Magic? Muscle Is Much More Important Than Such A Thing! - Chapter 4

Muscle Magic – 4


The next day . After waking up, I and Firia are walking through the town while thinking about what should we do from now on .

Seeing a completely different scenery from the forest which I used to live at, I can feel my heart is pounding fast .

After listening to what people who we passed by said, if you wanted to earn money quickly, seems like becoming an adventurer was the sound choice .

We were also told that, seems like guild would also buy the raw materials .

“Yuri-san, seems like here is ‘The town of beginning’ Asterisk . ”

“The town of beginning?”

“Seems like here’s the place where hero, demon lord and dark god were born . That’s why it’s referred as the town as beginning . ”

“That’s amazing, right?”

While chatting like that, seems like we are unnecessarily stand out .

“We’re somehow stand out… right?”

“Seems like so . ”

Every people we passed by, their gazes would always be pulled at us . …no, rather than us, it’s at Firia .

I observe the people of this town .

Human, dog beastman, human, human, cat beastman, human, human, human, bear beastman… .

I’ve been observing the surroundings, but as I thought I can’t see an elf anywhere .

Seems like elf is quite a rare race .

Seems like Firia’s word that elf were a race which didn’t fond to leave their village was true . Not just having an extraordinary appearance, combined with her race’s trait which rarely show their selves to public, so it’s a matter of course that she would gather that much attentions .

…so that means, even though she’s younger than me, Firia who was travelling by herself was actually quite an amazing person, wasn’t she?

I look at Firia who is walking beside me .

Firia is looking at the townscape with full of curiosity . I can see her curiosity at her shining silver eyes, perhaps the difference with her village is too great .

Firia is indeed has a considerable power, and her appearance is also excellent . If she tries to find some comrades aside from me, she should be able to get them immediately, right?

Well, let’s just think about it when it actually happens… oops .

Perhaps I’m looking at her too much, Firia notices my gazes .

Her clear as pearl gaze is pointed at me .

“Is there anything matter? …could it be, you’re falling on me?”

Putting her finger at her cheek, she tilts her head with upturning eyes .

A pose which only permitted for cute person, that’s surely the embodiment of slyness .

“I retake my words . ”

“Ah, please wait for me . ”

To hide my startlement, I fasten my legs which walking toward guild .


◇ ◇ ◇


“So this is the guild, huh . ”

“Quite an antique building, isn’t it?”

As per Firia-says, the building before us is obviously different from its surroundings .

The lumber which were used as its materials had been exposed to the open air for a long times, and its color had blackened . With just a glance, we could see that the organization called as guild is an existence full of history .

I and Firia try to enter the guild .

In doing so, unexpectedly a considerably neat room is spread before us .

I arbitrarily thought that this place would be a bit more gloomy, but seems like I was wrong .

“Oioi, look at that . ”

“What’s up with her . She’s very cute!”

“Is she that man’s companion? The man doesn’t look that strong, though… . ”

“Oi, isn’t she an elf? Her face is extraordinarily beautiful as per rumor said . ”

I see, seems like the guild is the place where ruffians gathered . But, seems like there’s no one who has a discerning eyes .

No matter how you looked at me, I look strong, though . Can’t you see this trained muscles?

I spontaneously take my clothes off, and show them my muscles .

Simultaneously I expand my muscles, all of those who see it must be now gazing with droll at my beautiful form .

The adventurers who see my trained great muscle are bustling murmuring something .

“Oi… what’s up with him . Why did he train his body that much?”

“The hell I would know, perhaps he’s just an M, isn’t he? I don’t want to come near him… . ”

“Or rather, why did he suddenly took his clothes off?”

“How could he shows such body to anyone?”

“Somehow those two, look like an angle and a gorilla, right?”

“Hahaha, that’s surely right!”

…oi . Why does my body is so unwell received . That’s strange, right?

Even though all of them only have such twig-like body .

When I’m pondering about such absurdity, my shoulder is patted by Firia .

When I turn my face, Firia is blooming with smile while pointing at herself .

