Legend of the Asura - Chapter 103

Chapter 103

Chapter 103: Xiao Bai’s shocking evolution (Part 2)

“Finally out . ”

Walking out of the Terror Forest, the Stalactite Cave was less  than three minutes away .   Feng Xiao looked over the vague shape in the distance and began pondering his chances of success .

Two big carrots with large pot lids came towards him .   There were strange monsters between the Terror Forest and the Stalactite Cave, for example, these carrots that didn’t seem delicious had some strong names .

I Am a Male Student: Level 35

HP: 3300

Only attacks males, rather timid .

With a Wind Wheel Slash, one of the two was instantly killed with a crit .   Catching the Xuanyuan Sword flying back, he used a Thunder Thread Bind to stop the scared carrot from running and killed it with a Dragon Flame Slash .

“Boring monsters!”  Feng Xiao was too lazy to pick up the silver coins and carrot leaves from the ground .

“Ding, your mount ‘Purple Eyed Cloud Wing Tiger’ has reached level 10 .   HP +10, MP +5, Physical Attack + 5, Magic Attack +5, and Defense +5 . ”

“Ding, your mount ‘Purple Eyed Cloud Wing Tiger’ has requested to leave the mount space to evolve, will you permit it?”

“ . . . . . Allow . ”

If Xiao Xiao was evolving because its qilin power was slowly awakening, then what about Xiao Bai… . . .

Could it be that it really was a god descended to earth?

The chances of a pet evolving was less than one in a hundred millionth .

Xiao Bai covered in purple light appeared in front of Feng Xiao, lying down in place, not moving at all .


A half a meter wide bolt of thunder suddenly fell down and slammed into Xiao Bai, creating a deafening thunderclap, forcing the unprepared Feng Xiao back two steps in shock .

“This… . . Just what is this situation?”


The roar of a giant tiger that didn’t match the body came out of Xiao Bai’s mouth, being filled with a might that made people tremble… . . . If he had been in the Terror Forest, Feng Xiao would have been shocked to find that all the fierce beasts would be wildly running into the depths of the forest .   There would be more beasts trembling or dragging their trembling partners in the opposite direction of this roar .   Very soon, the west area of the Terror Forest had become as silent as five hours ago .

In the far west, there was a deep sleeping tiger that suddenly opened its purple eyes .

“Ding, your mount ‘Purple Eyed Cloud Wing Tiger’ has evolved into a Sixth Grade Mount .   It has comprehended the skill ‘Heavenly Thunder Break’ and the special skill ‘Transform’ .   Thunder Resistance +20% and can now be ridden . ”

Purple Eyed Cloud Wing Tiger: Sixth Grade Pet

Level: 10

HP: 400

MP: 200

Physical Attack: 200

Magic Attack: 200

Defense: 200

Resistance: Thunder Resistance 20%

Increased Speed When Mounted: 30

Can swim through water at level 20, can run through the sky at level 30 .

Heavenly Thunder Break: Consumes 2% of the user’s HP to summon heavenly thunder to attack a single enemy within 20 meters .   Has a 10% chance of causing paralysis .

Transform: Can change one’s size within a certain range at will .

Seeing the changes and new attributes of Xiao Bai, Feng Xiao knit his brows .

Having a more exaggerated evolution method, stronger base stats, an easier method of evolving, and being able to fly through the air at level 30 compared to the legendary qilin Xiao Xiao .

What background did this Xiao Bai have and why did it take the initiative to become my pet?

Looking at the large hole created in the ground by the thunder, Feng Xiao was surprised again by the power of the bolt of thunder just now .

Being able to destroy the ground that the system didn’t allow to be destroyed, just what kind of heavenly thunder was this?

“Xiao Bai, transform . ”

Xiao Bai that had just finished evolving excitedly ran around Feng Xiao, but when it heard Feng Xiao’s orders, it immediately gave a roar .   It was covered in purple light as it began to slowly grow bigger, gradually turning from the size of a little kitten to a three meter long and two meter wide giant white tiger .

There was a uniform grey with traces of purple pattern that ran across its white body .   It had a huge body, four thick limbs, sharp tiger claws, mighty tiger eyes, and two two  meter long white wings spread open, creating the aura of being able to charge into the sky, showing off its power to everyone .

Feng Xiao couldn’t help revealing a look of praise, as he patted the tiger that was taller than him and said with a smile, “Xiao Bai, I’m getting on!”

With a jump, he easily mounted the tiger with a prompt saying “successfully mounted” .   Xiao Bai gave an excited roar and its two bright wings were placed against its waist, as it began to run quickly with Feng Xiao’s thoughts .

The feeling of riding a tiger was a feeling that very few people could enjoy .

Feng Xiao was carefree as he enjoyed the scene when he suddenly shouted, “Xiao Xiao, come out . ”

With a flash of white light, the white ball with a “Z” shaped tail appeared, landing right on Xiao Bai’s head .

Feeling the foreign thing on it, Xiao Bai angrily roared out as it wanted to throw Xiao Xiao off .   The normally timid Xiao Xiao actually didn’t feel any fear at all, as it grabbed the soft and resilient tiger fur to stop itself from being thrown off .

Feng Xiao softly patted Xiao Bai’s head, “Xiao Bai, it’s a comrade . ”

Xiao Bai stopped struggling and reluctantly accepted Xiao Xiao standing on its head .

“Xiao Xiao, meet your partner, it is called Xiao Bai!”

Xiao Xiao really could understand Feng Xiao’s words .   It revealed a very cute and strange smile, looking exactly the same as a Pikachu smiling .

Feng Xiao really doubted that this was a knockoff Pikachu .

Riding on Xiao Bai with Wind’s Spirit, his move speed reached 99 .   The Stalactite Cave soon appeared in front of him .

“Xiao Xiao, return to your space to sleep .   Xiao Bai, keep charging forward!”

Although Xiao Xiao wasn’t willing, it could only obediently return to the boring pet space otherwise it would be instantly killed .   It wasn’t like Xiao Bai .   Although Xiao Bai was only level ten, when it was mounted, unless it was separated from its master or its master died, it wouldn’t be hurt .

Like Feng Xiao expected, when he was around thirty meters from the Stalactite Cave, two bolts of different shaped thunder fell onto him .

A mount moved with its master’s thoughts, so not only was his reaction and evasion not affected by riding on Xiao Bai, rather they were sharpened because of the increased speed .

Feng Xiao controlled Xiao Bai to jump, dodging the two bolts of lightning .   Although he didn’t fear thunder attributed attacks, he wouldn’t be able to resist the powerful impact .

The two Swift Thunder Swallowing Beasts appeared and they clearly recognized Feng Xiao .   They immediately gave up thunder attacks and charged at him together .

25 meters… . . 15 meters… . . The big Swift Thunder Swallowing Beast had a move speed of around 70 and the small one had a move speed of around 40 .

Feng Xiao silently calculated the distance .   He accurately calculated the Swift Thunder Swallowing Beast’s path and dodged past it from the side, coming in between the two Immortal Beasts .

“Xiao Bai, stun them!”

Beast King Roar!

The thunderous roar was mixed with a might that made others submit, resounding through the world with an aura that shook one’s soul .

The two Swift Thunder Swallowing Beasts trembled at the same time as their eyes filled with fear while they were stunned .   There were small stars that surrounded their heads .

“Absolute Time Domain!”

A range of 20 meters, the two Swift Thunder Swallowing Beasts were instantly frozen in this area of time .

“Xiao Bai, charge!”


Three seconds of stasis and three seconds of stun, six seconds were enough .