Magic? Muscle Is Much More Important Than Such A Thing! - Chapter 27


The next day, I and Firia go to the guild as usual .

However, today is somewhat different from usual . I’ve felt it since the time we were shopping yesterday, but not a few people are whispering to each other while staring at me and Firia .

My beautiful muscles and Firia’s beauty surely are standing out, but is it just my imagination that I feel like their reactions are slightly different from usual?

And so I decide to strain my ears and eavesdrop their conversation .

“Hey, aren’t they the ones from the martial arts tournament?”

“You’re right, moreover isn’t that guy the champion?”

…I see . So they’re gossiping about me winning the tournament, huh .

While having a slight uncomfortable feeling, we arrive at the guild .

I’ve confirmed that I now can take C ranking requests at the counter, but there’s no request that particularly catches my interest . The tournament was just yesterday, so I think it won’t be bad to rest our bodies for a while, but suddenly I hear a deep voice coming from behind us .

“Oioi, isn’t it the champion we have here? What’s with that displeased face of yours?”

What I ponder who it is, it turns out to be Babandongas . Looks like he isn’t together with Ortemia today .

Before I manage to say anything, Babandongas makes an expression as if understanding my thought .

“It’s that right? The gossiping people about you winning the tournament, right? But don’t worry, everything will settle itself in about three days . It’s only for now, for now . ”

Come to think of it, Babandongas was the champion of the last event, wasn’t he?

“It’s so uncomfortable, I’m even thinking about going to another town . ”

Babandongas then says as such while laughing and patting my back . Isn’t this guy acting kinda too over-familiar?

“Oioi, hold your horse a bit . There are also many good things in this town, you know? Not that I know much about it myself, though… . Ah, right! You’re free right now, aren’t you? I will take you to a fun place then . ”

“Okay, but I’ll punch you if it’s boring . ”

“I feel like you’ll send me directly to afterlife with that punch of yours so please don’t…”

I and Firia have no particular plan so we decide to follow Babandongas .

When I’m wondering about where he’s taking us to, the destination turns out to be a casino .

“You guys have never went to a casino, haven’t you? This place is quite fun, you know?”

“I’ve never participated in any kind of gambling in my entire life . ”

“Same for me, rather than doing such a thing, I’d prefer do some muscle training . ”

After murmuring ‘what a strange people’ with an astounded face, he then leads us into the casino .

Music echoes loudly, and the air is teeming with the smell of alcohol and tobacco . That gives this place a bad first impression in my book .

“The most popular here is this one! Here you spin the roulette and then predict the number between one to eight where it’d stop later . Well, experience is the best teacher they say, try it first . ”

Following Babandongas’ words, we then sit in front of the roulette .

He’s expressly invited us here, so it’d be too disrespectful to decline now .

“I’ll bet on three then . ”

“Seven for me . ”

After the dealer spun the roulette, it lands on number seven .

“Oh, not bad, Firia-chan . ”

“Thank you . ”

…I definitely can’t afford to lose here .

I don’t want to lose in gamble against her . Because otherwise, I’m sure she’ll make a fun of me later .




“Come on, come on! Three, three!”

However, the rolling ball heartlessly lands on number four .

No matter how many times I’ve tried, I’ve never won . What the hell is going on here?

When I take a glance to my side, I can see Firia, who miraculously wins about once each two spin despite the one eight winning chance, staring at me while brimming with complacent smile .

“Unfortunately you seem to have no talent in this, Yuri-san, unlike me . ”

And says so while flapping the banknotes .

… . I can’t refute her .

I don’t want to spend too much money uselessly like this, so I decide to stop gambling there .

“Sup, so, how was the casino?”

Babandongas, who just returned from playing at another game, asks so .

“It was the very great . ”

“Very bad . ”

I and Firia give him the exact opposite reactions .

Seemingly has guessed our result based on our answer, he then loudly laughs .

“Well, at least it was a good change of pace, wasn’t it?”

“Hmm, well, yeah . ”

“Isn’t that good enough then?”

However I won’t go to casino ever again . No matter how much money I have, it won’t be enough, after all .




“Ah, right, do you still have time?”

After leaving the casino, before we part, Babandongas suddenly asks so .

Seems like he still has some sort of business with us .

“Well, it isn’t like I have any plan or anything . ”

“Same for me . ”

“Good then, there’s something I want to show you by all means . ”

Hearing our answers, Babandongas happily raises the corner of his mouth and then takes something out from the dimensional bag on his waist .

What he takes out is a blue covered album . The thickness easily exceeds any ordinary dictionary .

Within that thick album which Babandongas takes out of the dimensional bag, there are numerous pictures of a quiet-looking blue haired young girl – namely his sister, Ortemia .

“How is it, cute isn’t she?”

“Do you always carry it around?”

I ask Babandongas so .

I have to admit that she’s cute indeed, but all in all, she surely doesn’t resemble him at all .

“Obviously! I always carry it whenever and wherever I go . ”

“You sure are a hardcore, huh . ”

“So unwavering . ”

“Protecting his little is big brother’s duty . And that’s exactly my raison d’etre, after all . ”

Those are cool words alright, but since he says so while slovenly staring at his little sister’s pictures, the coolness disappears by no less than half .

“Cute, isn’t she? Isn’t she? Look at this one too! Ah, and this one too! Ah, this one was taken four years, six months, fifteen days, three hours and sixteen minutes ago . How nostalgic… . ”

“I, I see . ”

“S, she’s indeed cute . ”

We’re taken aback by Babandongas’ chatters .

His memory isn’t normal… . just how much he loves his little sister, I wonder?

“Are you looking properly? Rather than from that angle, Ortemia in this picture will look way cuter if you look at it head-on . Ah, but of course, no matter from which angle you look at her, Ortemia is always cute though! Yuri, look from slightly to the left, and you Firia-chan, it’d be better if you look from slightly to the right . How is it, what do say about this cuteness! ”

This guy knows no end, huh .

In the end Babandongas’ story keeps on continuing until the sun sinks in the horizon .




After parting with Babandongas, we then head back to the inn .

“That was very impressive, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah, impressive indeed… . ”

That’s the only impression I got out of it .

I wonder what would happen if Ortemia were his lover instead? I am afraid it’d surely be very outrageous, though .

Or rather, what were we doing before Babandongas started his story again?… . Ah, right, we went to the casino .

“You aren’t going to immerse yourself in casino, are you?”

I definitely don’t want to have my partner to turn into a gambling addict .

If it’s Firia, I think she’d be fine but… .

As if to brush off my worry, Firia suddenly lets out ‘Ohohoho’ laugh .

… . . Ohohoho?

“Worry not, for I shan’t ever have such an intention . It was certainly fun, but it’s a bit too vulgar for someone of noble status such as myself… . ”

“I, I see . ”

Firia takes a pose like some sort of aristocrat girl who’s holding a fan .

Appearance-wise it really won’t be strange if she’s actually someone of such status, but for someone who know how she usually is, it sends shivers down my spine .

“Such acts even suit me well, huh… as expected of me is all I can say… As expected of the transcendental beautiful elf girl… . ”

Firia praises herself with entranced eyes .

“Well, you’re free to think yourself however you want, I think . ”

“Mu, what do you mean by that?”

What do I mean? That’s exactly what I mean, though .

Looking at Firia who’s inflating her cheeks as if being slightly angry, I seriously ponder .

“Why are there only eccentric people around me, I wonder?”

“You’re one to talk, Yuri-san . ”

We eventually arrive at the inn while having such a conversation .