“…angle . ”

And then she points at me while still covered with that smile .

“…gorilla… mufu, fufufu, uhihihihihi!”

I want to hit her… .

I desperately restrain that feeling .

Since elf has a different common sense from human, so it can’t be helped .

Perhaps, at elf society, gorilla is some kind of compliment . Or so I thought .

Firia is somehow rolling on the floor laughing but perhaps at elf society that is also some kind of compliment . Or so I thought .

“Gorilla is, gorilla is! Uhihihihi!”

“Just cut the crap, already . Let’s go to the receptionist quickly . ”

“Ah, wait… pleashe *lol* wait for me . Pupupu . ”

“Like hell I’ll wait! Come on, let’s go . ”

I drag Firia along and walking toward the guild’s counter .

“Excuse me, we want to register as adventurers, but . ”

When I say so to the girl who sits at the counter, she starts explaining about the guild to us with a seemingly get used to it tone .

According to her explanations, seems like the guild was established in order to repel the threat of magical beasts, and it was organization which passing over country’s border .

Seems like adventurers were divided into S till E ranks, and we can’t take any request higher than our rank .

And then, the most important for me is, if I have a high rank, I would be able to enter a place where normal citizens were unable to enter it .

For me who are intending to journeying through the world, by all means I have no choice but to aim for the S rank, isn’t it!

“I presume that’s all for the explanation . Then, please write your name at these papers . ”

While saying so, she hands over a palm sized white paper-looking thing .

“I may write it on your behalf, but, how about it?”

“No, I can do it myself . ”

“I also can do it myself . ”

Then I write my name there .

Just how long since the last time I write my own name . I slowly write my name at the paper . When I casually looking at my side, Firia is stretching her neck to peeks at my writing .

“…what’s up . ”

“No, not at all . ”

When I take a peek at Firia’s writing, it’s a very well-ordered writing .

She is even good at writing, huh, aside from her personality, she sure is a flawless superhuman, isn’t she?

After we write down our name on it, we hand over the written paper to the receptionist girl .

And in exchange, we receive the thing called guild cards .

It’s a palm sized card which is written with our respective name and an E character

Seems like it is also can be used as identification card .

“Ah, we should also sell the raw materials . ”

“You’re right . ”

Firia takes her prided cloth bag which has a capacity that transcending physical law—seems like called as dimension bag—from her waist and takes out the raw materials from all magical beasts which we defeated ever since the forest till we arrived at this town, and put all of it in the counter .


◇ ◇ ◇


The raw materials were sold with a higher price than what I thought .

According to the receptionist girl, seems like that forest is called as “Forest of Death”, a suitable place for B rank adventurers .

“Where did you get these raw materials?”

“Where is, of course from the forest . ”

“Even though the magical beasts at the forest of death aren’t something that easy to defeat… so that means both of you are promising newcomers, right . I’ll wait in anticipation to see more of your next achievements . ”

The receptionist girl says so while politely bows her head .

Finishing our business there we left the counter, and go toward the quest board where the requests are placed at .

“Did you hear that, Yuri-san? She said we are promising newcomers, you know?”

“Because I was also there so of course I heard it . ”

Perhaps because she was praised, Firia is in a good mood… . I can’t say that she isn’t way too easy,

“Since that forest is B rank, so an E rank quest should be considerably easy, isn’t it?”

“Perhaps that’s indeed right, but you shouldn’t let your guard down . Since there was even an elf who lost inside the forest, after all . ”

I say it as if it happened to someone and somewhere at a faraway place .

Firia is vigorously pouting her cheeks .

“Th, that has nothing to do with it, isn’t it? Even though Yuri-san’s hand writing were so plain… . ”

“What’s up with that roundabout insult?”

It’s my first time to hear that my writing were plain .

“Well, for now let’s just try it . After we try to take a request once—“

“Sup, nee-chan, don’t you have quite a cute face there?”

Suddenly there are a daring voices addressed to Firia .

When we turn our faces to its source, there are several twenty-years-old men stand there while smiling .