Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO - Chapter 725

It was only then that Weiyi felt danger approaching . Her gaze could not help but look at the locked door .
“Oh, Mrs . Shi is… pregnant?” Jing Xinlei’s gaze fell on her bulging belly . The corners of her mouth curved into a smile but her eyes remained sinister .
Zuo Weiyi looked at her and stood up from the sofa . “Why are you here? Did you escape?”
Jing Xinlei did not answer her question . Instead, she kept staring at her stomach as if she was very interested in it . “Is the child Shi Yuting’s?”
The uneasiness in Zuo Weiyi’s heart grew stronger .
She had escaped and tried every means to sneak into this place . What could her motive be? Wasn’t she here to find her?
Zuo Weiyi looked at her and didn’t answer .
She hoped that Shi Yuting would come find her immediately after the dance .
Jing Xinlei was here to seek revenge . She wasn’t worried about herself, but she couldn’t let anything happen to the child in her belly!
“Should I congratulate the two of you? You’ve finally gotten rid of all obstacles and got married!” Jing Xinlei said calmly . The smile on her face deepened, but the coldness of it made Zuo Weiyi feel more and more uneasy!
She began to retreat, waiting for an opportunity to escape .
However, she could only back up into the sofa, and Jing Xinlei was blocking her way to the door . If she wanted to escape, she had to get through her . This was undoubtedly not feasible!
“Do you know about my life in the past year in prison?” From the day she stepped through the prison gate, she had been tormented by others . She knew very well that all of this was a private order from Shi Yuting to the warden . She hated not only Shi Yuting, but also the woman in front of her who had replaced and taken everything away from her!
Facing Jing Xinlei, Zuo Weiyi finally opened her mouth and said in a harsh tone, “You brought this upon yourself!”
If she had not done those things, she would not have to bear the consequences .
“Brought this upon myself?!” Upon hearing her words, Jing Xinlei, who had been relatively calm, was instantly enraged . She stared at Zuo Weiyi with her starry eyes wide open . “Zuo Weiyi! You actually said that I brought this on myself?! If it weren’t for you, if it weren’t for you taking everything that belonged to me, would I have done all these things?!”
“What did I do? I wasn’t around five years ago . It was you who chose to abandon him when he was on the verge of collapse, all for the sake of your own dream . And five years later, you returned with your own schemes . Even without me, Shi Yuting wouldn’t have accepted your return!”
“Shut up!” Five years ago, she had indeed made a grave mistake . However, when she was about to return, her father’s company was already in danger . She had no other choice but to do what she did .
But when Zuo Weiyi said it out loud, she could not help but feel a little embarrassed and angry!
“If it weren’t for your appearance, my plan would have proceeded smoothly! Why did you appear? Why did disrupt my plan? As long as my plan succeeded, I would have still been by his side . It’s all because of you . It’s you who ruined everything for me!” Jing Xinlei’s emotions were going out of control . She walked over and raised her hand fiercely, about to slap Zuo Weiyi in the face .
Zuo Weiyi had been alert since the beginning, paying attention to every single behavior of Jing Xinlei .
She couldn’t let anything happen to herself, and she definitely couldn’t let anything happen to the children in her stomach!