Madam Your Sockpuppet is Lost Again! - Chapter 611

Chapter 611: 611

In the office, the general manager was still talking to Zining .

The two of them were discussing a promotion campaign for Zining’s new work .

Now, there was a lot of buzz about this year’s film adaptation of The Realm of Gods because of Film Emperor Qin, a figurehead of the entertainment industry, was going to audition for a role . Don’t Ask The Heavens and Yiyi Zining were also very popular .

People always put their interests first .

Pinnacle Studios had just recently signed Yiyi Zining to take advantage of the hype surrounding Film Emperor Qin and Don’t Ask The Heavens and promote her new book .

Yiyi Zining was indeed a talented artist . Her art style was graceful, dark, and suspenseful . Pinnacle Studios had high hopes for her .

“Ok . We will change the new promotion date to June 26th . ” After sending Mu Zining off, the general manager quickly took his phone and went to the office for a meeting .

Such a huge marketing strategy required a unified decision in the company .

Before he left, he took the documents he needed for today .

In the meeting room .

The planning department was standing in front of the projection and explaining the plan to everyone in the conference room .

The general manager pulled out the documents in his hand . He listened to the presentation and read the documents at the same time . Suddenly, he saw the plan left by Editor Shen .

He glanced at it, but his gaze paused when he saw the signature on the first line .

Magic Lamp .

The general manager froze .

He had a good memory, especially since Magic Lamp was originally the company’s core author . But he suddenly refused to renew his contract and gave up his sky-high remuneration . Even the second part of Celestial Wolf wasn’t released .

In the past, when the company just started, the general manager would be very excited when he saw Magic Lamp .

However, now, Magic Lamp had lost almost all of his popularity on the Internet . Pinnacle Studios also found several great authors on the same level as him .

The general manager wasn’t very excited, but he was a little surprised .

He looked at the document for a long time . Just when the meeting was about to end, he stood up and raised the matter to the people in the conference room .

The people in the office were all in the comics industry and were familiar with Magic Lamp, who used to be a famous author . Everyone looked at one another . “Magic Lamp?”

“Yes . Editor Shen is applying for top-tier resources for Magic Lamp . ” The general manager looked at the man sitting on the first seat wearing a white shirt .

It was Young Master Mo Zhihuai .

The most recent top-tier resources were allocated to Yiyi Zining .

The 26th would be the release of Yiyi Zining’s new book .

If Editor Shen were talking about a newcomer, it would be out of the question, but it was Magic Lamp who was once the top author in the industry .

The general manager couldn’t make a decision easily .

Hearing this, Mo Zhihuai paused and squinted slightly . He also froze for a moment . “Magic Lamp?”

“Yes . ” The general manager handed the document that Editor Shen gave him to him . “It clashes with Yiyi Zining and… Magic Lamp has been out of the circle for several years . I think we should give Magic Lamp a trial period . ”

Beside him, a few senior officials nodded .

Mo Zhihuai lowered his head to look at the document .

After a long while, he looked up firmly . “The first level resources are approved . Please ask Editor Shen to see me . ”

“Ah…” Hearing Mo Zhihuai’s decision, the general manager was stunned .

Mo Zhihuai took the agreement and went out .

Outside the lounge, Mu Zining was still waiting for Mo Zhihuai . When she saw him come out, she gracefully put down her cup but didn’t expect him to leave so quickly .

“Miss Mu . ” Mo Zhihuai’s special assistant looked at Mu Zining apologetically . “Young Master Mo has another important event today . He might not be able to talk to you about the script today . ”

“It’s fine . ” Mu Zining smiled slightly and nodded . “I was just about to leave to see my grandpa . ”

At this time, Qin Ran was still in the car .

Cheng Juan was going to visit the Liu family to discuss business matters .

The place chosen by the Liu family was a golf course . Cheng Juan held a blue umbrella over Qin Ran’s head and said in a low voice, “If you’re bored, you can look for Yan Xi . The place where his reality show is being filmed is nearby . ”

Cheng Juan didn’t expect her to have the patience to listen to him discuss business matters with the Liu family .

Hearing this, Qin Ran waved her hand casually . “Sure, you can go . ”

“This is the Liu family’s territory . Madam Cheng can walk around as she pleases . ” The head of the Liu family’s polite voice could be heard . “I just found out yesterday that Madam Cheng was coming to Shanghai . This is my confidant Liu Jue . If you have any requests in Shanghai, please let him know . He grew up in Shanghai and can’t do many things, but he’s certainly a good driver and navigator . ”

The head of the Liu family was a young man in his thirties . He was handsome and lively .

Cheng Juan watched as Qin Ran sat down on a chair under a large parasol before putting her items on the table beside it .

