Magical Device Craftsman Dahlia Won’t Hang Her Head Down Anymore - Chapter 19

Tempted by her desire as a magic tools craftsman to set up her own company, Dahlia shows up at the guild on the next day .

Yesterday, Tobias didn’t show up when she is at the guild so the re-registration for the small magic stove contract was pushed to today .

In case he didn’t come in yesterday, the commerce guild will make their moves .

Slightly hastening her feet, Dahlia makes her way to the second floor .

“Good morning Dahlia-san . Tobias-san already came by yesterday to cancel the profit contract . ”

Hearing Ivano’s words, Dahlia greets him back feeling relieved .

“Thank you very much, Ivano-san . ”

“I will issue the document for you now . Dominique-san will be arriving at noon so we should be able to finish the process by today . ”

“I will be in your care . ”

A re-registration is easy as there isn’t much document to go through .

Dominique, the notary can just confirm Dahlia’s name on the document and issue an official contract . There is no need for her to be present at the time .

With this, Tobias will have no penalty history as a magic tool craftsman . That said, the rumor will still spread around the commerce guild though .

While reviewing the documents, a group of 5 – 6 men entered the meeting room next to the office .

Apparently, there’s a meeting between the companies that deal with fabrics . There seems to be someone running late so they are just having an idle chat with each other .

“Hey, I just heard that the boy at Orlando’s place was switching to a new woman just before the marriage . ”

They might not think that the person related to the rumor herself is barely within earshot at the nearby office .

Without covering my ears, I turn over the documents as if nothing was happening .  

“Orlando’s second son… . . ah, the one who came up with waterproof clothes, Tobias huh . He still not married yet?”

“He was engaged to Carlo’s daughter, Tanya right? Well, she’s his master daughter so I guess he couldn’t refuse him huh . ”

“It seems the new woman is the receptionist at his company . I have seen her before but she’s a young and cute child . ”

“The abandoned Tanya is pitiful, isn’t she . If Carlo were alive, this would never happen . ”

Rumors are often twisted .

Tobias came up with waterproof clothes? My name is Tanya? Dahlia was trying to keep it cool without retorting them but her fingertips seemed to slightly get colder .

“……the old sparrows are quite noisy huh . ”

I turned my head to the side and found Gabriella standing there .

Today she is wearing a light purple one-piece dress with a matching lace point . Her silver barrette adorned with blue gem is shining brightly on her ivory hair .

“If you don’t have any plans for today, won’t you go out with me?”

“Is that alright with your job?”

“I’m taking a break today . I’m just here because I was free since my husband is away . ”

Maybe she is just worried about me or perhaps she wants to talk about the new company, Dahlia accepted her invitation with that in mind .

There was a carriage already waiting in front of the commerce guild .

“Now, Dahlia-san, how about a lesson on [How to become more like a president]?”

“Um, even if you say a president, I am the only one in the company right?”

“Yes, exactly . That’s why I think it’s better for you to not be looked down on . ”

Gabriella laughed like a cat who just found its prey .


The first place I was taken to was a clothing store . It is a store aim at commoners but it also handles high-quality clothes .

In this world, I feel that clothing-related commodities are more expensive than in my previous life .

Dahlia firmly grabbed Gabriella’s sleeve .

“Um, Gabriella-san, the budget is…… . ”

“It’s fine . If you don’t have enough I will just use some from my husband’s wallet, he’s your guarantor after all . ”

With her vague reply, it seems no matter what I ask, she will just reply to me with a smile .

“Welcome dear customer, we have been expecting you . ”

Immediately after they were greeted by the clerk, Dahlia was stripped of her usual ash-colored clothes .

When I was panicking as my size being measured, Gabriella and the clerk scolded me on how my underwear is not matching my size at all .

Since her figure hasn’t changed since her academy years, she just bought them without trying them on . When she told them that, their scolding grew even harsher .

The clerk tightly measures her size and even have her try on some underwear afterward .

She did that all while repeatedly saying [It’s absolutely necessary for you to put on lingerie that matches your size!] .

In the end, I decided to buy three new sets that match my size .

Next, she testing out the clothes on Dahlia’s face to see which color looks good on her and which doesn’t . After she determined that, she jotted it down on a piece of paper . It seems I have to choose the color from that list .

When I answered them on my clothing preferences with [Easy to move in, inconspicuous color, and easy to wash], the clerk went silent and Gabriella was holding her forehead with her palm .

After that, I was brought to a fitting room and the clerk came in after me with a tremendous amount of clothes in both of her hands .

“Please try everything on . ”

Since the smile on the clerk’s face is a little scary, I tried to ask Gabriella for help but then I saw Gabriella following us into the fitting room together with another clerk who has even more clothes in her hands .

The clerks and Gabriella are selecting the clothes while Dahlia repeatedly wearing and taking them off . In the end, there are around 10 patterns with 20 or so clothes on the hanger .

I was told that I could choose three or more but when I was about to casually select them, I noticed .

“Dahlia, you know, these clothes are a kind of [letter of introduction] . As the president of a company, you have to build up your trust in a meeting or when you are dealing with customers . Clothing is important to make a good first impression . ”

“That’s right, clothing is very important! you absolutely need to switch to clothes that better suit you!”

For the time being, I was convinced of their explanation but I don’t know what kinds of clothes would be able to gain my customer’s trust or build a good first impression . To be honest, I’m too unfamiliar with this kind of stuff so I have no confidence in this .

After telling them that, I asked for their advice and finally decided on two of the patterns .

The first pattern is a glossy lampblack one piece dress with a vanilla beige jacket .

The second one is a dark blue long skirt with a little lace decorating it in the hyacinth blue ensemble .

“Loose clothes that don’t fit your size won’t be easy to move in . Nowadays, we have some stretchy elastic fabrics too . The one that made from a unicorn’s hairs are especially relaxing to wear dear customer . ”

When I was mulling on what to choose for the third pattern, I raise my face when the clerk mentioned the [Unicorn] hairs .

After some pondering, I chose olive green long pants . Of course, it is the one that has the most elasticity, made from materials of a unicorn .

For the combination, I decided to buy a white lily summer sweater with a slight green tint together with a white shirt .

As long as I can remember, this is the first time I buy white clothing like this .

I decided to look for shoes that can go together with the combination .

When Dahlia told the clerk and Gabriella that she only wants two pair of shoes, they consult with each other and bring out various shoes for her to try on .

As a result, she was able to choose a pair of beige shoes that matched the color of her skin and another pair of shiny black shoes . Considering the ease of movement, the heels were lowered .

When she finally finished choosing her clothes and shoes, Dahlia thought that she might turn into ashes .

The size adjustment for the one-piece and the pants take place immediately at the store . Apparently, there is a professional seamstress working at this store .

While waiting for that to finish, Dahlia went to pay for everything but the clerk handed the invoice to Gabriella instead .

“Dahlia-san, do you have 5 large silver coins?”

One large silver coin is equivalent to 10,000 yen according to Dahlia’s senses .

What she is buying are 7 clothes with moderately good quality, 3 sets of underwear and 2 pairs of shoes . That amount of money definitely won’t cover that .

“I will pay for it myself . The real price is definitely higher than that isn’t it?”

“Alright, let’s head to the next store . ”

Dahlia’s eyes went round after that .