Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO - Chapter 727

She was unwilling to accept this . She wanted to destroy everything!
“Why, why do you always like to force things that don’t belong to you? So what if I disappear? He won’t fall in love with you, not now, and certainly not in the future!”
“I know he won’t!” Jing Xinlei roared . Her face turned furious, but then she laughed bitterly . “From the moment I left, I knew that he would never forgive me again . But even so, I don’t want you to have a good time!”
“Do you really love him?” Zuo Weiyi suddenly asked .
Her words calmed Jing Xinlei .
“You’re a third party, what right do you have to ask me if I love him?!”
“I’m not a third party . ” Zuo Weiyi looked at her and said calmly, “When I met him, he didn’t have any woman by his side . ”
“But to me, you’re a third party!” Jing Xinlei roared again . “If it weren’t for you, he would have definitely forgiven me!”
“Would he?” Zuo Weiyi asked in return, “If he knew that you came back just to use him to help your Jing family resolve the crisis, do you think he would forgive you? He wouldn’t . He would only hate you even more!”
“That’s all because of you!” Thinking back to the time when she told Shi Yuting about her plan, Jing Xinlei was burning with anger . “If you hadn’t told him everything, how could he have known?!”
“He’s smart . Even if I didn’t tell him, he would have known one day! You don’t love him at all . How can you say that I took away everything that belongs to you?”
“How do you know that I don’t love him?!” She loved him, but she placed too much importance on her work and dreams . She was caught in between the two .
“When you love someone, you won’t leave them when they’re on the verge of collapse, and you won’t use them! You only have a vain possessiveness towards him . You think he’s the best in the world, so with a man like him, you have a sense of superiority and enjoy the vanity, don’t you?”
“That’s not true! I just…” Jing Xinlei suddenly didn’t even have a reason to convince herself . “I was just caught between him and my dreams . But I love him!”
“That’s not love at all . In your heart, he’s not even as good as your dreams . How can that be called love?”
“What right do you have to say that that’s not love?!”
“Because I won’t . I won’t leave him when he’s at his most helpless . Do you know that he is willing to give up the position of president for me . But can you make the sacrifice for him?”
Zuo Weiyi’s words were like a bucket of ice water—they woke Jing Xinlei .
Was this what it was like to truly love someone? But she was still very unwilling!
But why? She was the one who knew him first . She was the one who fell in love with him first . So why did Zuo Weiyi, who appeared later, get all of his love? Why? She was unwilling, she was just unwilling!
“I was the one who fell in love with him first, why did you come out and snatch it from me?” Jing Xinlei spoke softly but her eyes seem to want to devour Zuo Weiyi completely!
“Love doesn’t differentiate between first and second . You knew long ago that he wouldn’t be able to forgive you after returning five years later, right?” Zuo Weiyi was a woman too . How could that man possibly forgive her if she abandoned everything five years later and returned?
Jing Xinlei should have already known this in her heart, but she just wasn’t willing to accept this fact .