Magic Robot Aluminare - Chapter 5.1

Since the enrollment 1 year quickly passed by .
As I’m steadily studying history, Steadily polishing up my sword skills everyday with Lune-san .
Thanks to that, I finally have succeeded in obtaining the second place in the year-end test!
Today start the first lesson from this second year . Its name is Practicing with real machines!
Indeed, exercices with actual machines! Exercises in real machines! It actually means that I can

get to ride an aluminare!
I have eagerly waited in spite of the one hour wait for the start of the class since I arrived on

the sports ground .
There came a professor Gasoul .

“What, isn’t Eldo too early . Didn’t you make a mistake on one hour?”
“No, I couldn’t wait patiently anymore so I came”
“Ku ku, you seem to be full of fighting spirit . ”
“Yeah, it’s because I waited for one year too! My body is already itching to do it”
“Really? Let’s show you something good . Keep your eyes on the outer wall”
“Is outer wall?”

Doing as the professor told me to, I focus on the outer wall on the other side of the prairie .
And I noticed . A part of the outer wall slowly openend up .

“The wall is … Moving”
“You can already see them now”
“Those are…!”

The outer wall opens up to the left and right . And beyond that, there are two aluminares .
The machine’s whole body has been painted white, without any equipment such as swords and so on,

Exposing their bodies in their original condition .
And as they walked slowly, they into the prairie .
That means…!

“Are those training machines?!”
“That’s right, those two are the only machines in the Academy exclusively used for training . If the

war ever turned into a all-out war, those guys would be sent to the front line having combat

equipment . now we’re continuing at the skirmish level . Thanks to that, His Majesty gave them to us”
“Increedible! Increedible!!”

Advancing on the prairie, the dimensions gradually increasing, the aluminares headed toward us .
Seeing the aluminares for the first time in 1 year, receiving the sunlight they shine to the point

of being brilliant . If these machine were used in war, in that case it would corrupt its meaning if

it got scratched during it long military service because this is silk . Without even one stain,

equipped with a fascinating silk-like coating .

“Today, you guys will actually operate these machines . If I remember correctly, Eldo has actually

piloted before?”

Apparently, the professor heard various things about my circumstances from the general commander .

Well, because I forcibly got a place after the exam ended with a recommendation, so naturally he

got an explanation .
However, if that’s the case, I wonder if he got surprised . Anyhow, because as a student that got in

with a recommendation, I couldn’t also directly grasp the sword .

“I have experience with boot up, short-time battle and also parking it in a hangar”
“If you can do that much, I guess there’s no problem . Perhaps today’s operation may be a little bit

insufficient to you”
“There’s no problem! Just getting to pilote an aluminare, I’ll become happy! Can I go see its

“Oh, yeah”
“Well, excuse me”

The two aluminares stopped in our immediate vicinity . And then, the professors came down from the

cockpit .
In order to go up to the aluminare’s feet I pass by that and directly touched its surface .
The aluminare’s leg armor got a little stained from coming walking on the prairie, making me feel

very nostalgic .
Come to think of it, I wonder where is the machine I handed over right about now . I think even

after 1 year of maintenance ends it has has been deployed .
Gazing at it like an expert, unknowingly, more than 30 minutes passed .
As the students gradually started to gather, I found Layla amongst them .

“Layla, good morning . ”
“Yes, good morning . It looks like you came pretty early”
“it’s because we finally get to train with real machines . I couldn’t sleep yesterday”
“If you make a mistake because of that you’ll be a laughingstock, I’m looking forward to it”
“Stop saying nonsense, Like I’d make a mistake in piloting a machine”

It has been engraved into my mind, my piloting skill is not so weak that I’d make a mistake because

I didn’t sleep for 1 day .

Furthermore it was the case way before that, all the pilot department student’s gathered .
They numbered up to 14 memebers .
Through the spring break’s 3 days, the number has significantly decreased .
Indeed, From the aroung the half-year mark on, students that dropped out started to sporadically

appear here and there and transfered to other departments .
From more than 50 students to less than half of them . Most of them dropped out, but about ten men

were accepted into the maintenance department and scouts Department mid-way . I guess theses are

people that wouldn’t give up on aluminares like Benoit-san .

“As it is time, we’re going to start the exercices with real machines! Gather around me!”

As professor Gasoul calls us together, he starts explaining about today’s lesson .

