Magic? Muscle Is Much More Important Than Such A Thing! - Chapter 5

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The Pattern About The Guild

“Well, for now let’s just try it . After we try to take a request once—“

“Sup, nee-chan, don’t you have quite a cute face there?”

Suddenly there are a daring voices addressed to Firia .

When we turn our faces to its source, there are several twenty-years-old men stand there while smiling .

…they have such frail looking body, don’t they?

That’s what I thought when I observe their appearance . Their faces are quite decent, but their bodies are look so frail as if a twig .

Perhaps they’re magician, but even so as an adventurer they need a little more muscle . Since there would be a great difference when you are be able to evade you opponent attack or not, after all… .

“…do you need something?”

Firia displeasedly says so . Seems like she’s angry to be interrupted at our conversation .

“No, I just thought that nee-chan sure is beautiful . Rather than such dull man, together with us would be far more fun, you know?”

These men come approaching Firia while grinning .

Firia is standing out ever since we enter this guild, after all, so it won’t be strange for her to be called out by such men .

“Ah, is that so? But I’m not interested . ”

Firia seems like utterly bothered when she decline their suggestion .

“…ha? What did you say nee-chan?”

“Even when you say so, I can’t see anything fun from you guys . Also there’s one thing I should tell you, I don’t have any little brother . It was so unpleasant so please don’t call me ‘nee-chan’, I’m feel like vomiting . ”

‘oe’ Firia sticks her tongue out .

These men who saw it don’t show any sign of angry, they even seem happy to see Firia’s cherry blossom colored tongue .

A very hopeless fellow .

“Ouou, a strong willed one, huh . Such a thing is also one of our preference, you know? Just leave that frail looking man and play with us . ”

Who the hell with frail looking body, you say? Before saying that about someone else you should do something about that meager body of yours first .

Even I start feel disgusted . Firia must has more frustration that I, doesn’t she? Or so I thought, when I look at Firia, she seems like really hate it and knit her eyebrows .

“I say no, so could you please stop it? Since your faces aren’t suited for me, after all . ”

What a sharp word . In the first place, there’s no human with face suited hers, after all .

Before my eyes I can clearly see that she’s angry, but seems like those men don’t notice it .

What a dull fellow to be unable to see the thing before their own eyes… . Perhaps it would be a good choice to put a stop on it .

“Please don’t say something like that . Let’s do something fun together . ”

“Oi, wait a minute guys . ”


I cut in the conversation between Firia and these men . That one thing is sure something I can’t ignore .

“Could you let me join you?… at muscle training?”

What a cheeky fellows to exclude me when doing muscle training (something fun) .

When I say so, these men and Firia similarly make a strange expression .

“…you bastard, what the hell did you just say?”

“I was a fool to expect something form Yuri-san . ”

What, I’m wrong, huh .

“I’m disappointed to you all . ”

“Please don’t just arbitrarily disappointed when you arbitrarily expect something . ”

“You… just cut the crap with your joke . ”

The three of them start preparing three different kind of magic . The point of their attack are aimed at Firia .

— as expected that’s way too much, isn’t it .

Before these men could fire their magic, I thrust myself between these men and Firia .

Inevitably, their magic are hitting me directly . But it doesn’t hurt at all .

I’m sighing inside my heart .

Their attacks are way weaker than the monster which live inside the forest . Too weak .

“Are you okay, Firia?”

“Yes, I’m alright . ”

Well, that’s a matter of course . If it’s Firia, she should be able to deal with it without I even need to protect her .

“Why are you uninjured! It’s strange that even your clothes isn’t damaged!”

“Fufun, Yuri-san is a savage, after all . ”

Firia proudly says so .

I can’t come to understand it, why does Firia seems so proud about it?

“Do, don’t screw with us!”

These men are desperately continuously firing magic at me . Because of their carelessness, these’re also some magic which seems strayed from me .

Like not to letting it away, I voluntarily let myself to be hit by it myself .

“Why did you voluntarily let it hit you?’

“Because it would be bad if it destroy the guild isn’t it?”

A few minutes later, at the center of the guild there are those three men who are breathing heavily exhausted and the uninjured me .

“You bastard, are you some kind of monster… . !”

“It’s because you’re just too weak . Is it your all?”

“To act that conceited…!”

One of them is glaring at me, it isn’t not scary at all . In the first place, the one glaring at me is obviously scared of me, after all .

