Magical Device Craftsman Dahlia Won’t Hang Her Head Down Anymore - Chapter 7

The Worst Awakening

Next morning, Dahlia was woken up in the worst way .

The doorbell of the tower rang repeatedly, not the bell outside the gate .

There were only a few people who could open the gate .

Dahlia thought it was probably her childhood friend, Irma, who came .

But, when she rubbed her sleepy eyes and tried to go out, there was Tobias . 1

After Dahlia tidying up until midnight, she drank wine and went to bed in the early morning, so her face was puffy and her hair was disheveled .

She thought ‘Don’t come early in the morning!’, but the sun was already high in the sky .

“Um … I’m sorry, but I want you to return the engagement bracelet . ”

When she was feeling unwell, her former fiancee was making it worse .

An engagement bracelet was basically what an engagement ring or a wedding ring was in the former world, and was either sent by the man to the woman, or both mutually gifted one to each other .

However, the meaning was slightly different in this world . When a man sent it, he sent a bracelet of a price by selling which the woman could live for more than two months, and even if something unexpected happened, it would promise her a means to survive by selling the bracelet .

Even in the case of cancelation of engagement, the recipient usually had ownership over it .

Dahlia had been told by Tobias not to damage it when she received the engagement bracelet, so she put it in the accessory box and only put it on when they went out together .

She had kept it in a box, thinking it might hit something because she was moving yesterday, and honestly forgot about its existence until now .

“… Asking someone to return the bracelet, I don’t think I have ever heard something like that though?”

“Sorry . I want to hurry to make an engagement bracelet for Emilia, but I don’t have much time, and um, reserves…”

I am glad from the bottom of my heart I don’t have to marry this man .

I don’t know whether they’re engaged or already married, but my sincerest condolences for having to do with used goods, Dahlia thought venomously .


Selling the bracelet was troublesome . Asking him for money was also annoying .

Really, from the bottom of her heart, Dahlia didn’t want to see this man right now .

“I’ll bring it, so wait here”

She closed the door and went up to the third floor with a dash . Searching the accessory box, she grabbed the engagement bracelet and earrings .

She put both in a suitable bag, returned immediately and passed it to Tobias .

“Okay, this is the bracelet . While at it, I return this too”

A bracelet made to match Tobias chestnut-color hair and almond-color eyes .

It had a chic design with a strong brown of carnelian gem adorned on a thin gold base . Dahlia liked it quite a bit .

The earring was a single round type, with an orange garnet gem .

In this country, when a person had a lover, they sometimes wore pendants, earrings, piercings, rings, etc . with the color of their lover’s eyes or hair .

Dahlia had received them on her previous birthday .

She was told not to wear it while at work, and she only put it on a couple of times, but Dahlia was sure she would never do it again .

Tobias who received it back gave a small nod and took out a little white box from his jacket pocket .

“I give this back to you”

When Dahlia got an earring from Tobias on her birthday last year, Dahlia gave him a gem in return .

Small but unclouded, a beautifully glowing red ruby .

She was told by Tobias to let him think about whether he ought to make a ring or a bracelet out of it, so for the time being, she gave the gem just as it was . But Dahlia had never seen it even once after that .

The returned gem glowed just like before in the small box without any changes to it .

She accepted the box and laughed terribly .

She guessed Tobias’s affection had run cold long ago .

“… I hurt you, I’m really sorry”

Dahlia closed the door wordlessly while Tobias lowered his head .  2


The back of Dahlia’s throat was hot .

She didn’t know if she was angry or sad .

Dahlia erased Tobias’s entry at the control panel inside the workshop . He could not open the gate anymore .

She threw the small box onto a shelf carelessly .

Then, when she rushed into the bathroom, she poured hot water into the bathtub with a magical device using water magic stone and fire magic stone .

She took off her clothes and lowered herself into the not yet filled bath, washing her face many times .

She had decided not to hang her head down anymore .

You don’t have to cry because of Tobias, it’s not worth it-Dahlia told herself repeatedly .

After calming down a bit, she got out of the tub and washed her body and hair carefully .

Thankfully, in this royal capital, there was no lack of water for the kitchen, the bathroom and the flush toilet .

It was because water magic stones were both cheap and stable in supply .

According to what Dahlia heard from her father and learned at the academy, it was said that there was a “large water reform” by the royal family twenty years ago .

“I want every place in this country to not have to worry about the most essential amount of water,” research began with the words of the king at the time, and the Viscount managing the sewage arranged a mass production system for water magic stones . It was said that the Viscount rose to a Count from his meritorious service .

Even now, the production management of the water magic stone was mainly carried out by the Count family, and also worked on the royal capital’s sewage to the water supply and water purification .

It was even rumored that in the next generation the family would rise to a Marquis .

Without lack of water, Dahlia could take a bath every day if she wanted, and flush the toilet, which was something Dahlia really appreciate as a former Japanese in her former world .

While entering the bathtub again, she observed the stocked water magic stone . The stone was just large enough to lightly cover a fourth of the palm, it was a deep blue oval stone . It was small, but just this one could supply a lot of a bathtub with water . Thankfully one could buy it with a few copper coins .

In this world where magic is a thing, she had learned that there was “Mana” everywhere, and that by going through the correct steps, one can activate magic .

However, whether the water magic stone itself was gathering moisture in the atmosphere, or just really transferring water magically from somewhere, or created water from nothing-it seemed there was no detailed theory behind and verification of such things .

When Dahlia thoughtlessly asked the magician professor at the academy, she was enthusiastically invited to the laboratory .

Until now, Dahlia often used fire magic stones and wind magic stones along with the materials of magical creatures .

She received back the money for the new house, so it might be a good idea to start new research with the water magic stone .

Suddenly, the soap in the corner entered her view .

Dahlia used it casually in this world, but in this country, there were both soap and soapy water, but there was no pump bottle of foaming soap . She generally remembered the mechanism and had experience with disassembly and assembly .

It was not a magical device, but with a foam pump bottle, baths and hand-washing should be more convenient .

She wondered why she did not remember until now . She had to make a note of this swiftly -Dahlia left the bathtub immediately .

Before she noticed, the thoughts about Tobias had disappeared with the bubbles .