Chapter 297

Hearing this, Cheng Wenru lowered her head and glanced at her briefcase .

She folded her arms and raised an eyebrow . “Where?”

She didn’t sound particularly interested .

This was a briefcase issued by the Yunguang Consortium . Large and small businesses had been attracted to the Yunguang Consortium’s bid today . Although it was their first time taking part in the electronic product’s business, no one was worried about whether the project would bite the dust .

The logo had only just been registered by them and had not been released on the market .

Cheng Juan walked slowly down the stairs .

Cheng Mu caught a glimpse of him and was so frightened he shut up immediately . He no longer said a word and didn’t want to play around anymore, so he walked upstairs with the flowerpot to find Qin Ran .

He moved quickly like a gust of wind .

Cheng Jin was stunned . This speed… wasn’t normal .

“Why are you looking for me?” Cheng Juan sat on the sofa, looking down and straightening the sleeves of his pajamas . He leaned against the back of the sofa and spoke with a loose and relaxed tone .

Cheng Wenru was still staring at Cheng Mu’s back, deep in thought .

She looked away when she heard Cheng Juan and threw a folder onto the table . “Take a look . ”

Cheng Juan picked it up . He saw the logo on the document at a glance and raised an eyebrow . “You went to bid today?”

“How did you know?” Cheng Wenru sighed . But since she was accustomed to Cheng Juan being more well-informed than her, she didn’t make a fuss . “Indeed . After all, countless people want a piece of that meat . ”

Nevertheless, the Yunguang Consortium was a big boss in Asia, and there were only four people who could compete with them in the economic lifeline . This was their first time entering Beijing, so let alone Cheng Wenru and the others, even the major powers of Beijing all hoped for their successful establishment .

It could ultimately drive Beijing’s economic growth .

Cheng Wenru had to grasp such an opportunity .

“I didn’t really touch on this aspect previously . I heard it’s an intelligent system that the big boss of the Yunguang Consortium is involved in, mainly the artificial intelligence and mobile phones . ” Cheng Wenru put her hands on the table and turned to ask Cheng Juan, “Help me analyze, do I stand a big chance?”

“0,” Cheng Juan turned a few pages and replied unceremoniously .

“I thought so, too . ” Cheng Wenru wasn’t annoyed and just squinted her eyes . “But the Yunguang Consortium’s movement this time is really a little overwhelming . ”

The mobile IT market would usher a huge transformation .

Her company had only just emerged, after all . Hence, they weren’t as rich as those families in Beijing, nor as skilled and specialized in electronic products . In this aspect, they weren’t even up to par with a small group specializing in the IT industry .

Unless it fell from the sky, it was impossible .


“They had a lot of movements?” Cheng Jin stayed seated on the sofa and turned to ask Cheng Wenru once they had finished talking .

“Definitely,” Cheng Wenru crossed her legs and said certainly . “I’m very sure it’s a big boss in the IT industry…”

When she went for the bidding today, most of the IT companies had been discussing the core figures . She wasn’t well-versed in the IT industry, but from their enthusiasm, she could tell that those big bosses weren’t simple .

Nodding, Cheng Jin pondered for a moment and then remained silent .

After a long while, Cheng Wenru felt a little disappointed and wanted to go find Qin Ran . “Is Ran Ran still practicing the violin upstairs?”

“No, she’s working on other things,” Cheng Juan was expressionless and only replied perfunctorily .

“Ok . ” She glanced upstairs regretfully . “Then I won’t disturb her . ”


Upstairs .

Qin Ran put the flowerpot that Cheng Mu had brought to her on the windowsill .

Then, she logged into her account on the computer and pressed a few keys . It went directly to a video call .

Although it was at night, the other party still picked up quickly .

A middle-aged man appeared on the screen . He was in his study, holding his teacup and staring at her, calm and unruffled . “Big boss, is it my turn?”

Reaching out for the paper bag on the table, Qin Ran smiled . “Yes, that’s right . ”

It was Chang Ning on the screen .

“Are you serious?” He sat upright immediately . He had already waited for Qin Ran for two long months .


Flipping through the small bag, Qin Ran took out the black mobile phone from inside . “Would I joke with you?” she said without lifting her head .

“Ok . ” Chang Ning stood up with his hands on the table . “Go ahead, where can I see you tomorrow? I’ll set the time and place, or do you want to do that?”

“No need . ” Qin Ran pressed the power button and waited for the mobile phone to load . She looked up at him . “I’ll go to the headquarters directly tomorrow and check on some information as well . ”

“Anything you want . ” It didn’t matter if she was coming in passing as long as it was his turn .


