Martial God Asura - Chapter 4920

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Chapter 4920: Facing Danger Alone

Chu Feng tortured Prince Shenglong because he thought that the latter deserved it, but he knew better than to kill him. Even though Prince Shenglong was trash, he was still a favored son of the Nine Souls Sacred Clan’s Clan Chief. 

Prince Shenglong revealed the reason behind that under Chu Feng’s torture.

Born with a mediocre talent for cultivation, he couldn’t even catch the eye of the Nine Souls Sacred Clan’s Clan Chief at the start. He was granted certain privileges as a prince of the Nine Souls Sacred Clan, but it would be a stretch to say that the clan chief was fond of him.

However, Prince Shenglong’s mother was deeply loved by the clan chief. There was a period of time that the clan chief would bring her around wherever he went. 

There was once the two of them entered an ancient remnant together, but the only one who walked out of there alive was the Nine Souls Sacred Clan’s Clan Chief. Something must have happened to Prince Shenglong’s mother, but the clan chief refused to divulge the details. 

Many speculated that Prince Shenglong’s mother had lost her life in the ancient remnant.

Ever since then, the Nine Souls Sacred Clan’s Clan Chief started doting on Prince Shenglong. Over time, he became known as the most favored child of the clan chief.  

Even the highly talented Princess Xiaoxiao paled in comparison to Prince Shenglong on that aspect.

Later on, rumors began spreading that Prince Shenglong’s mother had sacrificed herself to save the Nine Souls Sacred Clan’s Clan Chief in the ancient remnant. The anguish from losing a loved one plunged the Nine Souls Sacred Clan’s Clan Chief into agony, and the only way he could make himself feel better was to treat their child kindly.

That would be why the mediocre Prince Shenglong was so favored despite his incompetence.

Prince Shenglong went on to tell Chu Feng that Princess Xiaoxiao had headed to the Nine Souls Galaxy’s Lifecliff Upper Realm with the Nine Souls Sacred Clan’s World Spiritist, Master Yin Ren. 

An ancient remnant had been discovered in the Lifecliff Upper Realm many years back, and further exploration revealed that there was a powerful secret skill hidden in there. It took years of effort, but they finally acquired the secret skill. 

However, it was said Princess Xiaoxiao wasn’t heading there for the secret skill but for some other reason unbeknownst to Prince Shenglong. 

Chu Feng and the others quickly made their way to the Lifecliff Upper Realm, and they soon arrived outside the ancient remnant Prince Shenglong spoke of. However, they were unable to proceed any further because the ancient remnant was sealed off by a powerful barrier.

This barrier restricted access into the ancient remnant to only juniors. If non-juniors wanted to enter the ancient remnant, they needed to have a special token.

“Elder, is there any way to circumvent the barrier?” Chu Feng asked Daoist Niantian.

Daoist Niantian shook his head and replied in embarrassment, “I’m afraid that my skills are insufficient to crack this barrier.”

Chu Feng turned his gaze toward Shengguang Baimei, but the latter showed a troubled look too.

“Young hero Chu Feng, the barrier is too powerful. I won’t be able to crush it even if I exert my full strength on it,” Shengguang Baimei said.

That brought a frown to Chu Feng’s face. 

He had heard from Prince Shenglong that Princess Xiaoxiao had entered the ancient remnant together with Master Yin Ren and the other experts of the Nine Souls Sacred Clan. Other than that, there were also experts and juniors from the other powers too. 

It was said that there was a rank eight Martial Exalted level cultivator amongst them. That was a cultivator of the same level as Shengguang Baimei,

There was no way Chu Feng could deal with someone of that caliber.

If he wished to capture Princess Xiaoxiao, he would need Daoist Niantian and the others by his side. Otherwise, he wouldn’t even be able to deal with her guards.


Chu Feng flung his sleeves and pulled Prince Shenglong out from his formation.

“Tell me, do you know of any ways to enter the barrier?” Chu Feng asked. 

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“I-I’ve already told you everything! Juniors can enter the barrier without any issues, but everyone else would require a special token. This is the restriction imposed on the ancient remnant,” Prince Shenglong replied. 

“Do you have a token?” Chu Feng asked.

“I-I don’t! You can check my Cosmos Sack. All of my treasures are in there. I don’t have the token to enter the barrier!” Prince Shenglong cried out fearfully. 

It was understandable why he was so terrified. He knew that any falsehoods he uttered would invite Chu Feng’s beating. 


Chu Feng flung his sleeves and tossed Prince Shenglong back into the formation. He compressed the formation into a pearl and hid it in his palm.

“Elder, why don’t we try this instead? I’ll try to bring you through the barrier using a formation,” Chu Feng suggested. 

“Alright, we can give it a try.”

Daoist Niantian, Shengguang Baimei, and Shengguang Buyu nodded in agreement. 

Chu Feng quickly constructed a formation and pulled the three of them into the formation. Then, he fused the formation into his body. He was hoping to bypass the detection of the formation through this method.

Unfortunately, he found that he was unable to pass through the barrier. 

“Haaa,” Chu Feng let out a sigh.

He had already tried passing through the barrier himself earlier, and it was a vast world on the other side. The only reason why he couldn’t pass through it right now was because he was carrying three non-juniors with him. 

Even with his formation, he was unable to conceal their existence from the barrier. 

Left with no choice, Chu Feng released Shengguang Baimei and the others from his formation.

“Elders, please wait for me here,” Chu Feng said.

Realizing that Chu Feng was intending to enter the ancient remnant alone, he quickly tried to dissuade him, “Young friend Chu Feng, we can simply wait for them here. There’s no need for you to take on this risk!”

“We have already alarmed the Nine Souls Sacred Clan, and we don’t know the situation inside the ancient remnant too. What if there are other exits to it? We might end up losing Princess Xiaoxiao if we simply bide our time here. No matter what, I should at least go in and take a look around.

“You don’t have to worry. I have Prince Shenglong with me, so I reckon that they won’t dare to do anything to me. I’ll have to trouble the three of you to wait out here for me.”

After saying his piece, Chu Feng walked through the barrier to enter the ancient remnant. 

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