Chapter 299: 299

After Chang Ning left, Qin Ran opened the 129 website .

The page was full of internal materials that couldn’t be transcribed and required the authority of a senior member .

Chang Ning’s account was automatically logged in . Since she was just checking some information, she didn’t log into her own account and simply typed a line in the search bar: [Beijing First Research Institute] .

129 had very complete information, extending from the basic introductions of the people in the First Research Institute to the several projects mastered inside .

Of the four major forces in Beijing, the research institute was one of them . These forces stood almost at the top of the circle and were controlled by the four major families . Behind the First Research Institute was the Xu family . Their main research was nuclear power engineering and nuclear energy, but there were many other branches inside .


Experimental research and mechanical design of various nuclear technologies…


The Physics Department of Beijing University and University A were under the First Research Institute . Every year, the two universities would have talent transfers of fierce competition . They wanted their school to be ranked higher in the world, so the institute’s allocation and support of resources were very important .

Most of the well-known professors in the Physics Department of Beijing University and University A were engaged in projects in the research institute .

The institute would also send more qualified professors to the two colleges to teach the talents in various fields .

Qin Ran looked down and saw who the Dean of the Beijing First Research Institute was—

Fang Zhenbo .

Her fingers tightened around the mouse at this name .

After a long while, she skipped past several years to check what happened decades ago .

But the Internet had not been so developed a few decades ago, so most of the research institute’s information was written in the archives . The First Research Institute probably had a large database .

129 was founded less than ten years ago, so it could only trace back to the incident that happened 20 years ago at most .


Downstairs .

Not long after Chang Ning walked out, a red sports car roared over from the corner of the street .


Its wheels rubbed harshly against the ground .

The man in the driver’s seat took off his sunglasses and, instead of opening the door, he just rolled down the window and put his hand out directly . He was wearing a T-shirt with a skull printed on it and a pair of ripped jeans .

It wasn’t Slag Dragon’s first time to 129, nor was it the first time he saw Chang Ning . He noticed him standing at the gate at a glance . Putting his sunglasses on his neckline, he waved to Chang Ning and smiled harmlessly . “Boss . ”

Chang Ning didn’t treat him as gently and politely as he did Lone Wolf . He glanced at him once and said, “Come in . ”

His tone was cold and emotionless .

Dragging a pair of slippers along, Slag Dragon lazily followed behind him .

At this time, a few rookies on the first floor had yet to leave . Slag Dragon looked around at the newbies and noticed an especially beautiful woman among them . His eyes lit up, and he reached out to greet them . “Hello . ”

Chang Ning didn’t look at him and just pressed the elevator button .

Slag Dragon was anxious to see Lone Wolf and wasn’t very curious about the newbies . Seeing Chang Ning enter the elevator and press the button, he immediately hurried in .

Naturally, the group of newbies on the first floor had never seen Slag Dragon before .

But since he was walking with Chang Ning, if not one of the core members, he was at least a veteran member .

“Let alone the senior member, I’ll be satisfied even if I get promoted to an intermediate member,” an ordinary member said enviously .

“Miss Ouyang, are you reaching that level soon?” someone asked Ouyang Wei .



Inside the elevator .

“Boss, is Lone Wolf here? Is he in your office?” Slag Dragon put his hands in his pockets and glanced sideways at Chang Ning . He was talkative and couldn’t stop asking questions . “How old is he this year? He’s probably older than me, right? But since he’s so cool, he’s definitely younger than you . Around 30 or 40?


“Is he as indifferent and boring as Giant Crocodile in real life?

“Is he very scary?

“Boss? Why aren’t you speaking?”

Most of the five core members of 129 were relatively calm . Qin Ran was also steady and calm despite her young age, but of course… it was another matter when she was irritated .

Meanwhile, perhaps because of her growth environment, He Chen was the most stable one .

Although Giant Crocodile was very talkative online, he was relatively cold in real life .

Only Slag Dragon…

Chang Ning really didn’t know why this Great Master in other people’s eyes was so… so talkative?!


He was more annoying than sparrows .



The elevator door opened .

Chang Ning got out and immediately felt like the air was fresher .

“Boss, your expression is scaring me .

“Boss, why don’t you reply to me?”


Chang Ning quickened his pace, walked to the office door, and opened the door directly .

Slag Dragon followed him . He had been to Chang Ning’s office several times and was familiar with the place . He immediately glanced at the empty sofa . “Boss, Lone Wolf—”

Halfway through his sentence, he suddenly stopped and stared at the person sitting on Chang Ning’s desk .