“I’m just informing you . ” Qin Ran glanced at the phone . The system had already indicated that the loading was completed . She said calmly, “I’m hanging up first . ”

She hung up the video before looking at the new black phone .

This was a prototype design she had given the Yunguang Consortium before returning from Continent M . Its content was a little complicated, so the Yunguang Consortium had taken two months to develop it . The phone was extremely slim and could hardly be felt in her hand .

Qin Ran took out another piece of paper from the paper bag .

Inside was a piece of white A4 paper, with a line of words written on it . Its content stated that the phone had yet to be named, and there was only a poppy flower logo . If it had a name, it would be named poppy . Furthermore, the Yunguang Consortium wanted to develop a line of poppy logos on the EA series of robots aside from mobile phones .

It was just that the cost of robots was high and the technology complicated . The Yunguang Consortium hadn’t released the sale to the public yet, and it was still in the research and development stage . Hence, they had released the mobile phone first .

Smiling, Qin Ran folded the paper and put it into the drawer . She then tried out the new mobile phone—

[Please perform pupil authentication . ]

It was still a very mechanical virtual sound .

After authenticating, she connected to the Internet and opened up a webpage casually . With a flick of both hands, the webpage spread like a layer of information and cast a virtual projection in front of her . The color theme of the page was blue .

The opened webpage was also the intelligent information network of the Yunguang Consortium .

Leaning on the back of the chair, Qin Ran rested her chin in her hand and watched the virtual projection .

Then, she thought about it and took out the heavy black cell phone from her backpack . She threw it onto the table . “Look, your younger brother . ”


The black phone didn’t light up and only buzzed twice .

As if it was protesting .


Qin Ran ignored it and placed it aside . She took her pajamas and went to take a bath .

She closed the bathroom door .

Two minutes later, the heavy black phone lit up .


At the same time .

In Chang Ning’s house .

He lived in the city center and bought the highest floor . Standing by the floor-to-ceiling window, he had a bird’s eye view of the hustle and bustle of the city .

But he was obviously not interested in it at this time .

He went out of the study to pour himself another glass of water . After taking a sip, he sat on the sofa and calmed himself down . He suddenly thought of something and sent another message to Qin Ran—

[Can I tell the others?]

He was naturally talking about the core founders of 129 . Other than he and He Chen, the other few founders didn’t know about Qin Ran .

After all, she was too young .

After a while, he received a one-word reply: [Ok . ]


Chang Ning immediately switched his account and clicked into a group chat: [The Lone Wolf will come to the headquarters tomorrow . Who is nearby?]

Slag Dragon: [Boss, did you say the wrong name??]

Slag Dragon: [The Lone Wolf?!!]

Slag Dragon: [WTF?!]

Slag Dragon: [?!!]

Slag Dragon: [Shocked . jpg]

It wasn’t the Slag Dragon’s fault for being shocked . 129 was most famous for the five veterans, and among them, the Lone Wolf had successfully reached the pinnacle of the business without any failure . It was very simple—


The ranking among them was obvious . Even Matthew from the Interpol had asked for Lone Wolf to take his order .

Of course, the most straightforward reason was that only the Lone Wolf was a hacker .

The other four had all met in private and were very familiar with each other . But apart from taking orders, the Lone Wolf didn’t expose his name, let alone meet them in real life .

But he suddenly said he would visit the 129 headquarters, so the Slag Dragon almost exploded with this information!

Chang Ning: [I’ll mute you if you keep spamming . ]


Morning Bird: [I have an interview outside the city, but I’m coming back tomorrow afternoon . ]

Giant Crocodile: [Lone Wolf? My brother is in Beijing? Why didn’t he tell me? I’m at the border . Is he really coming?]


Slag Dragon: [I’m not in Beijing either, but I can rush over at night . Ok, bye . I have to drive over now!]

Slag Dragon went offline .

Giant Crocodile was very depressed . [129 is so lively . I also want to see my brother . ]

Morning Bird: […]

These veterans all knew that three years ago, Giant Crocodile had almost been caught by Matthew during a terrorist transaction at the border . If it hadn’t been for Lone Wolf, Chang Ning and Giant Crocodile’s subordinates might have to go to the Interpol prison to rescue him .

Since then, Lone Wolf had been the unilateral big brother of Giant Crocodile .

Chang Ning: [Don’t come . If you do, the big bosses will definitely know . There’ll be too many movements . ]


Giant Crocodile: […]

Chang Ning: [You should be well aware of your business, no? You still want Lone Wolf to save your life?]