Magic Deity: Godly Choices - Chapter 112

Chapter 112: Lilia’s Probing!

Su Han liked to communicate with smart people .

There was no doubt that Laerya was the best in all aspects .

She was the best candidate to become his tool .

Laerya did not know what Su Han was thinking . After hearing these words, her first reaction was disbelief .

But then she immediately came back to her senses and said repeatedly, “Yes, yes, I am willing!”

“I am willing to serve you!”

At this moment, Laerya suddenly thought of her father . Duke Rezier had once told her that there was no cheese and bread that fell from the sky for nothing .

But at this moment, Laerya really wanted to tell her father that cheese and bread did not fall from the sky, but there were more precious things!


For the current Laerya, this was simply a surprise that fell from the sky!

And it hit her head right on .

It knocked her out in an instant .

Laerya’s entire body sank into a kind of great happiness . Even if Su Han left, she didn’t notice it .

She just stood in place, giggling foolishly .

On the way home, Su Han met Lilia .

As expected of the noble princess . When she went out, she always had a powerful tier-7 warrior by her side .

Su Han knew Batra . This guy was very famous .

When he was still in the village, he had heard of the legend of the Dragon Knight .

It was the village chief who told him about it .

At that time, the village chief had mentioned a character, which was Batra .

This Dragon Knight was once a general on the battlefield, leading an army that was incomparably brave . Now, he was willing to be a guard by Lilia’s side .

But on second thought, Su Han indeed felt that it was very normal .

Lilia was a genius . She was a magic genius who even Shen Fa lamented about .

Thinking of Vivian and the others’ intentions, Su Han felt that as long as Lilia was around, Vivian and the others would never be able to support him as the emperor to ascend to the throne again .

Of course, Su Han would not let them take Su Yu’er away .

“Hello, Martial Uncle Su Han . ”

Princess Lilia came in front of Su Han and greeted him with a smile .

“Hello, Your Highness . ”

Su Han nodded lightly .

He was not familiar with Lilia . Just as he was about to leave, he was suddenly stopped .

“Martial Uncle, are you free recently? Do you want to go for a walk together?” Lilia said .

As she spoke, she looked at the surrounding scenery .

The spring breeze blew past, the willow trees swayed, and the surface of the lake rippled slightly . It was a scene that made people feel very comfortable .

It was indeed very suitable for a walk .

“I’m sorry, Your Highness . Forgive me for not being able to agree to it . ”

However, Su Han was in a hurry to go back and practice combat techniques with Su Yu’er, so he did not plan to accompany Lilia for a walk .

“Martial Uncle, I know all about your matters . You can go . I can talk to Master,” the Princess said with a faint smile .

There was a hint of threat in her words .

It seemed that as long as Su Han refused, she would expose all the things that Su Han had done .

Su Han’s expression didn’t change as he said indifferently, “I don’t know what you’re talking about . Excuse me, Your Highness . ”

If Lilia really wanted to complain, she would have done it long ago . Therefore, he wasn’t worried .

He pretended to be about to leave .

“Martial Uncle, don’t you want to explain why you appeared in the Dark Forest?”

Lilia finally stopped probing and went straight to the point .

Hearing this, Su Han’s expression did not change . He said indifferently, “Do you have evidence? If you don’t have evidence, don’t talk nonsense, okay?”


Lilia suddenly choked . She did not expect this man to lie with his eyes wide open .

She had clearly seen him fighting with an army of 100,000 werewolves in the Dark Forest the last time .

That time, the situation was so urgent . There was an army of werewolves below . How could she have the time to find any evidence?

Moreover, the Empire was the one who bore the wrath of the werewolves in the end .

It could be said that Su Han owed the Empire a favor in the first place .

Now, this guy actually turned hostile and refused to acknowledge her .

“In that case, there’s one more thing . You should be the one who killed Karloki, right? If I remember correctly, his necklace should be with you, right?” Lilia said proudly .

“I’m sorry, Your Highness . If you’re bored, you can search my residence . As long as you can find any evidence of my crime, I’ll admit it . Now, please don’t waste my time, okay?”

Su Han’s tone was already somewhat impatient .

After saying that, he was about to leave, but when he walked past Batra, he was stopped by him .

Su Han’s gaze turned cold as he looked at him coldly .

Although Batra had seen Su Han’s power, if the Princess didn’t give the order, he wouldn’t let Su Han leave .

“Let him go, Batra . ”

Lilia’s voice sounded faintly .

After receiving the order from the Princess, Batra also retracted his arm .

Looking at Su Han’s departing figure, Lilia had other thoughts in her heart .

Within the castle .

“Your Highness, this is a letter from your father, His Majesty of the Empire . ”

Returning to her own castle, a female attendant held an exquisite and gorgeous envelope as she spoke respectfully .

Lilia took the envelope and found that the seal of the Saint Laurent Empire was on the envelope .

She did not open the envelope to check immediately . Instead, she walked into the garden and placed it on the table . She sat on a rocking chair and basked in the sun while looking at the flowers .

One of the four maids, Xiao Lan, immediately brought a glass of water .

Her Highness did not like to drink . Instead, she only liked to drink sweet water . Everyone knew about this habit .

Hence, when Her Highness went out, these four personal handmaidens would bring along nectar collected from the elven forest .

This nectar was brewed from a group of extremely precious exotic beasts .

Although these bees were not very strong individually, they were all in groups . Hence, even a tier-6 mage would find it difficult to deal with them .

However, because Lilia liked them very much, the royal family of the Empire bought a large forest from the Elven Empire at a high price . They sent an army of the Empire to guard the forest, just to satisfy this little hobby of Lilia’s .

In fact, other than drinking sweet water, everything else that Lilia had was the best in the continent .

The incense in the room was the Dragon’s Ambergris . This was a treasure that even tier-6 mages would treat with caution, but in Lilia’s case, it could only become something similar to incense .

It was just to make Lilia sleep more soundly .

The clothes she wore were made by the best elves in the Elf Forest . They were custom-made to ensure that they were comfortable and fit .

All the cups and teapots they used were specially made by master craftsmen hired by the gnomes . They were low-key and luxurious .

At this moment, Lilia picked up the cup and took a sip . She felt the fragrance in her mouth and her mood became happy .

She picked up the envelope on the table and opened it .

She read it carefully .