Magic? Muscle Is Much More Important Than Such A Thing! - Chapter 12


After finishing our shopping, when we’re heading toward the guild, there’s a crowd in the main street .

My nose smells a dangerous smell from the center of that crowd .

The smell of blood .

Even if that isn’t the case, it surely isn’t a smell that’s common within a town .

Given the fact that it attracts such crowd, without a doubt something has happened there .

When I’m about to ask someone about it, a figure of a head with pointed blond hair appears in my sight .

The person who bought the raw material some days before .

He’s… what’s his name, again? Without even able to remember it, he notices us first and approaches us .

“You guys, what are you two doing here?”

“…oh, isn’t it the erupting head . ”

I give up on recalling what his name is .

As always his head is similar to that of sea urchin, so his name is most likely something along that line .

“It’s Babandon’gas! Geez, at least remember someone’s name . Even though it’s such an impactful name . ”

“It’s because your head left more impact than your name did . ”

“Don’t blame my head for your lack of memory!”

After Babandon’gas let out such retort, I take a glance to the center of the crowd .

“What happened here?”

“Seems like a murder case . ”

“Murder, huh… . ”

Murder . That surely sounds dangerous .

In these few days of living in this town, I think the public order isn’t that bad, but it seems that isn’t exactly the case .

With grim face, Babandon’gas says…

“Yeah, in this town recently there’s a sudden occurrence of serial killing . The culprit is called “Shinigami” but, it appears like that person is quite powerful as even the knights are unable to handle him . ”

“That person is quite powerful, huh . What a good thing to hear . ”

It makes my blood boil .

Recently I haven’t faced any powerful opponent, after all . By all means, I really want to fight that person .

“…you guys, what’s your name?”

Looking at such state of ours, Babandon’gas softly asks so .

“I’m Yuri . ”

“I’m Firia . ”

“I can feel it . You two are pretty strong, aren’t you? But, be that as it may, you better not let your guard down . That’s my advice as your senior . ”

Babandon’gas, isn’t he actually quite a nice guy?

Sorry for making fun of your head .

However, I still have to tell him this .

I shake my finger at Babandon’gas while going “Tsk, tsk, tsk” .

“Thank you for your advice… however, leaving the human me aside, Firia is an elf, you know? You better cease the thought that she’s as young as her appearance suggests . ”

Hearing my words, Babandon’gas shudders, and then stares at Firia .

After staring at her from top of her head till the tip of her legs, he lets out some words with his trembling lips .

“Even if you say that such a cute girl is older than me, that’s hard to believe but… don’t tell me, she’s actually lived for more than a century?”

Ooh, to immediately jump to hundreds, quite a bold fellow .

…however, he’s still too naïve .

“I think that isn’t the case . Most likely she possesses a technique to disguise her appearance, so I suppose, she’s already thousand—“

“I’m still seventeen years old! Please stop saying such rude thing!”

Firia jumps into our conversation with angry voice .

“…or rather, Yuri-san, I think I’d told you my age during our first meeting, though?”

Firia gets angry and hitting me while pouting “Muu” .

Nevertheless, she’s still as cute as she may be, but for making her angry, I want some apologize here .

“Babandon’gas . To ask a woman’s age, don’t you have any mannerism, huh?”

I decide to try shifting the blame to him .

“Wha, it’s my fault?!”

“It’s Yuri-san’s fault . ”

“I see, my bad, I’m sorry . ”

It’s all in vain . Reality sure is cruel .


After that we continue chatting for a while more but, Babandon’gas interrupts in the middle of it .

“Oops . Sorry, I’ll take my leave first then . Looks like my little sister is worried . ”

Seems like Babandon’gas has a little sister .

With such incident is currently occurring, no doubt she’ll be worried, huh .

“You care so much about your little sister, don’t you?”

“Well, in my life, Ortemia is my raison d’etre, after all . ”

“To such extent… . ”

“I want to do more for her if I can . Ortemia is waiting so, see you later . ”

Saying so, Babandon’gas runs toward where her little sister; Ortemia; is .

“What a caring brother, he is . ”

“You’re right, I think he’s a bit too far in that, though…”

Indeed, to make her as his raison d’etre, that surely isn’t something too normal .

By the way my raison d’etre is muscle training .

“Well then… how about we meet that so called Shinigami?”

“Eh, like right really now?!”

“Otherwise the victims will keep increasing, right?”

“That’s… indeed right . Quite unusual coming from you, Yuri-san . ”

As isolated as I might be, I can still think about other a bit, you know?

Well, it isn’t like I’m not very eager to fight that person either, though .

“But, even if you say to meet that person, how will you do that?”

“Who do you think I am? This nose of mine will tell me where the culprit is . ”

I point at my nose and say so .

“By following the trail of the scent of the victim’s blood, it’ll surely lead us to the culprit . ”

Hearing such words from me, Firia claps her hands .

“Ooh . Your nose sure is convenient, isn’t it?”

Firia closes up her face toward mine .

More precisely, toward my nose .

She’s cute so I really hope she’d stop doing such a thing .

“…or rather, usually you were like ‘that’, but in time like this, your head is unexpectedly working pretty well, isn’t it?”

What do you mean by ‘that’?

“My head is always working very well, you know? I’m an intellectual type, after all . ”

“Again again, please keep the joke only with your face, okay? I’ve been thinking about this but, Yuri-san, the usual you are severely lacking intelligence . Nowdays is the days for intelligent characters . That means for me!”

Saying so, Firia puffs out her chest .

Making a sidelong glance at that, I immediately turn my gaze away .

“Your pectoral muscle is lacking . You need to train more . ”

“It, it has nothing to do with my chest, doesn’t it? Yuri-san you jerk!”

Firia hugs her own body as if to hide her modest chest .

I stop the conversation there, and concentrate on tracking the scent .

Shinigami, huh… I’m looking forward to how powerful it is .