Madam Your Sockpuppet is Lost Again! - Chapter 614

Chapter 614: 614

IP was flourishing in the entertainment industry now . Now that national comics had become popular, the entertainment companies had turned their focus to comics .

For instance, Qin Xiuchen participated in the casting call of The Realm of Gods .

Yiyi Zining was currently very popular on the Internet . As one of the screenwriters, she took the initiative to contact Qin Xiuchen’s company . This was why Qin Xiuchen’s company supported Yiyi Zining’s new release .

This wasn’t supposed to be a big deal, but Yiyi Zining obviously had a team behind her .

The team made Film Emperor Qin’s support into a hot topic and bought views so it would appear on the hot searches .

Today, Yiyi Zining’s new comic was on sale and the topic “Film Emperor Qin’s support” was a hot topic again . It was the 6th most popular search topic, just below “Yiyi Zining’s new comic . ”

Managers were already used to this kind of hype in the entertainment industry . It wasn’t the first time Qin Xiuchen had been used to increase something or someone’s popularity .

However, this time was different . Thinking about Cheng Mu’s phone call, the manager almost wanted to cry .

“What’s going on?” Qin Xiuchen sat up and asked someone to remove his makeup .

He glanced at his manager in the mirror .

The manager told him about what happened .

After hearing what happened, Qin Xiuchen didn’t say anything . He only raised his hand and asked the makeup artist to stop . He took out his phone and downloaded the Pinnacle Studios app as per his manager’s words .

As soon as he entered, he saw Magic Lamp’s advertisement .

He clicked on it and looked directly at his phone .

The manager was paying attention to Qin Xiuchen’s expression . Qin Xiuchen was a little dumbfounded at the end of the comic .

“Xiuchen?” The manager couldn’t help but pause when he saw his expression .

Qin Xiuchen seemed to take a deep breath .

The manager saw his fingertips pause in WeChat for a few seconds before heading to Weibo in determination .

The two hot searches were still in Yiyi Zining’s favor .

He directly searched for Magic Lamp, and what he found was Pinnacle Studios’s Weibo . The discussion below had changed because someone commented that Magic Lamp couldn’t be compared to Yiyi Zining .

[Magic Lamp’s popularity is but a fraction of Yiyi Zining’s . ]

[They can only hope to fail . Any top certifications and promotions are useless . They will continue to remain below us . ]

[This is the first time I’ve seen a promoted post not even get 100 comments!]

Qin Xiuchen scrolled down and refreshed Weibo . He immediately saw a new post by Yiyi Zining .

[Film Emperor Qin is a respected actor, and he always takes care of his own people . Thank you . ]

Why didn’t Qin Xiuchen realize that Yiyi Zining was the one creating the momentum?

“I honestly had a good impression of Yiyi Zining before, but the way she’s trying to bring your niece down by using the power of your fans… You know that your fans are more aggressive than ordinary celebrities . ” The manager glanced at him and couldn’t help but shake his head .

Qin Xiuchen raised his head and smiled sarcastically . “We can only solve this problem ourselves . ”

He closed Weibo and said faintly, “Do you know what to do?”

The manager hurriedly nodded .

No one was more professional at controlling public opinion than Film Emperor Qin’s company .

Pinnacle Studios .

Yiyi Zining didn’t relent . On Weibo, Magic Lamp’s new publication was overshadowed by Yiyi Zining’s popularity, and even Editor Shen felt that something was wrong .

“Yiyi Zining’s big fan has given her a gift of 100,000 yuan for her new comic” was now a trending topic . After seeing the trends on Weibo, Assistant Cao came downstairs to look for Editor Shen . “Do you think that Magic Lamp has a dedicated fan like that?”

She refreshed her homepage and saw the news .

The Supreme level Cruise Ship was the most expensive gift on the platform . It cost 10,000 yuan .

Now, her notifications were filled with news on Celestial Wolf .

[Mu Chenglin gave Celestial Wolf a Supreme level Cruise Ship . Quickly come and take a look!]

[Mo gave Celestial Wolf a Supreme level Cruise Ship . Quickly come and take a look!]

[My niece’s braindead fan gave Celestial Wolf a Supreme level Cruise Ship . Quickly come and take a look!]

[Swordsman Xiuchen gave Celestial Wolf ten Supreme level Cruise Ships . Quickly come and take a look!]

Just as Assistant Cao finished looking at them, her notifications were updated again .

[CJ gave Celestial Wolf ten Supreme level Cruise Ships . Quickly come and take a look!]

Assistant Cao was a little confused by the news . She looked at Editor Shen and rephrased her sentence . “Your… Magic Lamp is quite awesome . She has so many loyal fans after so many years?”

As soon as she spoke, she received another notification .

[Jinjin is also selling clothes today gave Celestial Wolf ten Supreme level Cruise Ships . Quickly come and take a look!]

Ten Supreme level Cruise Ships at once .

This momentum would definitely crush Yiyi Zining .

Editor Shen was now extremely troubled by Magic Lamp . He switched his account and liked the gifts given to Celestial Wolf . He didn’t mind them and answered Assistant Cao perfunctorily .

