Magic Robot Aluminare - Chapter 3.1

One week had passed since the bandit’s attack .
I had spent everyday looking up at the Aluminare from my bedroom’s window .
Even though I said that, it was because of that incident that Papa sentenced me to a severe punishment .
I’m grounded for 2 weeks .

Dammit, not just from going to hunt in the forest, I was not even allowed to leave the house . I was supposed to be a valuable manpower in the village . But I did something drastic that they are not letting me out of the house . Well, considering that there was no opposition from all the other villagers, it might be a reasonable decision . Anyway, I wanted to enter the forest to go underneath the Aluminare in the first place, but now the Aluminare was left to Don at the village plaza .
I’m gonna polish the armor daily after my work will be done, and I intended to fix all the parts that needed fixing .
Heh, thinking about it again, I haven’t really repented at all .

By the way, the thieves that were unable to escape were restrained and isolated into the village hut . Since even the minimum amount of water and food were not given, they should be at a level were it would be difficult to even stand up . Oh well, they had it coming .

“I have too much free time after all”

Speaking of things I have done while in the house all day long, I prepare the food and do the cleaning . I wasn’t even permitted to do the laundry as I will have to go out to the garden .
I wanted to go out into the garden as a change of pace, but my mother’s smile was scary .
Honestly, it was the first time I ever thought of my mother as scary…
And then, there was a knock on door of my room .

“Eldo-kun, long time no see”
“Oh, long time no see”

It was Anjou that came over . Anjou was grounded for 1 week, but it was lifted today .

“Already done with work?”
“Yeah, I was only harvesting today, I finished everything in the morning”
“I see . Aaaah, I also I want to go outside soon”
“You still have one week left . From this day on I will also come here, aren’t you a little bit distracted?”
“Well yeah . This week was hellish . ”

On the day the bandits attacked . I received a preaching right off the bat until sunset and collapsed from fatigue .
I was asleep for the whole day, when I woke up, Mama was crying aloud again and I received another unreasonable preaching from Papa saying that “If you’re in pain just simply tell me you’re in pain” .
To be someone that is able to say to Papa “Just leave it because he is pain” in those circumstances, wouldn’t be bad .

That next day, Mama’s maternal instinct exploded, I was not allowed to get out of my bedroom . While looking at the trees outside the window and thinking “Oh, I wonder if my life will already be exhausted after all the leaves fall” and so forth, I had no choice but to pretend as a sick person . By the way, it’s spring so the trees are lush and full of leaves .
I was killing time by doing meaningless things, by the 3rd day I was already of thinking of going out, that was an ordeal .

As I thought that I could finally touch the Aluminare, I felt the brunt of being grounded . My despair was tremendous .
As I collapsed on my knees in that situation, I gradually ended up crying .
Papa was surely a cold-hearted person since his son’s tears wasn’t effective at all .

“Aaaah, I want to quickly touch the Aluminare . I mean, there might not be an opportunity to touch it anymore”
“What do you mean? It belongs to Eldo-kun and once you’re not grounded anymore, shouldn’t you just use it as much as you like?”
“Well, I can’t really do that . Maybe if they are fast, this country will confiscate that machine in about one week”

It’s been one week from the attack of bandits . Given this much time, the information that a black Aluminare appeared in this village should had arrived in the imperial capital . And it shouldn’t take a week if the a military unit had an available machine that had already been maintained . After all, the target was a bandit that owns an Aluminare . This country shall also earnestly come to subdue them . And once they arrived at this village, they’ll only find one broken Aluminare . In addition to that, they’ll see that this was a machine from before the north-south civil war since it had the Fortran Kingdom’s crest . It will certainly be confiscated . When that time comes, I hope there is a chance to say something as the current owner but if I am careless they might only confiscate the machine without arguing about it .
The expected time period the army will come, will be around 2 weeks since last week .

“Really!? But that’s something Eldo-kun worked really hard to repair on!”
“Well, it is indeed true . But, they’ll make it clear that they were the original owner”

I just repaired selfishly an object that fell, as for where the sign of ownership is, it was clear from the emblem drawn on its chest .

“Therefore, If I am careless the opportunity to touch it would soon disappear . ”

With that said, due to my fight against Felouche the fuel remaining was almost at the bottom . Just as I got to ride it, I wasn’t able to operate it as much as I want . Various parts and joints have gone back to red . And to fix them, how many years would it take?

“Then will you give up?”
“No way in hell!!”

I looked up at the Aluminare visible from my window, and shook my head .

I finally found a robot after great pains and suffering . I shouldn’t give up .

“I feel bad to my parents but I intend to become an Aluminare pilot . That’s why I will leave the village”
“Eldo kun, you’re gonna leave the village?”
“Yes . That’s why you need to spend some time thinking about your future . ”
“What do you mean?”

Anjou anxiously tilted her head to the side . Her eyes were like an abandonned puppy .
I gently patted her head in order to reassure her .

“If I am gone, there won’t be any guy in this village anymore that is in your age group . If that happens, wouldn’t you leave the village too and look for a husband, It’ll turn into a matchmaking trip”

Anjou is a descendant of the village chief . They cannot afford to let her lineage disappear . And, if it’s inevitable reel in her future husband from anywhere . If it is needed .
In fact, Anjou must consider wether she would like to marry the son of a merchant or some young man from a village somewhere .