Chang Ning closed the door, ignoring him . He glanced at Qin Ran and asked, “Have you found the information?”

“Almost . ” Qin Ran leaned on the boss’s chair, her legs crossed casually . She rested one hand behind her head and said calmly, “The First Research Institute had a fault ten years ago . ”

“Almost . ” Chang Ning wasn’t surprised . It wasn’t easy for 129 to find out the details from 10 years ago .

Even the other three big families didn’t know the details of the First Research Institute from ten years ago .

While talking, Chang Ning poured two glasses of water, one for himself and one for Qin Ran . He then introduced her to him . “He’s Slag Dragon . ”

Although Slag Dragon was a chatterbox, he was still intelligent as a member of 129 . Seeing Qin Ran in the boss chair, he somewhat guessed her identity .

Staring at her face that seemed too young, as if she had just ended her college entrance examination, he finally found his voice and asked, “… Lone Wolf?”


Qin Ran put her chin in her hand . A skull top, ripped trousers, and slippers . It was just as she had imagined .

Her beautiful brows twitched slightly, and she nodded coldly .

“How old are you?”

“20,” casually replied Qin Ran as she drank a sip of water .

Slag Dragon was stuck . For the first time in his life, he didn’t know what to say .


Based on her attitude, she was indeed Lone Wolf…

But… let alone a woman, why was she so young and beautiful?!

129’s veteran core member was only 20 years old? How could the ordinary rookie members added this year possibly endure this?!

Slag Dragon scratched his head and took out another cigarette from his pocket . He reflected on life and looked down after a long while . He felt like he was wearing the wrong clothes today .


Twenty minutes later, inside the office .

Slag Dragon whispered quietly in He Chen’s ear, “Who would have thought that Lone Wolf has just become a freshman this year and is a female…”

He Chen threw the backpack onto the sofa . She glanced at him and nodded . “Lone Wolf probably didn’t expect Slag Dragon to be a chatterbox . ”


Although they had been friends online for a long time, their formal meeting was comfortable, just like Qin Ran’s first meeting with He Chen .

The four of them sat in the office and chatted for a few hours before He Chen decided to send Qin Ran back .

Slag Dragon insisted on following them .

Finally, he sat in the co-pilot seat, while Qin Ran sat at the back .

He Chen asked for the address and started navigating .

Beijing was big, and not only had He Chen just returned from the border last year, but she also traveled frequently . Hence, she wasn’t familiar with Beijing .

“Lone Wolf, why did you suddenly come to find us?

“You’re only 20!

“Lone Wolf… Giant Crocodile always calls you big brother…

“Lone Wolf…”


In the back seat, Qin Ran finally took out her earphones and said, “Stop the car . I’ve reached . ”


Slag Dragon looked out the window . It was a commercial district, and no residential houses could be seen . He wondered, “You’ve reached so soon?”

Glancing at the rearview mirror, He Chen parked the car on the side of the road .

Qin Ran picked up her peaked cap and got out of the car .

At this time, a female voice sounded from He Chen’s car navigation—

[Turn left at the traffic light at 300 meters ahead . ]

Slag Dragon immediately turned around and thought Qin Ran had made a mistake . “You haven’t reached yet . Lone Wolf, you haven’t reached yet . Get on…”

“Shut up . ” Qin Ran buttoned her hat and glanced over, cold and impatient . “I already said I’ve reached!”


She turned and walked to the side of the road .


Although Giant Crocodile didn’t come today, news of Chang Ning receiving three people had also reached the ears of the few forces in Beijing .

Slag Dragon originally wanted to see Lone Wolf, but now that He Chen and Qin Ran were permanently stationed in Beijing, he returned to 129 and asked Chang Ning to help arrange a residence for him .

Without a sound, Beijing’s big bosses began to gather .

At the same time, Ning Qing had just arrived at Beijing Airport .

The official registration for Beijing University would start tomorrow .

Ning Qing had spent the summer receiving guests in Yun Cheng . When school was about to start, she also came to Beijing to take care of Qin Yu’s studies .

When Ning Qing arrived in Beijing, the Shen family sent someone to receive her very politely .

A subordinate of Old Master Shen’s came to pick her up, and unlike the first time she came to Beijing, his attitude was polite and enthusiastic .

His enthusiasm was excessive, even more so than when Qin Yu had been accepted by Teacher Dai last year .

Ning Qing was surprised .

“Madam, we’ll drop by the Violin Association to pick up the Young Lady,” the other party said respectfully .

The Shen family’s car drove to the Violin Association .