Martial God Space - Chapter 886

Chapter 886: 886

Chapter 886: Terrifying Ye Xiwen


The Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan reacted swiftly, almost immediately . The scene just now was too shocking for them . A clan member was beheaded without any resistance .




A series of footsteps came from a distance . A cyan figure appeared in front of everyone .

“Brother Ye!”

“Brother Ye!”

When everyone in the Wang Family saw this cyan figure, they immediately exclaimed . It turned out to be Ye Xiwen .

“It’s you, bastard!” Bi Chen narrowed his eyes in surprise . That fiery saber aura was so familiar . It turned out to be Ye Xiwen .

More importantly, he thought that Ye Xiwen was already dead after rushing into the flame . When they came in, they didn’t see Ye Xiwen’s body . Naturally, they just assumed he was burned to ashes . They didn’t investigate further either . To their surprise, the person they long thought was dead had resurrected .

“You dare to kill members from the Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan!” A Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan expert roared . Previous E Xiangtian’s death was just their guess, now it was blatant to the eye . Worse still, Transcendent Realm Fifth Level Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan’s elite stood more importance than E Xiangtian .

E Xiangtian’s death did not matter much . In this endless sea region, the death count of warriors every day was ridiculous . It was no exception even in the case of a tyrant force – Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan .

They came here primarily for the Holy Realm Dwellers’ Mansion . E Xiangtian’s death was secondary to them . They didn’t care much at all . It was just that they didn’t expect to find Ye Xiwen by accident .

But, the time had changed . Ye Xiwen killed the Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan under their noses . This was a naked provocation . They would not let Ye Xiwen go no matter what now .

The Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan were in rage!

“E Xiangtian’s death? Who the hell is he? Not only him, but all of you shall also go to hell!” Ye Xiwen squinted his eyes and said, “Where’s E Ying? Too bad, he can’t be your companion to hell!”

Hearing Ye Xiwen’s arrogant taunt, many Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan’s experts immediately felt a sense of irritation!

As the overlord of this nearby sea region, Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan had never encountered a person who belittle them like this!

Eradicate us in one shot… Are we Tofu to you?

Ye Xiwen’s contemptuous attitude intensely annoyed them . It was indifference from the heart; it made them feel uncomfortable as if they were experiencing chess distress .

No one had despised the Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan like this . It was a blatant slap to their faces!

“You’re digging your grave . No one can help you all anymore . When there’s a path to heaven, you’re still walking into hell!” said Bi Chen coldly .

“Help? Who do I need to help me? You should be worried about yourself – who will be saving you all today!” Ye Xiwen’s dense qi began to surge, setting off a horrific wave . His aura alone unexpectedly overwhelmed the combined aura of these Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan experts .

It was the first display of the Transcendent Realm Second Level’s might . It offered a completely different feeling from the Transcendent Realm First Level .

At Transcendent Realm First Level, Ye Xiwen was still a little restrained in front of these people . After attaining the Transcendent Realm Second Level, his cultivation had greatly improved . Sure enough, his combat power went through earth-shaking changes as well .

At this time, the Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan experts finally began to face Ye Xiwen seriously . Since Ye Xiwen had confronted them directly, then obviously he had some preparation and some confidence .

They finally realized that Ye Xiwen was different from the past and remembered what they had forgotten just because of anger . Ye Xiwen beheaded a Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan expert at Transcendent Realm Fifth Level in one slash .

“Kill him . Even if he makes progress, can he be on par with us?” said Bi Chen coldly . He didn’t believe in his heart that Ye Xiwen could contend with so many experts by himself . With one death, there were still eight Transcendent Realm Fifth level experts . The overwhelming numbers advantage was adequate . There was nothing to fear at all .

The Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan experts were shocked when they heard this . Yes, we have more numbers than the brat in front of them . Ye Xiwen caught us off guard just now . We have nothing to fear at all .

All of them lunged toward Ye Xiwen in an instant . Every Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan expert seemed to transform into massive crocodiles, waving huge steel claws and grabbing toward their opponent .

There was an instant whistling sound all around . The overpowering wind set off, fanning toward Ye Xiwen loudly .

