Magic Deity: Godly Choices - Chapter 356

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One could vaguely see that his exposed skin was engraved with scarlet patterns.

“Lord Number 7 is very concerned about that Su Han!” He smiled and said to the attendant beside him, “He actually built more than ten towers of destruction here. Even in our hometown, these towers can be considered as destructive creations, right?”

Beside him, a man who was also wearing a black robe said in a hoarse voice, “Sir 85, the news from our hometown is that Su Han has stepped into the Sacred Prince’s Shattered World from the gate of this Arcane Realm. Moreover, he has caused chaos in the entire Shattered World. The higher-ups want us to ambush him again!”

The man called 85 sneered and said, “I naturally know about this, but I doubt the authenticity of the information. A Divine Medicine that is restricted to tier-7 is only an ant-like existence in front of us, let alone in the Sacred Prince’s Shattered World. could he really defy the heavens and use his tier-7 strength to shake the foundation of the Shattered World?”

His attendant said, “We must not be careless.”

Number 85 snorted coldly, “I want to see what kind of ability he has. A puny tier-7 person dares to turn the world upside down in front of us. If he dares to appear, I don’t need to trouble Lord Number 7 and Lord Number 8. I can suppress him with one hand!”

The tower of annihilation surrounded the Unfreezing Holy Spring tightly.

In the deepest part of the Unfreezing Holy Spring, one could vaguely see an extremely complicated magic array engraved on the unfreezing layer underground.

On the other side of the extreme north, Frida was hidden in the ice and snow, looking at the Unfreezing Holy Spring worriedly.

However, no one noticed that the ice layer under the Unfreezing Holy Spring, the extremely complicated magic array, slowly lit up with a dim light.

There was a loud bang.

The Unfreezing Holy Spring’s water exploded into a few hundred meters of waves.

A black-robed youth and an absolutely beautiful woman soared into the sky from the waves, floating in midair.

This sudden change instantly attracted everyone’s attention.

“He’s back!” Number 85’s face revealed a cold smile. He looked at the divine figure in the sky, his eyes flashing with a cold light.

“That person is Su Han? I thought there was something special about him, but he doesn’t seem to be anything special!”

In the distance, Frida instantly rose from the snow and rushed in the direction of the Unfreezing Holy Spring.

Her face was full of anxiety. She didn’t know that Su Han had returned so suddenly.

No, she must immediately warn Lord Su Han. The power of the group of people controlling the Unfreezing Holy Spring was not something he could resist!

In the sky.

Su Han looked at the Northern Land Spirit whose body was drenched and said speechlessly, “We were almost banished to the endless void by the spatial turbulence.”

The Northern Land Spirit glared at him and said, “That was all because of you. You insisted on studying the composition of the spatial turbulence in the spatial tunnel. How could that thing be controlled by a mortal?”

Su Han smiled.

Although he had almost made a mistake, he had still recorded a wheel of rules in the spatial turbulence.

The wheel of law of ‘spatial cut’.

It was an incomparably terrifying offensive method.

He turned his head and looked at the surrounding towers that were rising from the ground, as well as the elves and humans who were watching him expressionlessly. He frowned slightly.

Something was not right.

Those people’s eyes were filled with strange soul fluctuations. He was very familiar with these fluctuations. It was a sign that their will was being controlled.

At this moment, a voice came from afar.

“You are Su Han?”

Su Han turned around and saw a man wearing a black robe with blood-red eyes slowly walking toward him.

Su Han frowned slightly. “It’s me. Who are you?”

In the distance, Frida was moving rapidly toward this place. When she saw that man walking toward Su Han step by step, she immediately cried out in her heart.

That man’s name was Number 85. She had personally witnessed how terrifying that man was.

There was a flying blade as thin as a cicada’s wing in his sleeve. Wherever the flying blade went, even an ancient glacier that was hundreds of meters tall could be easily split into two.

A tier-7 human from the Northern Lands did not even have to touch his robe before his arm was easily cut off.

His strength was too terrifying!

Even the Elven Empress was almost crushed in front of him. Even if Lord Su Han was a little stronger than the Empress, it was impossible for him to be a match for her!

“Lord Su Han!” she roared.

Su Han’s ears twitched as he heard Frieda’s roar. He turned his head and looked in that direction.

“Frida?” He frowned.

Number 85’s gaze flashed as he sneered, “You actually dare to be distracted when facing me. You’re simply courting death!”

A thin sleeved sword suddenly appeared in his hand.

That sword shot towards Su Han at an unimaginable speed.

Wherever it passed, even when the flying snow was cut open, it still maintained its original appearance.

He wanted to kill Su Han in one strike.

When Frida saw this scene, her face suddenly turned pale. She wanted to warn him loudly, but the speed of the sword was really too fast. In the blink of an eye, it had arrived in front of Su Han.

‘It’s over!’

This was the last sentence in Frida’s heart.

But in the next moment, her eyes widened, and she even stopped rushing over, standing on the spot in shock.

“This… How is this possible…”

In her eyes, just now, just as the flying sword was about to stab into Su Han’s neck, Su Han slowly turned his head.

He slowly extended his hand, and as if he was plucking a feather, his two fingers pinched the godly sword that was unbelievably fast.

“Godly sword?” Su Han said expressionlessly.

Frida was not the only one who was shocked by this scene.

All the elves and humans present were so shocked that they could not say a word.

They thought that their eyes were playing tricks on them.

In that instant just now, this youth had easily caught the godly sword of Number 85!?

His body had not even moved, and even his robe had maintained the trajectory of being blown by the wind.

How was this possible!?

And what was even more shocking was that at that moment, Number 85, who was standing at his original spot, was looking at Su Han in the sky, his eyes trembling non-stop.

Even he was unable to see clearly how Su Han had caught his sleeve sword just now.

His movements were so natural that they were completely illogical. It was as if he had reached out and plucked a leaf. However, that was an attack with terrifying speed that could even cut through secret gold!

Under such speed, he was still able to catch this attack with such a slow movement.

‘It must be an illusion! That’s right! It must be an illusion!’

Su Han frowned as he looked at the divine sword that was as thin as a cicada’s wing in his hand. Then, he raised his head and said to Number 85, “You want to kill me?”

Number. 85 suddenly gritted his teeth and sneered, “Su Han! You actually managed to dodge my attack. It’s not simple, but it ends here! I…”

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