Marilyn Likes Lariensa Too Much! - Chapter 35

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MLLTM Chapter 35

Translator: Azure, Flameu Editor: Yunan



Sibel’s expression became strange, perhaps because what I said was unexpected. What I said this time was not an unfounded statement to relieve Sibel’s mood.





I was very worried about Sibel’s reaction when I said his presence was ominous earlier.










“I’ve been joking around a lot with my friends that sometimes I might say things that hurt their feelings.”










“If you don’t tell me anything, I might just forget about it without knowing you were hurt…”










“Earlier… when I said that your presence was ominous.”










“…I-I’m sorry about that.”









I was getting nervous because there I couldn’t hear a response coming back. In particular, I felt more urgent because it was right after I said something embarrassing.









“You get it?!”








So I just raised my voice.









“I accept those three promises.”










“But to accept your apology… You see, I’ve already been hurt.”









Euk! So you’re saying you don’t accept apologies!








“I don’t want a simple apology.”





“Then, what can I do for you?”





“Will you listen to anything I say?”





“Just don’t make me do strange requests.”








Sibel, who laughed in a low voice, soon beckoned me with a cheeky look.








“Come here.”








Look at him ordering me around now that I’ve given him the chance!





First of all, I’m really sorry, so I’ll just make this an exception this time!





As I reluctantly approached him, Sibel stretched out his arms.









“Hug me.”








I thought I heard it wrong at first. However, Sibel stood with his arms outstretched in a dignified manner.









“It’d better if you caress my broken heart.”





“…Let’s just end this with a hug.”









I left behind my petulant heart and hugged Sibel carefully. I wrapped my arms around his waist and put my hand on his back.





As we were wearing clothes, I couldn’t feel his warmth. I felt this when my skin touched his a few times but his body temperature is pretty low.





At first, I couldn’t even imagine holding a Sibel like this.





It seems that our relationship has improved a lot.








“Right, Sibel.”





“…What is it?”








I just remembered what I’ve been wanting to say to Sibel during this long hug.









“Thank you.”









I wonder if I could use all those gifts in my entire life. Still, I’m grateful knowing that he actually cares about my birthday.





I’m embarrassed because I feel like I’ve been bribed, but that’s why I don’t avoid Sibel now as much as I used to.





Far from avoiding him, it seems that he also opened his heart slightly after we saw the fireworks together at the clock tower.









“I was a little touched that you gave me a lot of things for my birthday. If you tell me when’s yours, I’ll take the time to also celebrate yours.”








I looked at Sibel and tried to pull away from him to hear his answer but he wouldn’t let me go. There was something strange about it, but I decided to stay still for now because this was my apology to him.





This handsome blue beast… Although he has lots of veiled secrets and was a real pain in the ass, why do I think he’s worth getting close to though? Am I crazy?





Of course, the answer to that has not come out for the life of me.

















I just kept silent and Sibel kept me in his arms for so long.





* * *


How nice would it be if I transmigrated into the world of a finished novel?





But damn it! <You in the Dark> is an unfinished novel! I don’t even know why or how Sibel got his ability in the first place!





Although I succeeded in separating Sibel from Lariensa, but I failed to keep Sibel away from me.





And now if I still avoid Sibel again… I’ll surely be forced to tread the death route!





Sigh… It’s better to get to know Sibel now that this has happened. Also, those sincere words that he had said also caught my attention…









“Marin, Marin!”










“What are you thinking about so deeply?”








Lara pouted her lips and gave a clear sulky look.








“Are you becoming cold to me now that we have separated rooms?”








It was sad to see her being depressed these days. Feeling weak by the despondent Lariensa, I said that I will no longer separate rooms with her.









“Really? Really?!”








Uwu uwu, Lara, are you now feeling better?





I don’t think I’ll be jealous of anything if I have a daughter like Lara.




I was having a lovely time patting Lara’s pretty blonde hair, but then I could feel someone staring at me from somewhere.





Turning around, I could see Sibel staring at me.





We already had a tacit understanding to pretend not to know each other in the classroom, so what’s wrong with him?





Sibel, who had been looking at me for a long time, suddenly stood up and is now walking towards me!





Suddenly I remembered my early days at the academy. Even then, Sibel approached me in front of other students…


















and spoke to me in an unusually friendly way!





What is this unwelcomed déjà vu?!









“Did you go back to your dorm safely last night?”









What’s wrong with you, Sibel? We already made up, right?





Was it only my misunderstanding?!








“L-Last night?”





“After we… finished hugging, you suddenly ran away.”





“H-Hold on!”





“I wasn’t planning on doing it but…”









I could feel menacing gazes everywhere.





First of all, my friends, then my classmates, and the Sisamo!









“Let’s go out first and talk…”





“The face that you made when you were listening to the love serenade yesterday was really worth seeing.”








Oh God, I don’t believe in any religion, but I’ll become a devout believer of you at this moment.





So please give me an answer. Did I do something wrong to Sibel again?









“What’s wrong with you?”








As I whispered to him, Sibel smiled and replied quietly that only I can hear it.








“The more I think about you making eye contact with another man, the more I feel hurt.”








Is this really the attitude of a wounded man?!








“If you wanted to make up for the whipping (sticks), you should have given me more carrots.”





“That’s why I hugged you yesterday.”





“But that wasn’t enough.”









You, you, you jerk…!





My face turned red, but Sibel was still smiling brightly.





