Chapter 298

In T City .

He Chen looked at the chat group and chuckled .

Morning Bird: [As far as I know, the big boss in charge of the three major “pathways,” the water, land, and air, is in Beijing . Believe it or not, the moment you get on your private jet, you’ll be shot down without flying over the border . ]


He Chen recently came into contact with this matter and found a series of information about the big boss with control over the three pathways as well as his activities in Beijing in recent years .

She was certain that this big boss was from Beijing, but she didn’t know who it was .


He was hidden as deep as their Lone Wolf .

Giant Crocodile still prioritized his little life . [I think I’ll just invite my big brother to the border someday . ]

He Chen glanced at the reply and snorted slightly . Giant Crocodile was almost on two extreme ends in real life and on the Internet . She put down her phone .

“Sister He, can we knock off work?” A girl beside her glanced at her .

He Chen nodded and took her backpack . “Yes . There’s one last report . You guys can make a trip there . I have to return to Beijing for something . ”

She grabbed her car key and left directly .

Not long after she left .

A tall and slender man came out of the gate and was quickly surrounded by a group of reporters . “Chairman Qu…”

Qu Zixiao’s dark eyes swept across the crowd . He couldn’t help frowning when he couldn’t see the familiar figure in the crowd .

After dealing with the reporters along with the developer, Qu Zixiao sat in his car .

“Chairman Qu, you have a phone call—” His secretary sat in the co-pilot seat and held out his phone .

Qu Zixiao frowned . “Don’t pick it up . ”

The secretary lowered his voice . “It’s Miss Ouyang . ”

Qu Zixiao paused and reached for the phone, his expression calming down .



The next day .

Old Master Cheng came to Ting Lan early in the morning and sat at the breakfast table . He ate breakfast with Qin Ran and the others, and both his expression and condition looked good .

Cheng Juan had just finished his morning run and was coming downstairs .

“Miss Qin . ” Cheng Mu bit a piece of bread and asked, “How come you’re so impressive even though you don’t train every day?”

He had never seen Qin Ran go on a morning run before .

Qin Ran picked up the milk beside her and said casually, “Who knows?”


Cheng Mu was speechless .

When Cheng Juan came down after his shower, she had already finished eating and sat lazily while playing with her phone .

Qin Ling had failed to pass his mini-game even after three days, so Qin Ran was recording her screen for him .

She was using her new cell phone .

It was extremely thin .

Cheng Juan pulled the stool beside her and sat down . He glanced at her mobile phone, then lazily reached out and took a piece of bread . His phone rang, and he directly picked it up .

After listening to the person on the other end, he glanced at Qin Ran . “It’s Master Wei . He’s asking if you would like to undertake advanced studies?”

“Advanced studies?” Qin Ran was still looking down at her screen recording .

Old Master Cheng was also sitting at the side . He was drinking tea after his meal and pricked his ears at the sound of Cheng Juan’s voice .

“Continent M’s Violin Association,” said Cheng Juan .

“No . ” Qin Ran knew about this . She guessed that she had probably won the first place, but she was still looking down in disinterest as she replied, “Let Wang Zifeng go . ”


Cheng Juan politely passed on this message to Master Wei .

Then, he hung up the phone .

When Old Master Cheng heard about Continent M, his hand holding the teacup paused, and he glanced at Qin Ran . “Ran Ran, why won’t you go to Continent M? Continent M is developing rather well, actually . If you go to Continent M’s Association, you’ll surely go to University M…”

Standing beside him, Butler Cheng nodded like a woodpecker .


Sitting across from him, Cheng Mu glanced over .

Butler Cheng gritted his teeth .  Again!


Qin Ran cleared the round and finished recording the screen . She saved the video and then sent it to Qin Ling .

Then, she glanced at Old Master Cheng and sat upright subconsciously . “Continent M is too small . ”


Old Master Cheng originally wanted to explain how Continent M would be beneficial for her development, but he paused when he heard this . “What did you say?”

“Continent M isn’t as big as Yun Cheng . It’s too small,” Qin Ran explained .


Continent M was an international financial development center . The few major forces were stationed there, providing a prosperous and burgeoning economy . But because it didn’t belong to any party, the expansion area wasn’t very large . But even so, its size was not something an ordinary city could compare to, and the degree of prosperity was extremely high as well…

So far, the Old Master had never heard anyone use “small” to describe Continent M…


He stared at her in a daze . “It… It’s indeed not big…”


Butler Cheng glanced at Qin Ran . Suddenly, he felt like she had the same unruly temperament as their Third Young Master . Who dared to call Continent M small?