“Today I’ll let you move actual aluminares using these two machines . Starting up from a standstill,

finishe the sdtart up process, you’ll just have to make one lap around the prairie by walking . I

guess it will not roughly take more than half an hour for one person . And then , because this is

your first ride, this time you’ll embark with a professor . Basically, they’ll just observe from

behind, but as soon as you think things are wrong he’ll support you so don’t worry”

Hmm, even when I started it up for the first time, when I activated it for the first time and

operated it for the first time, I’ve done all these on my own, nut originally, there’s supposed to

be some support included . But, it’sn’t such a difficult thing, I guess in reality it is just to be

sure .

“Well then, those whose name are called step forward . Mars, Fort”

The two people whose name has been called come forward from the group while making the guts pose .

Other students, including me, for the two people envious gaze .
While receiving these gazes, the two people go on board of the aluminare using magic along with the

professors .

“Good, leave the opened hatch as it is . Well then, try to activate it”

According to professor Gasoul’s instructions, the aluminares activated . The nostalgic driving sound

makes the bottom of my stomach shake . It’s a nostalgic sound . Once they launch those machines It’ll

become even more rough .

“Next is the start up . Do it without impatience”

As the generators driving sound increases, the ground slightly shakes . Then, the aluminare’s eyes

was shining .
Hoo, so an option that make the eyes shine when it’s started up is included . I did not notice it

all because I was always looking from the inside .
However, it’s a good prodcution for the eyes to shine . I can tell that it’s activated in a glance .

“When the activation is completed, invoke the sound collection and microphone magics . Even though

these two are constantly invoked, they mostly don’t consume a lot of High Magia Liquid”
“Roger that”

Being able to hear a voice from the two aluminares, it shows that the microphone’s magic has been

activated .

“can you also hear this voice? If you can hear, answer”

The professor talked to them without using his previous loud voice, but his classroom level voice .

“I can hear you”
“No problem”

Both of them immediately answered back . Both of them properly activated the sound collecting magic .
Satisfied with that, the professor nods his head in agreement and moved to the next instruction .

“Well then, Start the walk training . Do it with the method I thaugth you . There is no need to

hurry, move it slowly . We’ll start with Mars first”
“OK . The Mars machine, I’m moving”

While everyone watch with a tense look, the machine ridden by Mars slowly lifts its leg .
Then, making a heavy sound *thud*, it has taken a step .
The opposite leg following it, with again the opposite leg, advances onto the prairie . The pace is

much slower than the speed at which I came riding on Aluminare from the village .
However, it seems that was an impressive thing to Mars .

“I did it! I am moving!”

Yeah, I understand you . the emotion from when you move an humanoid robot for the first time, it’s

something that will last for a lifetime . Even I also had tears from just activating it .

“Well done . Stop there for a moment . Next is Fort”
“OK . I’m moving the Fort machine”

As one was waiting, the other one is moving in the same manner . This one also raised his voice with

excitement .
After all, everyone like aluminares .

“Well then, start the walk training . You two, make 1 round around the prairie according to the

instructions from your respective professor”
“”Roger that””

The slowly moving two aluminares, proceeding in order to perform one round around the prairie .
At first, they walked at speed that seemed fast, their speed gradually increases, but when the time

to return had come they came out at marching speed .
Then, after about half an hour, two aircraft come back under us .

“Well, cut the generator and come down . Thank the professors now”

As the machine’s generator is cut, tranquility returns to the neighborhood . And the two people who

came down, were visibly excited .
While wipe the sweat from their tension, they were happily talking to each other about their

impressions when they piloted .

“because there isn’t enough time . We’ll go rapidly”

The professor calls two new people, made them train in the same way .

As almost all of the set is ending, the one left was only me and Layla .
I impatiently waited for about 4 hours everytime names were called . It was really long…

“And finally, it’s Eldo and Layla . Get into the machines”
“Roger that!”

Climbing up to the cockpit at once, I sit on the seat as if I was diving into it . In the momentum,

it had surprised the standby professor, the me right now can’t afford to worry about such a thing .
Mounting the seat belt, I quickly confirm that there is no problem with the drive force of the

pedals or levers . Ready for any type of instructions from the professor, I wait .

“Is …, Is it still not good?”
“Wait a little bit more . Because she’s boarding”
“it’s just boarding in why does she takes so much time! Layla! Quickly get in!”
“Shut up, I’d get in even if you hadn’t told me to . Professor, I’m in your care”

Looks like Layla finally got into the cockpit .

