Madam Your Sockpuppet is Lost Again! - Chapter 615

Chapter 615: 615

Chapter 615: Web Comic Volume (15): Sent Waves Across the Country

Misu was the world’s first globally recognized comic book author .

There were more than a dozen comics under his name, and 19 comics of his were adapted into movies . 6 of them had a global box office of over 5 billion yuan and 3 had a global box office of over 10 billion yuan .

When science fiction was mentioned, the first person everyone thought of was Misu . He was a landmark figure in the comics industry .

In the comics world, no one could question his authority .

With his current status and the rising domestic comics industry that wasn’t recognized internationally, Misu’s approval was definitely worthy of being a hot search topic .

It was well deserved .

The hot search topic about the esteemed comic book author became viral because of various marketing accounts .

At this moment, even people who didn’t read comics had an unspeakable sense of pride .

As for the hot topic involving Film Emperor Qin, that didn’t require an explanation . He dominated the country’s entertainment industry, and no one expected that he would share Pinnacle Studios’s post .

Several hot topics in a row…

Neither Misu nor Film Emperor Qin was ordinary people .

Editor Shen had not seen such a scene in the comics industry for years .

At the start when Don’t Ask The Heavens’s The Realm of Gods was featured on the hot search topics, it only remained there for an hour and didn’t dominate the list .

As a result, when he saw the continuous hot search topics…

Editor Shen couldn’t believe his eyes . He exited Weibo and re-entered a few seconds later .

The four hot search topics were still there, but the order had been changed a little .

[Misu’s recommendation and praise] was now the first hot search topic followed by [Second Volume of Celestial Wolf] and Film Emperor Qin’s sharing of the post .

All of them had the “hot” icon next to them .

At the same time, the sixth most popular search [The Rise of National Comics] was on the rise .

Compared to the other topics of interest, Film Emperor Qin’s news paled a little in comparison .

The hot search topics were so bewildering that the three of them were stunned for a few minutes .

On the other end, the public relations department paused for several seconds before carefully asking, “Young Master Mo? If there aren’t further instructions, I will hang up . ”

Pinnacle Studios was in the field of comics . This time, the comics industry took the world by storm, and he was definitely anxious to watch the developments .

After hearing that voice, Mo Zhihuai finally came back to reality . He acknowledged the public relations department and hung up the call .

As soon as he ended the call, Mo Zhihuai’s landline rang again . This time, it was from the technical department .

The reason was simple . The Pinnacle Studios app crashed because there were too many visitors .

Pinnacle Studios was just a comic-reading app, and daily maintenance was usually sufficient . It didn’t require too many special technical requirements . No one thought that a comic app would become like Weibo and crash because of too many visitors .

Just as Mo Zhihuai was busy with something, Editor Shen and Assistant Cao were still stunned .

The two of them went into the elevator in silence . Editor Shen reached out and pressed a floor button .


When the elevator reached the floor, Assistant Cao finally coughed . She looked at Editor Shen and slowly said, “Your Magic Lamp…”

Besides the trending topic of the rise of national comics, Magic Lamp accounted for five of the top searches and even managed to crash the Pinnacle Studios app .

Assistant Cao guessed that in less than two minutes, “Pinnacle Studios Crashes” would become one of the trending searches .

She was initially worried that Editor Shen and Magic Lamp would be defeated by Yiyi Zining, but now it seemed that Magic Lamp had become an indispensable author to Pinnacle Studios .

“I don’t know, either . ” Editor Shen’s hands trembled . He took out his phone and sent a WeChat message to Magic Lamp .

[Have you seen Weibo?]

Magic Lamp replied with a question mark .

Editor Shen opened Weibo and sent screenshots of Misu and the hot search bar to Magic Lamp .

[How can you not know? 5 search topics! The top 5! My god! Only a few people have reached your level in the entertainment industry!]

Editor Shen was already shocked when Yiyi Zining appeared on the hot search bar, but Magic Lamp’s appearance was beyond imagination in the comics industry .

Today, this comic really sent waves in the country .

Editor Shen finished typing his message and awaited Magic Lamp’s shock .

Two seconds later, the other party replied .

Editor Shen looked at it . Magic Lamp sent two messages .

[Oh, is that so?]

[Let me finish playing a game first . ]


How was this a normal person’s reaction?

She was also still in the mood to play a game?

Wasn’t she excited at all?

Editor Shen was dumbfounded after he saw Magic Lamp’s reply, but soon, he was met with countless calls .

The calls were all regarding Magic Lamp .

On the internet, not only did fans of Celestial Wolf use the Pinnacle Studios app to read Magic Lamp’s comic, even passers-by went to look at the comic dubbed the Nation’s Comic .

After reading it, they went back to Weibo to discuss it .

As the traffic was overwhelming, many people saw whales spending money on Magic Lamp’s fan page .

