Martial God Asura - Chapter 4736

Chapter 4736: Kneel Down and Beg for Mercy

“I’m asking you a question here . Do you dare to accept my challenge? Why aren’t you answering me? If you dare not to, you can just apologize right now and we can call it quits!” Chu Feng asked once more .

“Apologize? Why should we apologize to you?” the Duanmu Brothers replied together .

“Why? The selection is an event hosted by the sectmaster, and the rules are made quite clear . All juniors are able to participate in the event . There aren’t any requirements on the person is a man or a woman, an elder or a disciple . I fulfill all of the criteria on the boards .

“Yet, the two of you suddenly confronted and started talking about what qualification . For two people who don’t even dare to pit their talents against me, don’t you think that you’re unqualified to be questioning my abilities?” Chu Feng replied .

The Duanmu Brothers were rendered speechless . Indeed, they were not on the side of reason for this matter .

At this point, the two of them were starting to regret their decision . They thought that they could curb Chu Feng’s pride through their reputation as Hidden Dragon Disciples and their rank nine Exalted level cultivation .

They didn’t expect Chu Feng to be such a tough nut to crack . Not only were they unable to faze him, but they ended up cornering themselves too .

However, as Hidden Dragon Disciples, how could they allow themselves to be suppressed by a mere newcomer? With such thoughts in mind, they decided to put aside their hesitations .

“You sure have a load of nonsense! If you want a fight, so be it . However, I’ll only compete with you on martial power!”

Right after saying those words, Duanmu Yang exerted his oppressive might toward Chu Feng once more, but this around, he was far more aggressive than before .


But in the next moment, another oppressive might suddenly emerged and knocked Duanmu Yang down from the platform . It had come from a tanned, brawny man standing under the platform .

He was a young man as well, and his appearance was so-so . However, he had an honest face that gave him a righteous appearance .

Seeing this, the Duanmu Brothers found themselves put even further in a spot .

That person was Lu Long . Despite his ordinary appearance, he was definitely not a pushover . He was only 113 years old, but his cultivation had already reached rank one Martial Exalted level .

He was a Hidden Dragon Disciple previously, and he would have still been one if not for the fact his age had exceeded the limits of a junior .

“Duanmu Xiang, Duanmu Yang . I think Brother Chu Feng’s words make perfect sense here . You are the ones who provoked him for no good reason, trying to abuse your position to oppress him . In the first place, you’re in the wrong here .

“Junior Chu Feng has proposed a duel to settle the matter, and if you had any qualms about it, you could have just accepted his challenge . It’s one thing that you don’t dare to accept his challenge, but you actually attacked him without any warning . Don’t you find your actions embarrassing?” Lu Long said .

To make things worse for the Duanmu Brothers, it would appear that Lu Long was known to be a just person in the sect, such that many people immediately voiced their agreement for his words .

The crowd had just been watching the commotion a moment ago suddenly began jeering at the Duanmu Brothers .

This made the Duanmu Brothers feel embarrassed, but there was nothing they could do . So, they shot a vicious glare at Chu Feng before awkwardly walking away .

As for Chu Feng, he walked over to Lu Long with the intention to thank him . However, before Chu Feng could say a word, Lu Long said, “I am Lu Long . Even though I’m not a junior, I’m a disciple of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect as well . ”

“I am Chu Feng . Thank you for help earlier, Senior Lu,” Chu Feng replied .

“We’re members of the same sect, there’s no need to get courteous with me . ”

In secret, however, Lu Long sent a voice transmission to Chu Feng, “Junior Chu Feng, there’s no need to thank me . Actually, I only helped me under someone else’s request . ”

Chu Feng quickly replied via voice transmission too, “May I know who you’re referring to?”

“Brother Chu Feng, come along with me if you trust me . ”

After saying those words, he left the area .

Seeing this, Chu Feng quickly bade Tu Yuanyuan farewell before leaving the area with Lu Long . Soon, he reached the territory of the East Dragon Hall .

“Senior Lu, may I know who is the one who requested you to help me?” Chu Feng asked along the way .

“Do you still remember Li Muzhi?” Lu Long asked with a smile .

“Yes, I do . Was he the one who made the request?” Chu Feng asked .

Li Muzhi was the one who trespassed on the Dragon Clan the other day with his grandfather, Li Fengxian, and took Yu Ting away . Back then, he even crossed blows with Li Muzhi too .

It was just that Chu Feng’s cultivation was too weak then, such that he didn’t stand a chance against Li Muzhi at all in a clash of martial power . As such, they competed on the grounds of spirit power instead .

That battle ended with Chu Feng’s victory .

It was due to his victory that Li Muzhi and his grandfather decided to speak up on Yu Ting’s behalf . Looking back, it would be more exact to say that there was a conflict between them .

It was not to say that they were enemies, but they weren’t friends either .

He didn’t expect that Li Muzhi would step in and help him .

“Help you? Chu Feng, you’re too naive . ”

All of a sudden, Lu Long’s face turned livid, leaving Chu Feng feeling deeply uneasy .

Lu Long released his oppressive might as a rank one Martial Exalted level cultivator, shrouding Chu Feng like a cage .

“Chu Feng, if you don’t want to die, kneel down and apologize . Otherwise, you’ll have to face the consequences of your actions!” Lu Long said coldly .

“Kneel down and apologize? What have I done wrong?” Chu Feng asked .

“You defeated Junior Li before his grandfather, embarrassing him . That’s a huge mistake in itself!” Lu Long said .

“A huge mistake?”

Chu Feng could see where Lu Long was coming from . Li Muzhi was likely to be a prideful person, and he hoped to receive the acknowledgment of his family members . In a sense, Chu Feng’s victory over him had humiliated him .

Others might have just thought of it as a minor spar, but for someone as headstrong and prideful as Li Muzhi, it was a huge matter .

“So, you helped me earlier today in order to lure me here and teach me a lesson in Li Muzhi’s place?” Chu Feng asked .

“Since you’ve already figured things out, why bother asking at all? Chu Feng, don’t think that I dare not to touch you just because you have the North Tortoise Hall behind your back . Even if I make a move on you, the North Tortoise Hall wouldn’t dare to do a thing at all . Kneel down and apologize right now, and you might spare yourself some physical agony,” Lu Long said .

However, Chu Feng sneered coldly and said, “Don’t waste your time with words . Make your move . ”

The gaze he shot at Lu Long when he said those words was as vicious as a demon .

Chu Feng knew that Lu Long wouldn’t dare to really kill him here . He had miscalculated this time around by blindly trusting Lu Long, placing himself in a dangerous position . He only had himself to blame for this .

However, as long as he survived this ordeal, he would surely return this favor tenfold back to Lu Long .

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