“I know I know, make it activate”
“Yes, Eldo machine is starting”

Pushing the start button, the nostalgic vibration comes through my rear . The monitor was showing

lights from the outside view .
When I grasped the lever, I remember that close-call battle, lightly stepping on the pedal, causing

the rise of the generator’s output, I was prepared for the start up time .
Layla, activates the machine with a little delay after me .

“Good, Activate them!”
“I’ve been waiting!”

Revving up the generator, to the second stable regime .

“I’mstarting up”

As the start button is pushed, aluminare started up .
Oh, this driving sound . The weight of the lever, the various instruments displayed on the screen,

just about everything is nostalgic .
Next to me, Layla’s machine is also moving to started up status . No matter how many times I see

this scene where the eyes shine and the face lifts slightly, it’s wonderful .

“Well then, start the walk training . First Layla”
“Ye… Yes!”

That Layla is unusually tense . Well, she trained extra hard in advance in sword skill and magic,

but for piloting she could only memorize it by heart . So it’s natural for her to be nervous .
This is my only advantage . Piloting performance’s 1st place I’m going to get it .
Layla machine slowly lifting one leg, steps forward . The machine proceeded at a slow pace *thud*

*thud*, like a golem made of stone .
When she went about twenty meters, I heard the instruction given by the professor riding with

Layla .

“Then, try increasing the speed”
“Roger that”

Following the instructions of the professor, I guess Layla stepped onto the pedal . dropping the hip

a little bit, It looked like it took a strong step .
At that moment, the microphone of Layla’s machine, picked up the sound of something breaking .

Immediately after —-


As if that one step was a light run-up, Layla machine starts running at full speed lowering its

waist .

“… … … … hah?”

THe aluminare began to sprint on the prairie at full power, while leaving Layla’s scream,

proceeding to the forest reserve .

“It’s useless, he has been thrown off!”

Due to leaving the hatch open, unable to counteract the force of the sudden acceleration, the

professor who was a passenger has been thrown off .
Now that he successfully landed using magic, he hasn’t sufferend ant injuries, now the aluminare,

it means that Layla’s piloting it alone . Looking at that situation, she clearly can’t control it .

“I’m going”
“Please catch me!”

Calling the professor’s attention, I close the hatch by operating the hatch’s opening and closing

lever . With this the professor shouldn’t worry about being thrown off . After that, we will have you

get caught on that side .

“Since you’ll switch with me”
“It’s regrettable but by the time you remove your belt Layla would plunge into the forest . ”

She’s running straigth because it is a prairie, but once she’s in the forest she’d have to some

times be avoiding trees and trampling . It is a very different piloting from just making it walk .
As it is, once she plunge into something, I guess the aluminare would definitely fall . And in

addition to that, violently involving her surroundings, unable to take an ukemi[TN: the art of

falling safely thus reducing forces upon contact with the ground or other object] Layla should

fling pretty hard onto the strong belt through her whole body .
If it’s done poorly her bones will break .

Piloting the aluminare at full speed, I call her out while chasing after her .

“Layla! Calm down! Release the foot from the pedal!”
“I’m Releasing it! It’s not stopping even I release my foot! The pedal is still broken!”
“Are you serious?!”

The fact that the pedal is still broken, It points to a mechanical failure . However, is it possible

for such a thing to occur? It’d bebetter if it came from the violent moves and collisions on a

battlefiled, we just walked around for several hours on te prairie . It’s normally impossible for

such a thing to happen .
If something impossible happended, that means that something has been artificially done to it .

“Professor, perhaps…”
“Although I can’t actually check presently, it probably has been crafted by that rode on that

machine a little while ago”
“it’s that Phallas guy!”

The one that was riding it until Layla came on board is, Phallas . He’s the lesser nobles that came

to agitate us in the first test . It unexpectedly tenaciously came to bite, but as he got a little

separated from us in the top ranking, it should have resulted in him becoming the top of the second

group .
However, although no matter how much resentment he has against us, is it something that’s easy to

understand for such a criminal? No, as there is no firm evidence, if he says it’s an accident

wecan’t say anything .

“Every year, there’s no small number of guys that try to kick down the one in a better  position,

but it’s the first time I’ve seen such cowardly act”
“Because if I’m careless, I’ll die!”

I finely adjust the pressure, caught up with Layla’s machine by raising the degree of my stepping .