Ye Xiwen finally moved . The Wood Burning Saber Technique in his hand instantly set ablaze . Since he had been transformed into a phoenix physique albeit not perfected, it was enough to improve Ye Xiwen’s fire affinity .

The incomplete Wood Burning Saber Technique quickly reached the power of Advanced Human Level . To accentuate it further, the surrounding environment was conducive to this technique .

Wood Burning Saber Technique improved further into Elite Human Level in Ye Xiwen’s hand .

Horrific energies instantly swept through layers of fire waves, expanding in all directions, which immediately stunned many Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan experts . The martial technique at Elite Human Level was just a luxury for them . Only Crown Prince Crocodile practiced the martial techniques at Elite Human Level . E Ying might have the opportunity to learn in the future, but they would not get their turn .

Compared with the power at Advanced Human Level only, Wood Burning Saber Technique’s power that reached Elite Human Level had changed drastically . Coupled with Ye Xiwen’s tyrannical strength, Wood Burning Saber Technique summoned unimaginable heat waves .

“How could he be so much stronger all of a sudden!?” The fastest Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan expert had pounced in front of Ye Xiwen . Since he was the closest to Ye Xiwen, he could feel the horror within Ye Xiwen’s momentum .

But, at the critical moment, he could not afford to dawdle deep in his thoughts . He manifested a giant beast claw and grabbed toward Ye Xiwen .

The beast claw was seemingly tearing the sky at the moment it grabbed towards Ye Xiwen .

“Clang!” The fiery long saber in Ye Xiwen’s hand was drawn in an instant . A brilliant fiery saber light blinded the battlefield, clashing toward the approaching beast claw .

“Puff!” Ye Xiwen’s fiery long saber instantly cut the entire beast claw in half .

The fiery long saber’s slash was advancing unabated . It directly crushed the oncoming big hand from the Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan, detonating the hand into a bloody mess .

“Ah!” The Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan expert screamed agonizingly . He retreated crazily as he held his hand . The Elite Human Level martial technique was far more potent than he had anticipated . It was a stark contrast to Ye Xiwen’s strength previously displayed .

This made him suffer a horrific loss just after the match .

But, Ye Xiwen didn’t intend to let him go . He followed up with a mysterious pace and instantly caught up . In terms of speed, Ye Xiwen was second to none .

“Puff!” Ye Xiwen raised his saber . The fiery saber aura instantly slashed into the opponent’s body . The Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan expert was directly chopped in half . Blood splashed out with his vitality immediately cut off . His body gradually became cold, and he fell instantly from mid-air to the ground .

All of the Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan’s experts finally panicked . This clash was unlike the previous one . Previously was off an ambush nature, but what had happened right now was a direct confrontation .

However, the nature of it made no real difference in a life and death battle . These experts finally realized that the Ye Xiwen in front of them had some great harvest, making him so terrifying .

Initially, Ye Xiwen was unmatched to an ordinary Transcendent Realm Fifth Level expert . But as of now, any regular Transcendent Realm Fifth Level expert would not be able to sustain even a single slash from him .

“Go . We can’t retreat now . It’s either his death or our death!” Bi Chen yelled immediately and rushed towards Ye Xiwen first .

The Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan experts also reacted in time . They had no time to cower in fear . Otherwise, Ye Xiwen would defeat them one by one, ending up killing all of them . After witnessing the glaring moves from Ye Xiwen, they knew the Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan’s prestige was nothing to him . Ye Xiwen was simply an outlaw . Their only way to survive was to defeat Ye Xiwen .

Bi Chen’s speed was the fastest . He appeared in front of Ye Xiwen like a bolt of green lightning . In his palm, the saber appeared, drawing a dangerous arc in the sky and slashed directly at Ye Xiwen’s throat .

Ye Xiwen didn’t even bat an eye . He turned his hand over, launched another slash with his saber, and instantly clashed with Bi Chen’s saber .


Horrifying power swept out a shockwave . Bi Chen’s body was directly blasted out alongside the shockwave . He could not help but puke a mouthful of blood .

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