Magic? Muscle Is Much More Important Than Such A Thing! - Chapter 30


On a certain day that’s not so different than usual, I’m working out inside the inn .

Eyes are the weakness of human body, but I have no intention to leave such a weakness as is .

Thus, I pour chili pepper juice into my eyes to train them .

At first, this training felt more like a torture, but once I got used to it it’s actually nothing much . It feels no different than eye drops .

However, as the effect diminishes when I get used to it, I keep on increasing the concentration .

The current concentration is four thousands percent .

The stimulus is pretty intense, as it also blows even my drowsiness away… . honestly speaking, it hurts like hell .

“However, this very pain is what makes my eyes stronger! Do your best, me!”

Inside the room where none else present, I shout so .

By the way, Firia’s going out shopping by herself .

Today is her turn to buy food .




It’s already past noon, but Firia still hasn’t returned yet .

We always have meals together, but is she having lunch alone somewhere, I wonder?

No, if that’s the case she would’ve told me in advance… Did something happen?

I feel it to be strange, so I decide to look for Firia .

As long as I have her scent, I can track her anywhere .

I remember her scent, but just to make sure I’d better ascertain it first .

Luckily, I’m staying in the same room as her, so there are many things that have her scent on it .

I approach the bed and smell the pillow .

In doing so, I suddenly realize that if by chance Firia suddenly returns and finds me doing something like this, my reliability points will immediately take a steep dive, but I’ll just cross the bridge when we get there .

Yeah, it has a gentle flower-like scent .




After ascertaining her scent, I immediately set out .

Since Firia’s scent is very sparse, I have to be fully focused . Thus I spare no effort in tracking her scent .

I walk through Mossenmorges following her scent .


I soon arrive at a certain place .

The scent is leading me to the house in front me . Among the surrounding stone houses, the house is quite standing out .

Rather than a house, perhaps calling it mansion would be more appropriate .

Does Firia have some sort of business in this house, I wonder?

Firia’s human acquaintance is few in number .

Maybe Firia met the house’s owner when she was outing alone before, but there’s this just in case scenario .

And so I push the intercom . However, there’s no reply .

“Excuse me, anybody home?”

Even when call out to them, there’s still no reply .

I then sharpen my senses to grasp the presences inside of the house .

Inside the house, there are six living presences . This is getting more and more suspicious .

Since there are people inside, someone could’ve replied earlier, but given the fact that none did, there’s the possibility that they’re trying to hide something .

I want to barge in right away, but…

I look around first .

In the street in front of the house, there’s a few passerby walking about . Barging in without them noticing would be impossible .

“Well, guess that doesn’t really matter . Finding Firia is my top priority . ”

And so I break through the front door of the house .

If it ends up to be just my misunderstanding, I can simply apologize later . Luckily, thanks to taking request on daily basis, I have quite a saving on me .

Following her scent, I head into the house . There’s no presence on the first floor .

“…which means they’re on the second floor, huh . ”

I go up the stairs . Before long I reach the source of her scent .

“What’s the sound just now?! Bastard, who are you? Why are you in my mansion?!”

There’s a fatty lying in wait .

It’s a plump man with greasy face .

He wears quite fine garments, but I have no time to bother about him .

“Where’s Firia?”

“I feel like I’ve seen your face somewhere… ah, the champion of the martial arts tournament, right? Are you that elf’s friend? I like that elf, so I’ve decided to make her mine . That’s all, now go away, otherwise… . ”

When the guy says so while grinning, five guys appear behind him .

Three are surrounding the man to protect him, while the other two are jumping straight on me .

He’s totally guilty . Which means, there’s no need to hold back .

That instant, I release my muscles limiter and knock down the two jumping on me and then I beat down the remaining three the next instant .

I then grab the man’s chest and raise him into the air .

“Otherwise, what?”

“Pyo!? …Pyopyo!?”

“Stop letting out such a disgusting voice . Where’s Firia? Otherwise, I’ll kill you . ”

“Th, there’s a secret path underground! I planned to use a special magic tool to manipulate her will! I, I’ve told you everything! Please, don’t kill me!”

Throwing the man away, I head down to the first floor .

I soon find a wall heading downward, I do know that this path will lead me to somewhere, but since they seem to have covered up everything after passing by here, I can’t track her scent anymore .

I return to the second floor and pick up the lying down man .

He seems to have lost consciousness, so I peel off some of his fingernails . Along with a scream, the man immediately regains consciousness .

“Hey, where’s that path connected to?”

“Aaaaah, my nails!!”

“Answer my question!”

I hit his abdomen .

I carefully chose the place I hit so that he won’t lose consciousness again .

“Where’s that path connected to! Answer, now!”

“I don’t know, they also didn’t tell me about it! I swear! It’s Velquis from Velquis bandit band! He’s the one that took the elf away!”

I hit him again before asking once more time, but his answer is still the same .

In other words, this fatty isn’t lying, huh .

However, if that’s really the case… the situation is worse than I expected .

I lost an important lead to track Firia .

In exchange, I’ve acquired information about the one abducting Firia, this bunch called Velquis bandit ban .

I have to find out where their base is located at .

I leave the rolling around man and head out of the house .