“Layla! Can you hear me!”
“I’m going to forcibly stop that thing . So firmly grasp the lever and brace yourself for the

“Wai… what do you intend to do?!”

Layla’s flustered voice comes back .

“Eldo, how do you intend to do it”
“I’ll stop it by causing it to fall . Once I catch it the shock should reduce”
“It’s crazy! Today should be your first time operating one right?! Besides, if  you cause the

generator to do a forced termination, the machine will stop!”
“Please dont tell me nonsense! If I fall down without doing an ukemi at this speed, I’d end up


With Layla’s current situation, I do not think that she can operate the machine in an accurate way

and perform an ukemi . If it’s to make it stop, I have to find something to kill the momentum, it’s

risky .

“But you are…!”
“Shaddup! Don’t open your mouth otherwise you’ll bite off your tongue!”

The forest is drawing near right in front of us . I can not afford to quarrell now .
While running parallel to the left of Leila machine, I’m leaving a little bit ahead, extending the

right foot to the front of Layla machine . The Layla machine is just running and caugth this leg

destroyed its balance pitching forward . If it falls as it is, it’ll be the same as a forced

termination of the generator and falling into the forest, but this one has skill .
While I feel that my machine floating, recovering my balance in the air making sure to catch Layla

machine we crashed onto the ground .


While wildly scraping the prairie *Zu zu zu zu*, while my machine pinned under the Layla machine

the speed drops .
By falling down, whether the pedal came back by rising up or not, the Layla machine’s legs stopped .
If it’s now, she should be able to cut the generator .

“Professor, are you allright?”
“So… somehow… Layla-kun is…?”
“Layla, are you ok? Layla?”

There’s no reply to my question .

“It looks like she’s uncounscious . I’m going to take a look”
“I’ll also go with you . If the foot pedal is damaged, it must be repaired . ”
“Roger that”

Opening the hatch *Pushu~tsu*, and then proceeds to fly from my machine to her’s .
Going into the cockpit and try tapping Layla’s cheek, but there’s no sign of her consciousness

returning .
It looks like there’s no trauma, is it concussion?

“Is Layla-kun okay?”
“There’s no trauma . I’m going out now”

Unfastening the seat-belt she’s leaning on, I catch her falling body .

“I’m going to be a little rude”

As it is, I lift up Layla, I move out of the cockpit to the shoulder .
He professor that was waiting outside goes in in order to take my place, and he began to check the

foot pedal .
While I still held up Layla, I asked the professor .

“How is it?”
“I don’t know wether or not it has been crafted, but the foot pedal is damaged”
“I see”

If the springs collapses due to pushing back the stepped on pedal so naturally pedal it will remain

collapsed . Using it, to make run out of control .
Although the professor says he doesn’t know whether or not it has been crafted, it would most

likely be the work of Phallas in all probability . And as it look like it’s withstanding a normal

pressure, with a deep wound put onto the spring, it was set to break during a dash .
Using such a cheap trick!
Involuntarily I filled my hand with force, The fainted Layla’s brows moved .

“Oops, are you awake?”
“Here is…?”
“It’s outside the machine”

Layla looks around moving her neck . And then her gaze fixated on my immediately close face . After

all, it’s because I’m carrying her in my arms! It’s already at the point-blank range .
The face of Layla gradually dyes red . normally with her cool candid personality, this innocent

reaction is quite interesting .

“Are there any place that hurt?”
“It’s…, it’s okay . Can I ask you to put me down?”

That request I dare not deny . Her buttocks gave a pretty good felling through her sport clothes

leggings .

“You suddenly fainted until a while ago . For now,lets stay like this . ”
“eh, no, but… . I would be pretty heavy…”
“Isn’t it the case at all? In fact you’re pretty light”
” I’m fine so let me down!”

Whether the embarrassment  reached up to the limit, Layla is starting to act violently in my arm .

“Oh, hey! Don’t violently! This is the aluminare’s shoulder you know!”

It’s not a height in which you only end up with some injuries if you fall!
When I reluctently let the struggling Layla, The professor’s astonished expression appeared from

the cockpit .

“You people, you’re having lover’s quarrel at such a time, explain to the professor Gasoul about

this situation . Incidentally also ask for parts in order to repair”
“This isn’t lover’s quarrel!”
“Roger that . I will use that machine”

I, taking Layla who denies me because her face is bright red, We got into the machine in order to

return to professor Gasoul .

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