerk may have thought that the star gold coin was a toy. Forget the star gold coin, the appearance of another monster called Softismouth was absolutely useless too.




(I hate this inn, boss!)


Jispo complained to me while chewing on a gold star coin. I was about to nod my head, but then I thought, “Wait a minute. Why are you chewing on a gold star, Jispo?”


I pick up Jispo by his neck. Jispo tilts his head as if to say, “What's wrong?”


Karikari Karikari !! Kep.

Jispo ate the gold star coin in one go! He looks at me as if to say, “I just ate it in a hurry.”


“Chuchu? Chu?”

(What's wrong? Boss)


I fearfully checked inside the pouch. There were only seven star gold coins! The gold and silver coins also seem to have decreased a bit. Did this hamster just eat 14 gold stars?!


{Log: The effects of [Enlightened One] have resolved the state of disbelief.}


I put Jispo down on the ground and ask him with a gesture what this is all about! Damn it, I can't have telekinesis unless my friendship level goes up! I struggled to convey my thoughts to Jispo.


He points to the gold star coins with his hand and says:

“Chuu-chuu-chuu-chuu! Chu-ch-ch-choo!”


(This is the only money that tastes good! The gold and silver coins are not so good.)


I squeezed Jispo's cheeks between the forefingers of both hands. I make him promise not to eat any more of the money.


“Chuchu. Chuchu. Chu!”

(Scary. Boss, you're really scary! I will not eat the money! I promise.)


I grabbed Jispo, who was saluting me, and put him in the pouch. It's not easy to have a pet.



I wondered if there was an inn where I could stay. A sign that looked like a beer mug and a sign that looked like a bed were on the wall next to an entrance. It was an old building, but I thought it might be an inn, so I went inside.


There was a master with a short beard at the counter inside. Behind the counter, there were various kinds of sake. There didn't seem to be any customers. Chobibeard asks me if I want to eat or stay the night. Oh, he doesn't care at all if I'm a demon or not.


I gesture to him that I'll take both. I put a gold coin on the counter. Chobibeard frowns a little, but asks if I'm willing to stay for half a month with breakfast and dinner. I nodded my head, and Chobibeard showed me to my room. The room is much more luxurious than I expected. Though the place looks a bit deserted.



(He had a nice little beard, boss!)


Jispo was also happy to be staying at the inn. I nodded my head.


After that, I went to the counter to get dinner for Jispo and fed him. I also got some baked bread and other things that would preserve well, and stored them in the pouch. This way, Jispo would be able to eat on his own when he got hungry.


After that, I went into my room and went over the tactics with Jispo. This way, I and Jispo can carry out missions smoothly. Preparation is the key to everything.



To verify the strategies we came up with, we started to shine up the inn.


Apparently, the hair generated by Jispo's “Mofumofumofu” is made of magical power. Because when Jispo releases the magic, the hair disappears without being scattered.


I took out the arrows I had picked up in the labyrinth from my pouch. The pointy end of the arrow was dangerous, so I tried to cut it with my knife. The tip of the arrow was cut horizontally by my knife. Seriously? I am afraid of my own knife skills.



(I knew my boss is amazing!)


Jispo comes out and applauds me. Fufufu, this is nothing.


Arrow, no, it's a stick now. With the stick in my right hand, I communicate my strategy to Jispo with hand gestures. In a flash of realization, Jispo runs up my hand, transforms into a furball holding the end of the stick, and starts shaking.


Behold, it's the combination of me and Jispo, the motorized brush! Now my back will be sparkling clean. In an empty room at the inn, Jispo and I worked together to perfect our teamwork.



Since then, I've been doing my activities at Chobibeard's inn.


There are no other adventurers in the labyrinth for advanced players once you get down to about 150 levels. The old man from the guild told me that a top-notch adventurer is one who only goes down about five levels a day.

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I see. I want to become a top-notch adventurer. The old man probably warned me that at my current pace, I would only be a first-class adventurer. In order to answer the old man's expectations, I made sure that every time I dove into a labyrinth, I went 20 levels deeper than before and beat the boss.


I had small stones in my pouch that were drop items, and sometimes they would disappear.




(That's pretty tasty too!)


The culprit was, of course, Jispo. I thought it was okay for him to eat a little bit, so I just told him not to eat too much. I may have to buy a spinning wheel for Jispo.



I don't know what's going on, but lately Chobibeard’s place has become popular. I wonder why. I guess it's because I've been cleaning up and making it sparkle!


I have been polishing glasses and other things too after Chobibeard cleans them, in order to train with Jispo.


I wondered if it was okay to polish a metal glass with Jispo, but he said it was okay if you disinfect it with alcohol and try not to polish the inside of the glass too much.

Jispo's bristles are made of magic, they are better and softer than cloth.


I had a few doubts, but decided to take Chobibeard's word for it. By the way, we pay a gold coin every 15 days for staying.



Today, instead of diving into the labyrinth, I'm working with Chobibeard on a new menu to serve at the bar.

I suggested to Chobibeard that now that the flow of customers was increasing, there was no reason not to take advantage of it. Although I can only communicate with gestures, Chobibeard has come to understand my thoughts quite accurately. I guess this is partly due to our increasing familiarity.


All the dishes we sampled were devoured by Jispo. He ate more than the volume of his body.



(You can challenge me all you want!)


Jispo is full of enthusiasm. He is urging Chobibeard to hurry up and make it. What a foodie he is! Although I don't have to pay for my own food, my budget for Jispo’s food since his arrival has been going up.


As I was doing this, I received a summons request from the guild. I was so busy and since I don't belong to the guild, I rejected their request for now. Make a proper appointment with me.


Twenty minutes later, the Camome came to call me. “Golem-san! Can you please come to the guild? Please!” She bowed her head and asked. I thought about it, but the new menu was almost ready. I could not leave now. I crossed my arms and told her I couldn't.


But Camome was desperately asking. I wondered what was going on.


I put a plate of the new menu item in front of Camome. “What?” she says, surprised, and I hand her a fork and spoon as well.

“It's a prototype” said Chobibeard.

”If you like it, please let me know what you think.” he suggested.



(Ah-, that was my role.)


Noticing Jispo's sorrowful state, Camome gently placed a small portion on a plate in front of Jispo.


Jispo's eyes widened and he stared at Camome and the small plate alternately, as if to say, “Seriously, you woman?” When Camome nodded, Jispo began to eat wholeheartedly.


What is it with these guys? Did they understand each other? Camome was involved in the development of the new menu with us, and we discussed various opinions. Well, we need a woman's opinion, too. It was a very meaningful day.


It was about time for the evening guests to arrive. Chobibeard and I cleaned up the plates we had used for the prototype.


“It was delicious, wasn't it?”


(Chobibeard is quite a talented man.)


Camome and Jispo are having a natural conversation, and I have trouble communicating with Jispo. I don't understand.


“Well, thank you for the food.” said Camome with a good smile as she left the inn. I and Jispo held up one hand and waved her off.


And so, the day ended with the development of a new menu.

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