Lady Su’s Revenge - Chapter 592

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Seeing that Su Li finally changed her expression, Ling Xian immediately confessed, “It is my master who wanted to win the luck of heaven and earth. If there hadn’t been that accident, he would have already been be an immortal! Although now he is not an immortal, his force is above that of all the existences in Qingshui Circle… He is the most powerful person in the world!”

She finished speaking out of breath. She imagined that Su Li immediately let her go and apologized to her in a cold sweat.

“Ha, ha, ha…”

Su Li laughed. There wasn’t fear on her face, but relief and joy.

“Why are you laughing?”

Ling Xian felt shocked. Her voice was trembling.

“Because I am happy.”

Su Li pinched Ling Xian’s mouth and said softly, “Thank you for telling me that I find the right person.”

“What? You did it on purpose!”

Ling Xian’s pupils shrank suddenly. Su Li didn’t give her a chance to speak and made finger gestures to seal her and threw her into a corner of Cang Lei’s Cave.

She didn’t deserve Su Bai’s healing. She wouldn’t die soon.

After all this was done, Su Li had time to turn her attention to another woman in a sword robe who had newly climbed to the summit.

Seeing her walking nearer, the woman in a sword robe immediately stepped back with fear, and she said slowly, “Su Jiuzhou, I only want to occupy the last place on the Tianjiao List, and there is no conflict between you and me.”

The implication was that Su Li shouldn’t start another feud.

“She is Fang Lan from Shenbei Holy Sect.”

Yan Ziye reminded Su Li timely, “Originally, she was not qualified to be a holy girl, but the two brothers Su Qingtan and Su Qinghao both have betrayed their sect. I have heard from Tianyake Attic that they caused quite a stir because they were hunted by Shenbei Holy Sect. If they hadn’t taken sanctuary at Yin and Yang Region and disappeared, Shenbei Holy Sect wouldn’t have given up chasing them.”

“I see.”

Su Li smiled and wore the same expression as she abused Ling Xian, “Can you still say there is no conflict between you and me?”

“You are…Yan…whose soul was deprived.”

When Fang Lan saw Yan Ziye, she was shocked. And then she instantly turned around to flee from here and even didn’t care about her ranking on the Tianjiao List.

But she was still slower than Su Li.

Fang Lan felt dizzy when she was violently hit on her head. Then she lost her consciousness and was sucked into Cang Lei’s Cave.

This scene happened so quickly. Yin Xuetong was shocked because Ling Xian was trapped. When she came to her sense, everything was over.

Su Li returned to the altar and sat down. She closed her eyes to rest.

Dealing with these talents was her expected result. She was not surprised about that. If she couldn’t even defeat these juniors, she definitely couldn’t resist the holy sects headed by the Fate Palace.

“Time will be over in one hour. There is still a vacancy on the summit.”

Fang Mu couldn’t help muttering. Su Jiuzhou and others killed one of the three people who came up later, and captured two of them. So, there was no increase of number of the people who reached the summit.

Fang Mu and the other three saw what happened to Ling Xian. Their reactions to it were surprisingly unanimous.

They turned a blind eye on Ling Xian.

As a disciple of Fate Ancestor, Ling Xian always showed a condescending attitude. She even looked down upon them. Now seeing Ling Xian was trounced by Su Li, they felt very happy. But they were still curious about the purpose of Ni Sect.

“Mu, don’t you feel anything wrong? Even Ling Xian has reached the summit, that person didn’t appear yet.”

Yin Xuetong looked at the empty edge of the mountain and secretly transmitted the sound.

Fang Mu also felt puzzled. He didn’t know what happened in Shengxian Mountain.

Fang Mu thought of his previous thought that he wanted to turn Su Li and Ling Li into enemies. Fang Mu was taken aback and then he transmitted the sound, “Sister Xuetong, maybe…Su Jiuzhou encountered with him in Shengxian Mountain.”

“Do you think so, too?”

Yin Xuetong’s brows unfolded, “It is possible. With Su Jiuzhou’s method against Qu Qingning, she must use a more terrifying method to deal with Ling Li when she encountered him… Maybe Ling Li is in her cave, but he has not been released yet.”

Yin Xuetong thought quickly.

Who was Su Jiuzhou?

She was puzzled by this question until now.

“There is only one possibility. She is an old fox who was reincarnated and cultivated again to master such terrifying power in less than a hundred years. In order to achieve something, she collected Su…who was her former subordinates.

Maybe…there was enmity between her and Fate Ancestor, and even she was a figure in the era of Fate Ancestor.”

The more Yin Xuetong thought about it, the closer she felt that she was to the truth.

She had ever thought that Su Jiuzhou was Su Li. But was that possible?

Su Li used to be the holy girl of Yuxu Sect, and since she was born, her life had been controlled by the others. She didn’t have any cards in her hand.

The only accident was that she used her death to destroy the layout set by Fate Ancestor with painstaking effort, causing a terrible bloody accident!

It was because of this that her name was known to everyone.

Otherwise… Su Li was just a pawn thrown away by Fate Ancestor when she ran out of her use.