After their meal, Old Master Cheng followed Cheng Juan and took Qin Ran to the shopping mall to help her buy some school necessities .

Beijing University had an unwritten rule that everyone must live in the dorms during the first semester of freshman year .


In the past, the Cheng family had prepared all of Cheng Wenru and Cheng Juan’s things . It was the first time Old Master Cheng came to a shopping mall for this kind of thing .


Cheng Juan wasn’t someone who frequented the shopping malls either .

As for Qin Ran…

There were too many people in the mall . She would rather go to street stores for clothes like how He Chen did .

In the end, Butler Cheng came forward and resolved the awkward situation . After buying a series of things, he asked the Cheng family’s chauffeur to return to the apartment . Qin Ran, Cheng Juan, and the others went to the restaurant upstairs for lunch .


After lunch, Qin Ran planned to go to 129 to see Chang Ning .

“A friend?” Old Master Cheng nagged . “Where? Is it safe to go alone?”

Qin Ran told him where the place was .

Old Master Cheng nodded . “Then, let the chauffeur drive you there . ”

Once Qin Ran left, Old Master Cheng narrowed his eyes . He had been in Beijing for decades and naturally knew Beijing’s situation . Wasn’t Qin Ran talking about the black street?

Any forces hardly controlled the place .

“Is it okay for Ran Ran to go there alone?” Old Master Cheng glanced at Cheng Juan and suddenly flared up . “Why didn’t you accompany her?”


For the first time in twenty years, Old Master Cheng was angry with his junior .


Cheng Juan was speechless .


Cheng Mu drank a sip of water silently . He didn’t say anything and just worried about Cheng Juan instead . His family status was disconcerting .



In Beijing, on the black street .

Qin Ran got out of the car and told the chauffeur to leave .

She lowered her peaked cap and put on a mask . While sending a message to Chang Ning, she walked towards 129’s headquarters .

On WeChat, she just received a “Thank You” emoticon from Wang Zifeng .

Chang Ning had been waiting for Qin Ran’s news . When he saw her message, he bolted out of his chair and dialed his phone before walking out .

“Director Chang?” The people downstairs exclaimed . It was the first time they saw such an expression on the usually cold-hearted and impartial Director Chang .


Chang Ning nodded at them, then walked out of the glass door and stood in front of the gate .

Before long, he saw a figure wearing a white T-shirt with a cap lowered on her head and a mask over her mouth . Although her face couldn’t be seen clearly, her temperament couldn’t be concealed .

Her unique coldness was tinged with laziness, just as Chang Ning had imagined . He waved at her . “Over here . ”

He took her upstairs, opened the door, and pressed the elevator button for her .

His attitude surprised the ordinary members on the first floor .

When the elevator door closed, the members on the first floor exchanged glances . “Was that Director Chang just now?”

The ordinary members rarely saw Chang Ning and the others and had only seen his photo on the 129’s internal website .

“Yes . ” Ouyang Wei retracted her gaze and took a deep breath .

“It’s really Director Chang!” The newbies were extremely excited . “Who is the woman beside him? Director Chang was particularly polite to her?”

Ouyang Wei had a relatively high prestige among these ordinary members, so everyone turned to look at her subconsciously .

“She’s probably a core member… Morning Bird? I didn’t expect her to be so young . ” Ouyang Wei put down the phone and laughed .

The others nodded . “Yeah, it’s probably her . ”

Out of 129’s core members, Lone Wolf and Giant Crocodile were the most mysterious . Everyone knew that Giant Crocodile was a man, but they didn’t know Lone Wolf’s gender .

They only had more information on Morning Bird .

The group of newbies continued discussing fiercely, but Ouyang Wei stared at the elevator again .


At the top…


Upstairs, Qin Ran took off her mask and peaked cap when she entered the office .

Her eyes scanned the office before finally resting on the computer at the desk . “I’ll use your computer . ”

Even though he had video-called her several times, Chang Ning still felt a big impact when he saw Qin Ran’s face .

He stopped at the door, and his phone rang again .

Looking down at it, Chang Ning turned it off and turned to look at her . “You can use it however you want . I’ll go down and pick someone up . ”

Qin Ran knew that He Chen wouldn’t pick the other members up, so she pulled the chair and sat down casually before looking up curiously . “Who is it?”


Smiling mysteriously, Chang Ning simply said, “You’ll know when he comes up . ”


He opened the door and left before closing the door behind him .