Chapter 111

Kill The Hero – Chapter 111 – Frozen Forest of Violence (2)

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“Holy shit!”

The time it took for the players to encounter the Ogre after they entered the second floor was similarly short .

And the time it took for the players to be dominated by the Ogre’s powerful Fear effect was even shorter .  

“This is the worst . ”

“Damn it, this place really is hell . ”

The Ogre was a true monster .  

A monster that no one could imagine themself being able to handle .

“What should we do?”

“First wait for everyone to gather…”

“Does anyone know how to deal with an Ogre?”

In fact, there was no special way to deal with an Ogre .

“A strategy? It’s just a dogfight . ”

“We have to fight and die . ”

Making sacrifices to deal constant damage, that was all there was to hunting an Ogre .

“If we stick together like this, at least half of us will die . ”

Half of the players who made it to the second floor would die if they tried to fight an all out war with the Ogre .

Even though they knew what was best, it was still hard for the players to pick something like that .

Was there anyone who would be willing to risk their lives for people who weren’t even from the same guild, or that they had a close relationship with?

Of course that wasn’t the case .

Only in rare cases, were strangers willing to sacrifice their lives for the sole purpose of clearing the dungeon .

‘If it were the Messiah Guild…’

Those who had received the Messiah Guild’s letter might be willing to .

However the people here had not received letters from the Messiah Guild .

The situations were similar, but still clearly different .

And at this moment, that difference was growing bigger .

‘This is crazy . ’

‘What should we do?’

As the players wasted their time in confusion, it was the monsters that made the first move .

And it wasn’t the Ogre this time .


The monsters that stayed in the forest with the Ogre were approaching the players .

Of course, these monsters were not weak either .

They couldn’t be weak .

Just by the fact that they could survive on the same floor as an Ogre showcased their strength .

Needless to say, these monsters also had experience .

They had the experience of 23 dungeon attacks and the hunting of nearly 2,000 players .

Awoo! Awoo!!

This included this White Wolf Pack .

Twelve wolves attacked the group that had stayed behind after the 33 left to hunt for treasure .

“Damn, it’s White Wolves!”

“Everyone prepare for battle!”

The number of players was gradually decreasing as battles sprung up . The players only had one thought on their minds .

‘I’m counting on you, Isaac Ivanov . ’

‘Please create another miracle this time . ’

They hoped that Isaac Ivanov, who was known for making the impossible possible, would once again create a miracle in this dungeon .

But Isaac Ivanov was nowhere to be seen .

The first thing Kim Woo-jin did after entering the second floor was explore .  

He spent two days exploring every corner of the frozen forest and he had made a few gains in the process .

Like the others, Kim Woo-jin also found a few corpses . He also found a few treasures .  

But this was unsurprising .

In the first place, Kim Woo-jin had entered the floor hoping to get items and from the start he had only intended to clear the dungeon with Lee Jin-ah .

So no matter how many people died, Kim Woo-jin didn’t care .


The screams of those hyena’s coming from who knows where, was the least of Kim Woo-jin’s concerns .

In fact, Kim Woo-jin did give the sound an ounce of his attention .

“Damn it . ”

But Lee Jin-ah was different .

“They’re all dying, they’re all gonna die . ’

He was a predator who wouldn’t hesitate to kill people when it was necessary, but he was not a beast who could simply listen to the screams of others while he happily searched for dead bodies .

Kim looked at him .

“It seems like you want to fight the Ogre . ”

“I just think it’s better than hunting for bodies . ”

As he said this, Lee Jin-ah’s voice carried a hint of disapproval towards Kim Woo-jin .

At that, Kim Woo-jin smiled under the Grim Reaper’s mask that was covering his face .

It wasn’t like he didn’t understand what Lee Jin-ah meant . It wasn’t hard for anyone to tell .

Moreover, Kim Woo-jin was also beginning to feel the same .

‘I’ve gathered enough information . ’

In truth, Kim Woo-jin hadn’t just been moving around to scavenge items from corpses .

In fact, the number of items that Kim Woo-jin actually removed from the bodies was much smaller than one would expect .

He simply didn’t have enough space in his inventory since it was filled with his own items as well as the items he’d received from the Messiah Guild before he entered the dungeon .

Nevertheless he still had two reasons for exploring .

One of them was to look for legendary items .

‘I’ve collected all of his information . ’

The other was to collect information on the appearance and combat style of the prey he intended to hunt .

The Eye of Anubis!

Kim Woo-jin was using it to obtain information from the players who’d died from the Ogre . And now he had received all the information he thought he needed .

‘Now I just need to know what items he’s hidden . ’

All that was left was to figure out what he was hiding .

So now he was moving to grasp it .


A little goblin skeleton was on its way to the location from which the screams had sounded not long ago .

Through the goblin skeleton’s eyes, Kim Woo-jin was able to see .

A four meter tall monster who only drank the blood of the prey he caught .

[Eye of Horus has opened . ]

And what that monster was hiding .

‘There’s 2 . ’

The moment he confirmed the information, Kim Woo-jin spoke .

“Lee Jin-ah . ”

“What? Did you find another body?”

“We’re going with the plan . ”

Kim Woo-jin’s words surprised Lee Jin-ah .

“I think it would be better to fight the Ogre than search for bodies . Just like you said . ”

(TL: As promised, I’ll post the status window for all the skills that we were denied previously .

[Eyes of Anubis]

-Conditions: Emissary of the Underworld 

-Require Level: Level 1 or higher

-Effect: You can view the memories of the dead

And for those who might have forgotten…

[The Eye of Horus . ]

-Requires: Emissary of the Underworld

-Effect: Able to view the information of target