“No… No way! I mean, because I . . !”

As Anjou tried to say something and tears were accumulating in her eyes she jump out of the room .

Even I, could roughly guess what Anjou was trying to say . For fifteen years we’ve been showing our affection to one another only as childhood friends . That honest feelings made me happy .
But since I trying to become an Aluminare pilot, it would be very dangerous to tag along .


The Aluminare will be constantly thrown into the frontline and will be the one in charge of the most dangerous spot on the battlefield . For a man that’s trying to become one, shouldn’t be expected to get a wife .
Before going to war, the pilots will erect a magnificent flag to have some important stories to tell when they return . And I’m sure I will feel this way, I didn’t think as someone who lived in Japan would realized this .
Although It will be a valuable experience, It wasn’t something that I’d want to experience .
I look up again at the Aluminare, I was thinking about how to convince the army .

After five days, they came earlier than expected .


As I was eating lunch at the table, the water inside the cup was shaking . I immediately realized that it was not an earthquake, since I clearly remember the fine shaking rhythm .

“Did they come?”
“Eldo-chan, what is coming?”

Probably because she was working in the kitchen, Mama didn’t seem to notice the shaking . But it suddenly became very noisy outside, her behavior was showing that she is paying attention to what is going on there .

“It’s the National Aluminare Corps . I thought it was about time . ”
“Aluminare ……”

As for mother, I’m pretty sure she remembered about that black guy . Since her gentle facial expression will become stiff . Because it was similar to when the bandits also approached us, disguised as the national army . Well, it’s natural to be vigilant .

“It’s okay . This time they are the real one”

I replied to her after I saw the machines coming in near the village entrance from the window .
That machine was silver coated, and the complete picture of the kingdom’s crest of a double-headed lion can be seem on its chest .

“Is that so?”
“When I heard the news that the black guy appeared, I came here running . Even though I understood that timewise I wouldn’t be able to make it in time, if an Aluminare appeared I couldn’t afford to not do anything”
“I’ll go take a look at the situation . Eldo-chan, don’t get out of the house . ”
“I know”

I was bitterly smiling as I send off Mama . She especially doesn’t need to hurry . As long as there was someone that was open to a discussion, I’ll definitely receive an invitation from them .
I gazed at the kingdom’s Aluminare from the window while eating my lunch .

After all, It really was beautiful . Both arms are maintained properly with few dents was mostly clean too . Probably, it’s a machine that just had maintenance done on it .
That machine was probably just recently maintained .
It’s appearance wasn’t that much different from my machine . Was the aluminare related technology hasn’t advanced much after several decades?
Well, I don’t know what was inside it .
As I observed the Aluminare, Mama came back just like that .

“Welcome back . It is the real thing right? . ”
“Yeah, the Village Chief said that it was the real thing . I just talked with him at his house . ”
“Oh really? Did he said anything about my machine?”
“There’s a soldier that wants to talk with you about that”

I won .
I made a victory pose in my mind .

“Right now?”

“Yes . Although you’re still going through your punishment, I’ll make an exception, since you were called by a soldier”
“Okay . See you later”
“Wait, I’m going too”

As I was about to go there alone, Mama also came with me . Well, Dad had left in order to hunt, since she’s the only one remaining, I wonder if she was feeling lonely . Breathing fresh air after a long time sure was delicious . When I felt cramped, I used to open the window to at least clear the air in the room .
But still, only a place without any roof can make you feel comfortable .

As I suddenly started to stretch my body, my mother urged me to hasten . Well, it wouldn’t be too good to let that soldier wait either .
We arrived at the Village Chief’s house with somewhat quick steps .

Come to think of it, was Anjou alright? . We didn’t see each other since I said that I’d leave the village . I was only natural that we haven’t seen each other since I can’t go out of the house and Anjou hasn’t came by to visit . I hated we had something like a lover’s quarrel . Other villagers were also gathered at the Village Chief’s house, peering inside with growing curiosity . Nevertheless, since the door was tightly closed they cannot see what’s going on inside . I wonder if I would hear about the situation since I was invited in .
After knocking, I entered the reception office .
Since Mama wasn’t invited, she waited outside .

Although it was called a reception office, since we are an agricultural community in some remote region, there wasn’t any luxury furniture nor fine sofa . The desperately scraped furnishings, the lined up books . And after the cheap pictures brought by the peddlers were decorating the place, there was just a somewhat large table in the center .
All the people gathered on the table looked at us .

On my right side was the Village Chief . And on my left side, those two might be the soldiers that arrived . Their uniforms looks like a male school uniform with white as its basic tone . There was a large difference compared to the bandit’s armour .

“Village Chief, did you call me?”
“Oh good, you came . Sit over here . ”

I sat right next to the village chief like I was told .

“This is Eldo, the child that was piloting that Aluminare”
“Nice to meet you, I am called Eldo”

Along with the Village Chief’s introduction, I also did a quick bow of the head . In such occasion, first impression was the most important thing . If I want to enter the Aluminare Corps referred to as the nation’s honor, I must properly watch my manners .
If I made a bad impression here, my plan will be ruined .