“G, going easy! That’s right, right now was just something like greeting so we held back our magic . ”

When one of those men say so, the other two also say so .

These fellows… right now, they said that they held their magic back, didn’t they? I make a daunting pose there .

“You were holding back, you say? Don’t ever do such halfhearted thing before me! More… fire it more!”

“What, what the hell with you! You’re too disgusting!”

Those men regain their spirits .

That’s right, fire more! It will become a training of my magic resistance!

“Stop there! The strictly prohibited of the usage of magic inside the town is a common sense, you know!”

Just when they almost fire their magic again, there’s a man, who wear some kind of corps suit-like of white suit, shouts and enter the guild .

Tsk, my training of magic resistance seems must be postponed .

Wait… come to think of it Firia is also able to use magic, doesn’t she? Next time let’s ask her to fire it at me .

“Oi, you! Are you listening?”

Oops, seems like I was drown too deep in thought .

Without I noticed it, those three men are already being seized by the just entered man . Seems like their movement are being restricted by some kind of magic fiber .

“Oi! Are you listening?!”

“Do you need something?”

He’s so noisy so I reply to him .

“You’re also know it, don’t you? The usage of magic inside the town is strictly prohibited . ”

I think I’ve heard about it at the explanation about the guild .

But I’m supposed to be innocent here . Since I didn’t use my muscle magic, after all .

“I’m one of the knight order of this town . I know that they were the one who entangled you, but a rule is a rule . So I want you to come along with me . ”

“I’m not quite understand it, though… then why am I need to follow you?”

“You used magic, didn’t you?”

“No, I didn’t use any magic, though . ”

Since they were way too weak so there was no need for me use my muscle magic, after all .

“No way! Then how did you withstand those magic before?!”

“How did I withstand it, you say? Of course with my muscle . ”

“Don’t joke with me!”

Even though I’m not joking . What an absurd fellow . My trained muscles are even able to withstand a blade, you know? So there’s no way I’ll be injured by such level of attack, didn’t I?

“I’ll also take you along!”


“Please wait a minute . Yuri-san really didn’t use any magic, you know? Since this man has no magical energy, after all . ”

Ooh, for Firia to defending me . I thought she was a bit more heartless fellow . Or rather, I don’t have any magical energy, huh . It’s the first time I heard of it .

“Why do you know about such a thing?”

“I’m an elf, after all . ”

Does elf could know such a thing?

Seems like the knight man reluctantly consent with her . Thanks god, thanks god .

With this, seems like I don’t need to waste my time .

“Can I ask one more thing?”

The man says so while facing at me .

I arbitrarily move my neck to urge him to continue .

“Will you also receive my magic with that body of yours? If you can do it then it would also become the proof of your innocence . ”

“Is it okay for you to use magic here?”

“The knight of knight order are all permitted to use magic . ”

“Then there should be no problem . Bring it on . ”

Hearing my answer, the man closes his eyes and start concentrating .

I can feel a somewhat incomparable energy than those three men before him . It seems like quite interesting one .

It’s taking a form with not more than three seconds, it’s a fire bullet . The density is completely different than those fire just now .

“I’m coming . ”

The man says so while firing that fire bullet at me .


“That was quite a good fire . It even burnt my clothes, after all . ”

It was a good attack, but it didn’t have the power to give any injury to my body .

But to be able to burnt my clothes, that was already a great feat .

“…it was indeed unbelievable, but I Indeed can’t feel any magical energy from you . Sorry for suspecting you . ”

“No, it was also become a training for me, after all . ”

To have my clothes burnt with just that level of attack, seems like I’m still have a long way to go .

After saying his apologize for his impoliteness again along giving me a charge for my clothes, he leaves while dragging those three men .

Perhaps he gave me a charge worth more than my clothes because he felt sorry for the trouble he made for me . But since I don’t see it as a problem so that is just unnecessary concern, though .

“It’s good right? For you to not be arrested . ”

“Yes . I almost won’t be able to take a request . Even though we must earn money as soon as possible, after all . ”

Moreover, I want to quickly raise my rank and go to more various places . ”

If I do so then I would be able to fight many strong existence . In doing so, I also would become stronger .

I’ll follow this best kind of flow .

“You sure are a battle maniac, aren’t you… . You don’t need to say anything . ”

Seem like she peeked at my mind, Firia makes a somewhat discouraged expression . What a hard to understand fellow .

“Well, whatever . For now let’s just take this request . ”

I take one of the request from the quest board, and go toward the receptionist counter .

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