Magical Device Craftsman Dahlia Won’t Hang Her Head Down Anymore

Madougushi Dahliya wa Utsumukanai 魔導具師ダリヤはうつむかない

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Comedy , Fantasy , Romance , Shoujo

Chapters: 23

Last update: a year ago

3.75 /5

"I'm sorry, Dahlia. I want to break off our engagement."That was what Dahlia's fiance said in front of her.In Dahlia's former life, she endured hard work, and she died from heart attack as she hung her head down.In this new world, when she wanted to be a good wife and quietly hang her head down, her engagement was cancelled.Dahlia swore she will stop hanging her head down.Work hard, go where you want to go, eat what you want to eat, drink what you want to drink.Live as I want to live as much as possible.Such a Dahlia met a knight from the demon subjugation unit. Dahlia who liked magical tools and Wolf who liked magic swords.Everyday they were involved in drinking and eating while passionately making magical devices and magic swords.If it was for a convenient life, the magical devices craftswoman who wouldn't hesitate no matter the difficulty was, and the fearless knight of the demon subjugation unit who single mindedly cut his way forward.The two people who wanted to turn their back from love, will they one day fall in love?

Magical Device Craftsman Dahlia Won’t Hang Her Head Down Anymore