Very soon, the powerful netizens discovered that the fan page was a little familiar and started a thread in the comment section .

[Does anyone think that the first person listed is very familiar?]

[Yes . ]

[Me too…]

[Bro, it seems like you’re an old fan too…]

[Give some directions to a newcomer . I was surprised after searching CJ on Weibo . ]

[After searching, I saw the list of mutual fans and fell to my knees . ]

Many people who saw this thread went to search for CJ on Weibo . They clicked on his profile and looked at his mutual followers . President of the Jiang Corporation, Professor of Medicine, Beijing University, Yan Xi, Film Emperor Qin, and Beijing University Official Forum…

However, most people thought it was a coincidence . After all, the CJ on Weibo was far from an ordinary person .

No one thought that he was related to Magic Lamp .

Someone also said quietly .

[Doesn’t that user “Swordsman Xiuchen” also seem familiar?]

Of course, he did!

Qin Xiuchen’s fans shouted from the bottom of their hearts . This was his username!

However, many people thought that it was just a fan of his .

People started discussing him in another thread .

In short, the mysterious fan became a small hot topic as well .

On Yiyi Zining’s side .

After she saw the situation, she returned to the Mu family . Recently, Old Master was in poor health and everyone was waiting to see his will .

She didn’t continue paying attention to her new comic .

She and her editor were very confident .

The internet trends came and left in a whirlwind . Everyone in the company knew that Yiyi Zining’s editor was at odds with Editor Shen . After learning about what happened on Weibo, they didn’t dare to mention it to the editor for the fear of angering him .

However, after such a huge uproar, Yiyi Zining’s editor was also paying attention to her popularity on Weibo .

When he sat down and looked at the hot searches again, he realized that those relating to Yiyi Zining were all gone .

Film Emperor Qin?


The second part of Celestial Wolf?

Yiyi Zining’s manager felt a bad premonition . He sat up straight and clicked on them one by one . Immediately, he saw the headline news about Misu and Film Emperor Qin .

This wasn’t the end .

The traffic on Yiyi Zining’s Weibo had also started to decrease .

Many passers-by and fans of Yiyi Zining initially weren’t interested in the second part of Celestial Wolf . Now that they were curious and read it, anyone with a discerning eye could tell that regardless of the character development, emotional expression, art style, and plot…

Magic Lamp’s comic was on another level compared to Yiyi Zining’s .

Even bigshots in the comics industry commented . [Yiyi Zining’s comic is still too childish and limiting . Not only is Magic Lamp’s comic refreshing, but the second part is also far superior to the first part!]

These professional bigshots carefully compared the two popular comic authors after seeing Misu’s praise .

It was a very authoritative comparison .

With this comparison, the new article titled “Magic Lamp dominates Yiyi Zining’s popularity” made the previous article “Yiyi Zining is the true trend of the era” quite awkward…

Yiyi Zining’s editor’s face fell .

No one dared to breathe deeply in the office .

After a long while, he said with a sullen face, “How did that damn Shen Luo manage to play us with an underdog!”

He thought that Editor Shen was just acting when he came to visit him in the morning .

After that, he sneered and made a call .

He might not be able to touch Magic Lamp now because of her popularity, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t mess with Editor Shen .

With his gold status in Pinnacle Studios and Yiyi Zining’s weight, it wasn’t difficult to deal with him .

At this moment, Qin Ran was in her room editing her manuscript .

Cheng Juan brought a gift box in and handed it to her .

“Huh?” Qin Ran took the gift .

“A gift from Xiao Nan . ” Cheng Juan looked at his phone . There were several messages in the group .

[@Cheng Juan Quickly ask your wife to update soon!]

Cheng Juan glanced at them and put his phone aside .

Qin Ran remembered that this was a gift to Mu Nan when he scored well in the college entrance examination .

After looking at it, she placed it aside . At this time, her phone lit up . She looked down and saw a message from Editor Shen .

[Editor Liu wants to add you . I will be busy in the meantime, so you can look for him if there’s anything at all . ]

At the same time, in a bar .

Assistant Cao looked at Editor Shen drinking silently and frowned . “Aren’t you going to tell Magic Lamp the truth?”

Editor Shen shook his head . In the dim light, he looked quite relieved . “If Magic Lamp finds out that I was forced to give her up, what do you think she will do?”

Assistant Cao was silent for a moment .

“Considering her temper, she will definitely not work with Editor Liu . You know what sort of person Yiyi Zining is . She’s now signed to Pinnacle Studios and is popular . If anything goes wrong, Magic Lamp might even be killed by the Mu family… Editor Liu isn’t simple as well .

“Editor Liu has never liked me from the start . I shouldn’t affect Magic Lamp’s future . He has a lot of resources, so Magic Lamp will go further in his hands . ”