This blue beast that I’m currently raising really has… a rotten personality, too rotten.





* * *


I’m running now. I don’t know why but I’m currently running as fast as I can.









“Stay right there, Marilyn!”





“Marin, why are you running away?”





“How dare you keep secrets from us?”





“You’re such a traitor!”









Oh, right. I was being chased. Also by my dear friends…





Emily, Lariensa, Violet, and Natalie were chasing me with a frightening force.





If it were just my friends, I would have gladly talked to them, but behind them were the members of Sisamo!









“Stop right there, Marilyn! I want you to confess what’s going on with you and Sibel!"





“Why did you hug Sibel last night?”





“There’s no way that you two are in a relationship!”








As I ran, I cried out explaining to them even though I knew they won’t believe me in the first place.








“We’re not in that kind of relationship!”









The scariest of them all were Emily and the Sisamo chairman, Hailey.





The two chased me with tremendous speed that if I slowed down a little bit, I’d surely be caught in no time.





Look at the crowd! It’s already impossible for me to beat all those people alone.









“Don’t lose sight of her!”





“Get her!”








Isn’t this a romance novel? Why am I now shooting an action movie?









“You guys are gonna regret doing this to me!”









Because Sibel and I aren’t really in that kind of relationship you think we are!





But the Sisamo and my friends weren’t easily scared.









“Let’s see if it’s really a misunderstanding or not.”





“Don’t worry. We’re going to let you go after torturing you.”









You’re saying that you’re going to torture me first before you listen to what I’ve got to say?





And you guys. Since when have you been close with the Sisamo? I suddenly feel lonely…









“When have you guys been friends with the Sisamo? Have you guys got no loyalty?!”





“You kept a secret from us first, you traitor!”









Fortunately, the other pursuers are gradually falling behind but I still can’t slow down here. Because Emily is one of my pursuers!





Just in time, I saw a big trash can next to the hallway.









“Take this!”









I knocked down the trash can, and thanks to it, I was able to widen our gap… was what I thought would happen.





Not until I saw Emily jump over the trash can.





Somebody! Please, stop Emily!









“Marilyn! Are you guys currently having a race? That looks fun.”









AHHHHHHH! Esco! Does this look fun, huh?








“Esco! Help me!”









Esco, smiling brightly across the hallway, stiffened his face when he heard my cry for help.









“Emily is about to kill me!”








Dash! Tak, tak, tak!





I can hear Emily running from behind.





When I looked back, Emily’s eyes were…





I can assure you at this moment.





Facing Emily is scarier than facing Sibel! 





Esco nodded his head with a serious look on his face when our eyes met, signaling that he would help me.





But Esco is always beaten up by Emily, so how can he help me…?





The method was simpler than I thought.









“Take this, Emily! It’s a freshly-baked egg tart!”








At the same time, Emily jumped at me. But when the egg tart flew in, Emily instantly stepped on the wall and turned around to catch it!





That mind-blowing athletic ability of hers!









“Thank you, Esco!”








I turned around the corner and completely left my pursuers out. But if I keep running in this long hallway, I’ll eventually get caught again!





Looking around, I decided to hide in the library.








“Where did she disappear to?”





“Emily! How could you get distracted by an egg tart?”





“Marin’s gone!”









My heart was still racing fast as I leaned against the library door, listening to their conversation outside.









“Did she perhaps went inside the library?”








V-Violet! Why are you only so sharp at times like this? Use that sense when you study!








“That’s impossible. Marilyn hates books. Even if she’s being pursued, there’s no way she would hide inside the library.”





“That’s right, Marin always tells me not to go to the library and not to approach the guy who’s always in there.”








Guys, I avoided coming to the library because of Sio, not because I hated books! And Lara, I didn’t even tell you to avoid Sio… 








“Anyways, I’m sure she’s not in there.”





“Wait a minute!”








Everyone was about to leave the library when they heard Hailey’s voice.









“You guys don’t need this to know, so I won’t tell you, but let me just tell you that the library is one of the places that Sibel often goes! If Marilyn Launer is found to be hiding in the library now… then their relationship is definitely more suspicious now.”









You said you wouldn’t tell them, but you just told them everything…









“All right, let’s do a search.”









I could feel the door slightly opening at Violet’s words in which I hurriedly blocked with all my strength.









Rattle! Rattle!








“Strange, the door won’t open.”





“Isn’t the library always open?”





“Let’s try opening it together.”
















I can’t back down like this. Even though I’m already sweating profusely from blocking the door, I can never back down!





I know so well that if the door opens like this, I’ll be tortured by these girls!










“You guys are so weak. Get out of the way.”









Damn it! Emily finally stepped up!









“Let’s just give up on the library. I think the door is locked.”





“If it’s locked, then we can just break it.”









If something breaks somewhere in this academy, I’m sure the professors suspect you immediately even if you weren’t there on the scene of the crime…










“And my gut tells me that this is not locked. Someone’s blocking it.”










…Was Emily always this sharp?










“There’s only one person I can think of other than me who can block the door with such strength.”





“Don’t tell me...!”









I can feel it...





Emily’s getting close! What to do? I can’t beat her!





I was all alone in a cold sweat. Mindful of Emily and the other girls beyond the door, I didn’t even notice the presence that was approaching me.









“…Step aside.”









I heard a man’s voice from behind and turned around…










“Sio Owens?”









Sio was standing there.

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