That was in the past.

Yin Xuetong sighed and rubbed her temples. She thought she didn’t have to worry about these things. When Fate Ancestor was in trouble, she would only be happy.

“Although her purpose is not pure, I don’t know whether Su Li will feel a little bit relieved after knowing that someone has taken revenge for her…”

Qu Qingning glanced at Su Li who wore a calm expression. Soon he quickly withdrew his gaze.

He didn’t thought too much like Yin Xuetong. He only acted on his own feelings, and his feelings told him that Su Jiuzhou was Su Li!

She crawled out of hell!

All the people with sin… No one could escape!

Qu Qingning curled up his lips. He thought of someone who he deadly hated.

“There is rumor that…you killed her son in person. After Tianjiao Battle, there must be a great blood-shed in Qingshui Circle. Are you ready for it?”

Everyone had a lot of thoughts. Unknowingly, the three-day period was coming to an end. There were many talents on the summit, but those who had participated in the Reincarnation Mirror of in those days were all captured by Su Li.

Although the remaining sect disciples did not participate in the event in those days, they didn’t dare to occupy the tenth place of the Tianjiao List when they saw her cruel means.

There was only half a quarter left. It seemed that Jiang Run could not reach here.

Yan Ziye scratched his head, “So, it seems impossible for Jiguang Sect to become a holy Sect.”

Su Li opened her eyes and then closed, “Wait a minute.”

Time passed by. When there were only dozens of breaths left until the end of the three-day period, Jiang Run appeared on the summit miraculously.

He looked at everyone blankly.

He was in the ancestral temple originally, but then he was on the summit?!

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Was his last clan rule right?

Thinking of what he said, Jiang Run temporarily forgot the joy of reaching the summit. Instead, he felt cold in his heart.

“Bro, good job. You caught up the last one. How do you feel about it?”

Yan Ziye came over, clasped his shoulder and said with a smile, “You are the tenth on the Tianjiao List. Why are you upset?”

When Jiang Run heard these words, he finally came to his senses, “What? I’m obviously the last one! Here…”

He looked around. There were twenty or thirty people who were looking at him with envy and fear.

What was going on here?

“You have so many questions.”

Yan Ziye smiled and said in a pity, “Time is up. The Tianjiao List outside has been refreshed. I really want to see the faces of the old ancestors of those holy sects.”

Everyone’s face went black when they heard this.

Even though this guy hadn’t been the holy boy of Void Sword Sect, he still said bad words!

“Ziye, it’s time to go.”

Su Li opened her eyes and put the universe ring that appeared in the altar into the space of Black Lotus Ring, and then walked towards the passage of exit that the spirit of the Mysterious Realm opened.

Ling Qinglan and Yan Ziye immediately followed her. Jiang Run followed at the end with a blank expression. Although he still didn’t understand anything, he still felt it was safe to leave here.

“Oh, I was deceived.”

Ban Qian sighed. Su Li said she would let him know everything these two days. But she left just now.

“In any case, however, being the top ten of the Tianjiao List can be deemed as overfulfilling the sect’s mission. Moreover, I am not the last of the top ten and got many awards of the tests given by Fellow Practitioner Su. This journal worth my while.”

Ban Qian flicked his sleeves and raced into the passage.

Yin Xuetong’s eyelids flickered. She deliberately moved a little away from Fang Mu and floated into the passage.

“Sister Xuetong…”

Fang Mu sighed inwardly, concealing his complex expression on his face. Then he also rushed into the passage.

Qu Qingning didn’t say any word and went straight into the passage.

After all of them left here, the talents whose force were in the second echelon all relaxed and disappeared when entering the passage one after another.

At the same moment when the talents left Shengxian Mountain, the Tianjiao List which was awaited by countless practitioners in Shengxian City finally began to reveal some handwriting.

“It’s started. It’s started!”

The street was seething with practitioners. They pointed to the giant stone tablet halfway up the peak with excitement and expectation. And there were many disciples of various sects who were staring at the list nervously, for fear of missing any name.

This was the moment to witness the change of the millennium historical era!

It was also a moment to witness the bright and valiant looks of the powerhouses in the future!

Every name on the Tianjiao List would determine the future of Qingshui Circle!

Lines of handwriting appeared one after another. They started from the 10,000th place. The thickly dotted words were the names and sects of the talents.

“My senior fellow apprentice is on the list. The 8,888th. Great! Senior Fellow Apprentice!”

“Great! My senior fellow apprentice is also on the list.”

“Senior Sister Apprentice, you are so amazing…”

“How is it possible? My senior fellow apprentice is so powerful. But he didn’t squeeze into the top five thousand.”

“I didn’t find the name of my senior fellow apprentice. Now, it has showed the top four thousand. Our sect is over!”


Some people were happy and some get worried. For a while, Shengxian City was full of joy, anger, sorrow, laughter and curse. They all had various reactions.

“These are at the bottom of the list. Why are they so excited? A group of nonentities.”

The disciples of holy sects sat in the attic with contempt. They were confident that their holy boys could win the glory for their sects. They had no doubt about it.

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