Assistant Cao looked at his expression and sighed before changing the topic to something serious . “Weibo is being overwhelmed with public opinion . Have you experienced such an event before?”

Editor Shen pursed his lips and made a voice call to Magic Lamp .

Seeing the screen on his phone, Assistant Cao stood by his side and waited as he made a call .

“Editor Shen?” On the other end, Qin Ran’s voice was calm as usual .

Editor Shen took a deep breath and pretended to be relaxed . “Have you checked out your new comic? Many fans are giving you rewards . ”

Cheng Mu had already shared this gossip with Qin Ran .

Qin Ran touched her chin and said, “Most of them are from my friends . ”

“Anyway, they are fans who are supporting you . ” Editor Shen smiled . “The response is very good . I’m hoping for the next volume soon . ”

After that, they chatted for a little before the call ended .

As soon as the call ended, Editor Shen started to smile . He called her because he wanted to know how she was .

“Was that Magic Lamp?” Assistant Cao was shocked . Although she heard that Magic Lamp was a female, she didn’t expect her to sound so young . “She seems to be in a good mood . Has she checked Weibo?”

After recovering from her shock, Assistant Cao shook her head and sighed . “Now, I believe that she doesn’t care about the performance of her new comic book . ”

Editor Shen held his phone tightly and raised his head . “Where’s Young Master Mo?”

Yiyi Zining wasn’t giving in, and the results of Magic Lamp’s performance weren’t good . Editor Shen’s heart sank . He was afraid that Magic Lamp would be ruined in his hands .

The only way out was to look for Mo Zhihuai . Only Mo Zhihuai in the entire Pinnacle Studios was able to control what was happening now .

Editor Shen was betting that Mo Zhihuai would help Magic Lamp .

“Just as I thought, Yiyi Zining is still trending . Magic Lamp’s survival will depend on Young Master Mo . I think that Young Master Mo thinks highly of Magic Lamp . I will take you up first . ”

Assistant Cao took Editor Shen to look for Mo Zhihuai .

In the office, Mo Zhihuai was on the phone with his father after reading Celestial Wolf .

“The Liu family has never been clean . ” Mo Zhihuai stood by the window and lowered his eyes . “They contacted the big figures in the capital . I’m still checking, and I will let you know once I find out more news . As for Film Emperor Qin, he’s part of the Qin family . We can’t talk to him for now . ”

After speaking to his father, he finally told the person knocking on the door to come in .

Mo Zhihuai was wearing a clean white shirt and black trousers as usual . He looked comfortable and elegant . “Sit . ”

He pointed at the sofa .

“Young Master Mo . ” Editor Shen didn’t sit immediately and lowered his head . “It’s about what’s happening on the internet . ”

Mo Zhihuai asked his secretary to bring in three cups of coffee . He took one sip of his coffee before looking at Editor Shen . “On the internet?”

“Yes . Magic Lamp is being suppressed online . ” Editor Shen mentioned Magic Lamp in a firm tone . “Now, there’s a group of people ridiculing her on the internet . Her opening was really shocking, and some netizens are trying to bring her down . If this continues, I’m afraid… this will be the end . ”

After reading the update, Mo Zhihuai had been busy with other things . The head of the corporation didn’t have much time to follow the developments online .

He only found out about it after Editor Shen and Assistant Cao told him about it .

Editor Shen didn’t mention Yiyi Zining . He knew that Yiyi Zining’s identity wasn’t simple, and he was afraid that if she was mentioned, Mo Zhihuai’s impression of Magic Lamp would be ruined .

He only talked about Magic Lamp’s haters .

Twenty minutes later .

“I missed out on it . Leave the public opinion to me . ” Mo Zhihuai’s expression was serious . “You comfort Magic Lamp . ”

After that, Mo Zhihuai got up and walked to his desk . He picked up the landline and called the public relations department .

For a company as big as Pinnacle Studios, it was natural for it to have a public relations department .

The public relations department accepted the task .

Editor Shen let out a long sigh .

Mo Zhihuai hung up his phone and was just about to open Weibo .

The landline rang again .

It was the public relations department .

“Young Master Mo, do you really want us to manipulate the comments for Magic Lamp?”

Mo Zhihuai paused . He pressed the hands-free button . “Is it difficult?”

Editor Shen felt even more nervous .

“No…” On the other end, the public relations department paused before continuing, “Did you not read the latest hot search on Weibo?”

He honestly didn’t .

The three people in the office were just discussing the next steps .

After hearing what the public relations department said, they all subconsciously opened Weibo and looked at the hot search .

In less than half an hour, the hot search topics on Weibo were all replaced .

The group was shocked by the first to the fourth hot topic .

[The Second volume of Celestial Wolf]

[Misu’s recommendation and praise]

[Film Emperor Qin’s promotion]

[Netizens group together to send death threats]

They clicked on the first hot search topic . It had 9000 comments on Weibo .

[The second part of Celestial Wolf was released . The content was praised by Misu, the famous comic book author of Continent M . Magic Lamp lived up to expectations since her last appearance in the Asian Science Fiction world!]