“So you are Eldo-kun? You are indeed a clever boy . I’m Rogvell Bodouin, captain of the 31st Aluminare Corps”
“Similarly I’m O’Reil, the executive officer and chief mechanic”

Both of them looked to be about thirty . I knew they had good quality mascular body just by looking at their uniform . Captain Bodouin was a noble just by the fact he had a last name . With close-cropped blonde hair on his square shaped face, we definitely had a soldier in here . On the contrary, the man who called himself O’Reil had ruffled hair and his face was unshaved, rather than the military he gives a strong impression of a mechanic from a workshop . he claims to be the XO and the chief mechanic, but he’s more likely to be a mechanic . If it was the modern era, his nickname will certainly be “Dwarf” .

“I surmised that you want me to tell the story . ”
“Oh, we already roughly heard about the bandits from Village Chief but we would like hear things about that machine . I was surprised to hear from the Village Chief that you are the most knowledgeable one . ”
“Whoa, was that machine from the time of the civil war? Where did ya find it? Even though ya found, it woulda been impossible to move it in the first place . Hell, were ya the one to fix it?”
“Well, what should I answer first?”
“Calm down O’Reil . I understand you’re excited as a mechanic, but if we don’t ask in turn he won’t be able to understand anything . ”
“Oh… alright… S’rry”

The XO was remonstrated by the captain, he apologised while roughly scratching his head . Aah, his already ruffled hair had became more messy .

“No, it is I who should say so . For the time being, should I tell you in a chronological order starting from where I obtained that machine?”
“Oh, please do so”

Since the captain nodded, I began to talk from that moment eight years ago where I found for the first time the Aluminare .

By the time I finished talking about the last eight years, the sun was already going down . By thouroughly talking about the way I repaired the machine, it might not be a mistake after all .
While the Village Chief showed his usual gentle looking smile, his eyes were squinting with happiness .
Well, The captain and XO should still understand my passion for the Aluminare .

“I see, I was able to understand the gist of it . I wouldn’t expect the machine to be repaired to the point where it could feasably be in working condition . In addition, you thought about it when you’re just an eight year-old child . ”
“And with such a machine he was able to drive away a de Liverpool’s machine, you’re quite a boy”
“And, what will happen to that machine?”

It’s time we cut through the chase, after I told them all I knew . The real game starts here .

“Hmm, if it’s possible we would like to bring back that machine”

“That’s a good idea . The generator is a high ranked item that exceeds high-class items . It is equivalent to building a royal castle to make one . We would like to recover it by all means possible”

Although I heard it was a high-class item, Didn’t expect tha it was comparable to building a royal castle . It seems they cannot mass-produce it because of that .

However, the captain did say that he was from the 31st Aluminare Corps, it meant that at least 31 machines had been deployed in this country . And the 32nd machine was right here . They would obviously want to get it .

“But when I heard how much passion you had poured into that machine…”
“At this point, I feel a little bit awkward about recovering it”

Well, my job-hunting interview in a form of self-appeal seems to be rather effective .

“Then, I just have one request . ”
“Hmm, as long it is within our ability to grant, we’ll listen”
“I’d like you to recommend me to a pilot training academy”
“Ooh, the Academy? If you could enroll through recommendation, you’d certainly have various preferential treatments”
“Using that Aluminare as a compensation, isn’t it too generous? If it were me, I would at least ask to be let into the order of knights”

I was certainly going to ask them just that af first . But, I changed my mind when I learned about the structure of the SENSE BOARD and some magic concept . There was so much that I don’t know just from the Basic Introduction textbook . As a formal knight that will be assigned to an Aluminare Corps, there are still lots of things I must know and study about . And I do not know any sword skills nor knew any etiquettes . I decided to hope for a recommendation to the Academy in order to know all of it . Besides… .

“it’s because I am still immature . And that machine, it might keep its appearance but in its present condition it cannot move ”
“Is that so?”
“On top of the terrible damage from fighting, the remaining High magia Liquid is almost zero . But it will be able to start-up but lauching it is definitely impossible”

Moreover, each of the joints are also tattered . Honestly, except for the generator it will not be able to even walk if you do not replace all the parts with new ones .

“Indeed, when we bring it back we would also have to look into that . There’s need for us to stay in here for awhile . Although, mr mayor, I apologize . ”
“No, no, we might have a small house, but please feel free to use it . Let us help you prepare a room for your troop . ”
“I’m sorry for the inconvenience . So as I said Eldo-kun”

“We’re the best one you could ask for the aforementioned recommendation . Since the country seeks excellent people such as you . However, do you have your parent’s permission?”
“No, not yet”

“If it’s from receiving permission . Certainly at the age of 15, it may be the time one is thinking of walking alone on the road but it is still a time for receiving one’s parent teaching . While we are staying here, properly get permission from your parents . Once you’ve done that, I’ll try to recommend you to the Academy . ”
“Understood . Thank you . ”

I deeply To lowered my head . While my face was full of smiles .