Magical Device Craftsman Dahlia Won’t Hang Her Head Down Anymore - Chapter 6

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The Green Tower

While moving by carriage, Dahlia could see the high stone wall surrounding the capital city .
She felt relieved seeing the tower covered by the vines there which came in sight .

The Green Tower- that was what it called for those who knew it, was an old tower made of stone .
Dahlia had lived here with her father since her childhood .
It was a place where she would now live alone since her father had died and Tobias moved out this morning for marriage .

Although they could live in this tower, Tobias was fixated on living at the house in the central area . He complained that it would be better to live closer to the commercial guild and his own family’s company to create and sell more magical devices .

Around the site, the tower was surrounded by a brick wall slightly higher than the height of an adult male .
At the cut-off part of the wall, there was a bronze-colored gate that was wide enough for a carriage to pass through .
Once Dahlia got off the carriage, she touched a part of the gate . With just that, the gates opened smoothly, parting to the left and right automatically .

“No matter how many times I look at it, this is really handy”
“Wouldn’t it be great if all the shipping guild doors were like this…”

This gate would open when a registered person touched it lightly .
It took time to open and close when entering and leaving a warehouse as their doors were tight . For the people from the shipping guild, a door that opened and closed automatically would be a very desirable feature for the gates .

Some gates of the castles and of high-ranking nobles were automatic, but they required an operator and a considerable number of magic stones . However, as far as Dahlia knows, this gate was never supplied any magic stones and had never needed an operator .

Dahlia’s grandfather, who designed and installed this gate, did not make any blueprint or give any oral instructions . The gate would have to be dismantled once to check how it was made and how it worked . .
While Dahlia’s father said he would find out sooner or later, he died before he did .

“It was my grandfather who made this, but he didn’t leave any blueprints . If I find out the mechanism and can design it, I will definitely sell it to the shipping guild”
“I am looking forward to it”
“I’ll wait from the bottom of my heart!”

Returning a smile to the overly serious voice, Dahlia got off the carriage and unlocked the tower . This was an ordinary metal key .

Then, moving in of the luggage began .
Due to magic, many of the shipping guild’s members could enhance their body .
They lightly carried the heavy boxes and furniture Dahlia would find difficult to carry up the stairs of the tower . . The small amount of luggage was carried away in no time .

“This is all . So, I’ll ask you to sign here”
“Thank you, you saved me a lot”

After Dahlia signed the work confirmation document, the members of the shipping guild bid goodbye to Dahlia and return to the carriage .
Only Marcella remained where he was .

“You should have no dinner tonight, right? why not come to eat at my house?”
“Thank you, but I have preserved food, and I want to finish unpacking today . ”
“… don’t push yourself too hard”

When she was trying to see him out to the front of the gate, Marcella returned to the carriage once and handed a large handbag to her .
Inside was Dahlia’s favorite walnut bread and red wine .

“This, Irma said ‘If Dahila says she won’t come, give these to her’”
“Thank you . She really is a good wife”
“And a good friend, right?”

Slowly, the back of Dahlia’s nose started aching .
But if she were to cry here, Marcella would definitely take her to his house . She absolutely didn’t want to bother them any further .

Irma had good intuition .
Surely, she had expected that Dahlia would stay in the tower today and not come out even if she was invited .

Irma was Dahlia’s childhood friend . She used to live in a house near this tower, and then she took an apprenticeship in the central area to become a barber, and she met and married Marcella .
Even if Dahlia went to an academy, even if Irma was married, she would treat her the same . That was why Dahlia was really grateful .

“I’m going to tidy up quickly . Once it’s done, come with Irma to eat here”
“Okay, let me do that”

Managing to make a decent facial expression, Dahlia saw the carriage off .


Sitting down and feeling depressed, Dahlia began to put back every little bit of the luggage .

She put the contents of the box back into the laboratory and warehouse on the first floor, and into the closet and dresser in her room on the third floor .

Dahlia felt like using the closet and the dresser as they were, so she decided to put some of her favorite soaps in place and seal them . Her favorite scent would cover them in a few days .
There was no sin to the things, it was also furniture that her father cherished, so she decided to forget the rest .

It was already midnight by the time she had unpacked and put back all the luggage .
Dahlia decided to have a late dinner in the living room connected to the second-floor kitchen .

Sitting on the couch, she drank wine and bit a walnut bread . The bread full of walnuts fragrant was often eaten with red wine .
After eating walnut bread, she took out nuts and dried fruits from the emergency storage bag .
And Dahlia continued to drink wine .

It had been a very busy day .
Cancelling the engagement at the new house on the day after moving . Formalities with the guild and moving back to the tower again .

The most surprising thing today was Tobias’s affair .
She thought that the earnest Tobias would be a good husband when she got married, and he would be able to work together with her as magical devices craftsman too .
She never had a passionate expression of love, but she hoped that they could live together quietly .

Maybe she had taken a liking to him .
But for Tobias, she was neither a love partner nor a person to pour his affection into .

“Surprisingly, I couldn’t cry about it”

Dahlia gulped the wine in the glass and chewed the dried fruit .
Even though she was extremely tired, her tears just wouldn’t come out .

After being engaged, she talked about magical devices, about the work they did together, and consultation about deliveries and estimates-other than that, she just couldn’t remember the rest .

Ah, that’s right .
She never did love Tobias . 1

Dahlia finished drinking a bottle of wine and wept a little, not because of the separation, but because the tower reminded her of her father .
There was no doubt she drank too much red wine after that .

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