Cheng Jin wasn’t there, and Cheng Juan wasn’t familiar with Shanghai . Master Liu was just flattering him, and Cheng Juan didn’t think too much about it . He remembered Gu Xichi’s instructions and nodded . “Thank you, Master Liu . ”

“It’s a small matter . ” Master Liu managed to secure his position at a young age, so he was definitely not weak . He only lowered his posture and spoke respectfully when he saw Cheng Juan . “Come this way . ”

The two went to the field to talk about business .

After the conversation, Master Liu respectfully sent Cheng Juan off and looked at Liu Jue again . “Follow Madam Cheng . ”

Liu Jue nodded . After taking two steps, he asked a little hesitantly, “Master, what do you think of Young Master Cheng?”

He was probably too polite .

Hearing this, Master Liu put his hands behind his back .

A few big bosses covered up the incidents that happened in the capital, so the forces in Shanghai weren’t aware of the insider story .

However, Master Liu was somewhat involved, so he naturally knew about it . No one dared to mess with Third Young Master Cheng in Beijing . Even the Yang family, one of the largest families in Asia, was destroyed by him .


“That Madam Cheng…” Liu Jue frowned .

“It definitely won’t hurt for you to follow her . ” Under the sun, Master Liu’s facial features were very sharp .

“Yes . ” Liu Jue was aware of Master Liu’s character and didn’t question his instructions .

When Editor Shen contacted Qin Ran again .

Qin Ran and Cheng Juan were taken to a private restaurant that was extremely popular in Shanghai .

There was always new information on WeChat .

Qin Ran casually turned on her phone and took a look .

[A contract document . ]

[Magic Lamp, I’ve managed to secure the top-tier promotion and certification for you . This certification recommendation isn’t easy to get . Originally, the company planned to give it to Yiyi Zining, and there was a serious internal dispute in the company . Recently, the industry has been under the spotlight, and the company wants you to start a new comic and strike while it’s hot . I’ve negotiated for the date to be the 24th . Is it possible for you?]

Yiyi Zining would release a new comic on the 26th . Although Editor Shen had no reason to doubt Magic Lamp, he was also afraid of the traffic directed to Yiyi Zining .

That was why he wanted Magic Lamp to release something before Yiyi Zining .

Otherwise, with Yiyi Zining in the lead, Editor Shen was afraid that her promotions would affect Magic Lamp’s publicity efforts greatly . After all, Yiyi Zining was very popular now and had many fans .

[By the way, Young Master Mo wants to add you . Remember to accept him later . ]

Qin Ran pressed on the document .

After a long while, she finally downloaded the signed contract .

[Ok . ]

After seeing that the document was accepted, Editor Shen finally sighed in relief .

However, this matter wasn’t over yet . He raised his head and looked at the people in the office . The general manager raised his eyebrow at Mo Zhihuai . “Young Master Mo, the top certification was just changed last week . If it’s suddenly given to Magic Lamp…”

Due to the rise of web novels and audiobooks, Pinnacle Studios’s app was the largest platform for comics, and it had various translations of comics that generated over 100 million views a day .

The top certification recommendation was the best form of promotion, and it only appeared once a week .

June 20th was the date when the official cast of The Realm of Gods would be announced .

At that time, Pinnacle Studios would have to face a scary outcome . The company had already quietly acknowledged that the next top certification would be given to Yiyi Zining . Who knew that Mo Zhihuai actually decided to give it to Magic Lamp?

“Exactly, Young Master Mo . Yiyi Zining is far better than Magic Lamp in terms of awards, popularity, and potential value . If the top certification is given to Magic Lamp at this time, it will upset her fans, especially…”

Was it useful to promote Magic Lamp so aggressively?

That was the suspicion of most people in the office . After all, Magic Lamp had disappeared since the first part of Celestial Wolf and was already past his golden age .

Mo Zhihuai slowly shook his head . “It has already been decided . ”

After all, Pinnacle Studios was run by the Mo family . When the other senior executives saw Mo Zhihuai like this, they all glanced at one another and left the office .

Assistant Cao looked at Editor Shen and chased after him with a file . “This is top certification won’t offend Yiyi Zining, right?”

Editor Shen frowned slightly when he heard him . “She has already occupied it for three weeks . Is she really going to hog it for a month?”

Pinnacle Studios had given Yiyi Zining the top certification since the end of May .

Assistant Cao shook his head . “Be careful . ”

At the same time, the top certification promotion news was made known to Mu Zining .

She was currently having dinner with Old Master Mu .

After hearing the news, she took her phone and went outside to listen to what her editor had to say . Her face was extremely cold . “I want to change the release date of my new comic .

“To the 24th . ”

On the other end, Mu Zining’s editor was shocked and said confidently, “Zining, your move is too ruthless . When the time comes, Magic Lamp will have the top certification, but his popularity is not as strong as yours . He will become a joke instead . I will arrange it!”