Lawless Gangster - Chapter 19

Chapter 19ineteen

“Xiao Li, quick come to Jin Gu Yuan [1] now . ” From the other side of the phone came the sound of Feng Qiang’s voice, “A guy with the surname Sun just asked for you . He said he wants to know more about you, so Qing Ye told me to give you a call . ”

Xiao Li’s brows wrinkled together into a frown as he pushed the woman that was lying on his body off and sat up: “What does he need to know me for?”

“The five leaders of each city districts are here . Since you’re the only one missing, that Sun guy is a bit unhappy . ” Feng Qiang lowered his voice, “Come quick and be a bit clever when you speak . From the way I see it, that Sun guy doesn’t seem to respect Qing Ye . ”

Xiao Li got up and made his way toward the bathroom: “What does that mean?”

“Listening to his words, I can clearly hear that he’s implying something else . He seems to be unsatisfied with the fact that we are the ruling group here . He thinks that there’s nothing wrong with Luo Dong being back here . Even more so, he suspects that we’ll give him trouble . From my point of view, I think that Luo Dong definitely found some big shot to fucking support him . So even this fucking bastard Sun doesn’t even have the guts to ensure that he would help us, otherwise he wouldn’t say all this bullshit . ”

“Then why are we still talking about this nonsense with him?”

“These are only my guesses; the situation hasn’t been determined yet . So we still have to hold on to him . Besides, Qing Ye had a huge business transaction that he’s holding tightly onto . Even if he can’t help us, we still can’t let him find any fault with us that he could later use against us . ”

“I’ll be there soon . ”

Xiao Li took a quick bath and drove his car straight to the southern side of the city . Just as he was about to enter Jin Gu Yuan, he received another phone call from Feng Qiang .

“Where are you now?”

“Downstairs . ”

“I have something to tell you,” Feng Qiang’s quickly told him, “Just a moment ago, Liu Zi Cheng spoke on your behalf and said that you’re injured so you can’t drink . Just now, he used tea as a replacement for alcohol to ask that Sun guy not place blame on anyone . But that Sun guy merely looked at Qing Ye and laughed . Then he said, ‘How is it that your subordinate is more important than your reputation?’”

“……what did Qing Ye say?”

“Qing Ye didn’t say anything, but his complexion was unsightly . ”

Xiao Li’s silence took over .

“Xiao Li, can you drink or not right now?”

“I have to get on the elevator now, I’ll hang up . You can go back first . ”

Xiao Li closed his phone and entered the elevator . Once he arrived at the fifteen floor, he immediately walked toward Jin Gu Yuan’s most luxurious private room .

Taking a deep breath, he pushed the door open and entered .

“Premier Sun, Qing Ye . I’m sorry for arriving so late . Let me drink three cups first as punishment . ”

After they finished eating, there were still another affair to attend to .

Jin Gu Yuan’s brothel keeper’s is a woman known as Mali Lian . Her way of doing things are completely different from Han Jia . When she smiles, there was an honesty and respectable feeling to it and when she doesn’t smile, she is overflowing with charm .

With elegance, she led everyone that was presence toward the bathing location, which was in a very splendid and magnificent house . In the center of the hot spring was a fountain in the shape of a naked woman . There were also men and women with their body partially exposed, offering massage services . This was indeed the finest example of the word . ‘debauchery,’

In this moment, beside Wu Qing Hua who was still happily immersing in the warm water, everyone else took advantage of the various jets that massaged them; soon, one after another, they went to catch a woman .

Xiao Li gritted his teeth and walked out . Mali Lian walked over and tried to greet him but once she saw his unsightly complexion, fear crawled under her skin forcing her to take a step back .

His stomach turned upside down with excruciating pain . And before he could even feel the substances inside welling up, he staggered toward the bathroom, kneeled at the side of a toilet bowl and puked .

In the end, even when there was nothing left to puke out, the uneasy feeling did not alleviate even the slightest . But instead, a burst of sharp pain struck his stomach instead .

Xiao Li strenuously let out a dry cough . Just as he felt the insufferable pain surging throughout his body, he suddenly felt a hand moving powerfully up and down his back, massaging it .

“It’s been hard on you . ” A warm voice sounded off .

Xiao Li shook his head . He wanted to thank Qing Ye for his concern and tell him that ‘I’m fine . ’ But, before he could utter anything, his stomach spasm; he leaned forward and vomit again .

Li Shi Qing let out a sigh and left . Then he returned with a glass of water and passed it over to Xiao Li .

As he watched Xiao Li rinsed his mouth, he softly said: “You’ve been really good this time . Even Sun Ze Yu couldn’t dig up anything to strike us with . ”

Xiao Li tried his best to smile . Although his stomach’s spasm had been alleviated, his head was scourged with pain instead . A second later, there was a ringing sound in his ears . Unable to endure it, he gripped his head and sat down on the floor .

Then he heard Li Shi Qing say: “Head over to my place and rest there . I’ll give my family’s doctor a quick phone call . ”

Xiao Li lowered his arms, opened his eyes and looked at Li Shi Qing . He saw him wearing a bathrobe with the front wide open . It was obvious that he was intoxicated with a woman before he came over .

He shut his eyes and shook his head: “There’s still someone waiting for me . ”

What he was implying to was that woman on the bed earlier .

“It doesn’t matter,” Li Shi Qing leaned over close to him and whispered in his ear, “Who do you want? I’ll let someone bring them over to my place for you . ”

Xiao Li frowned and pushed Li Shi Qing away, before pouncing toward the toilet bowl and puking again .

With great difficulty that nauseate feeling stopped . He swayed as he got up and walked toward the vanity unit to wash his face . After he finished washing his face, he searched around for a towel .

Li Shi Qing had already taken hold of it earlier; he moved closer and gently wiped his face for him .

Xiao Li remained quiet, not saying anything as he waited for him to finish wiping before he slightly bows .

“Qing Ye, I’ll be leaving now . ”

Not waiting for Li Shi Qing to speak, Xiao Li turned and walked toward the door . Just walking that short distance toward the doorway nearly exhausted all of his strength . But he couldn’t stop, he couldn’t stop .

He staggered toward the direction of the elevator .

Upon seeing him like this, the waiter near the elevator door immediately became frightened .

Although he had never seen this silent and vicious man before, he was still able to tell that he was a person from another district . The waiter step forward and lend him an arm for support: “Sir, are you feeling uncomfortable? Are you sick? Do you want to find a room in Jin Gu Yu for a rest?”

Xiao Li merely walked by him and pressed the elevator button down .

“Sir, do you want to take the elevator? What floor would you like to go? Please wait a moment, the elevator should be up soon ——“

“Be quiet!” Xiao Li lashed out in a low voice .

The waiter was so scared he immediately shut his mouth and only stretched his hand out to support him while . Then they waited for the elevator in silent .

A moment later, the elevator approached . The waiter kindly helped him in .

Xiao Li leaned against the elevator wall and quickly glanced at the corridor .

Li Shi Qing had been standing at the doorway of the bathroom watching him all along .

Once the elevator arrived at the first floor, the waiter helped him out . All he thought was that, the more this person leaned against him, the heavier he became; and his complexion became even worse than before .

“Sir, sir, are you okay?”

Xiao Li ignored him . With an exhausted expression, he took out his cell phone and dialed a number .

“Qi Xiu Yuan……come and get me……I’m at……”