Martial Peak - Chapter 2091

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Chapter 2091 - Threatening

The Source Qi within the bodies of the seven Dao Source Realm masters surged uncontrollably and gushed out from their bodies like broken dams, the speed of outflow causing great changes to their expressions.

Qin Zhao Yang roared out in a stern voice. “Fret not! This is what will happen before the completion of the formation! Everyone, please make sure to work together!”

After hearing his words, everyone quickly calmed themselves down and continued to form their hand seals.

Source Qi visible to the naked eye surged out like tidal waves, before gradually gathering and merging together. After a short while, an embryonic form of a fierce gigantic creature started to condense.

The creature possessed the head of a dragon, a tortoiseshell, and the tail of a snake, and appeared incomparably mighty and powerful. This was the Divine Spirit, Black Tortoise!

An all-powerful pressure suddenly burst forth, causing shock and astonishment to form in the hearts of the seven people who formed the Spirit Array.

At this instant, the Divine Spirit Black Tortoise condensed from the Source Qi of the seven people appeared remarkably alive, turning its head about and wagging its tail, just like an actual living creature would do. Nevertheless, regardless of its size or strength, it was substantially inferior to the real Black Tortoise, though it was still a gigantic creature.

Among the seven people, Duan Yuan Shan took the position of the dragon head, the middle-aged man took the position of the snake tail, while the other four took the positions of the limbs. As for Yang Kai, he took the centremost position, with Qin Yu by his side.

This arrangement was naturally due to Qin Zhao Yang’s deliberate actions.

If one was to look from afar, one would notice that the seven Dao Source Realm masters appeared to be concealing their bodies within a semi-corporeal Black Tortoise Divine Spirit.

As the formation of the Seven Points Black Tortoise Spirit Array reached its completion, the Source Qi surging out from everyone’s body finally slowed down.

Delighted looks appeared on the seven people’s faces, though they did not make any reckless moves. On the contrary, all of them closed their eyes and quietly sensed the miraculous properties of this extraordinary Spirit Array.

Demon Qi came surging from all directions, enveloping the seven people and quickly submerging the translucent figure of the Black Tortoise. Countless demonic creatures came attacking from all directions, using the concealment of the Demon Qi to launch attacks that came in like tidal waves hitting a shore.

In an instant, the Black Tortoise’s figure could no longer be seen.

Feelings of worry and anxiety surfaced within countless pairs of eyes on top of the city walls, in fear that those seven Dao Source Realm masters would lose their lives just like that.

All of a sudden, a low roar rang out from the area the Demon Qi had surrounded. This roar sounded like a dragon or a beast, resounding across the heavens and earth.

As the roar rang out, a might that seemed to be able to destroy the heavens and shatter the earth suddenly erupted from that location.

In an instant, all of the Demon Qi present in that area was purged, while all of the demonic creatures were sent flying back, before exploding into clouds of blood mist in the air.

The figure of the Divine Spirit appeared once again, while the eight people present within it were completely unharmed.

Duan Yuan Shan chuckled heartily. “With the aid of this miraculous array, what can’t we achieve? Let’s go!”

After experiencing how profound this Seven Points Black Tortoise Spirit Array was, he had gained a large boost in confidence.

As he said those words, he took the lead and rushed forward. The other people followed blindly behind him, maintaining the revolution of the Spirit Array and their relative positions to one another.

As they headed along, any demonic creature that came forth to obstruct them would incite the Divine Spirit projection to wave its humongous palm. With a single palm sweeping out, not a single demonic creature could stand in its way, all of them being sent flying and turning into piles of mush.

The mine wasn’t too far away from Maplewood City, with the distance being about two thousand kilometres. However, if these seven Dao Source Realm masters were to attempt to fly over by themselves, only a few of them might be able to arrive at the mine unscathed.

However, at this moment, by relying on the might of the Spirit Array to combine their Source Qi into one and transform it into a Divine Spirit projection, their journey was basically them bashing through dry weeds and smashing through rotten logs, with nothing that could even obstruct them at all.

The exceedingly corrosive Demoni Qi could not even affect them at all, as it was obstructed by the Divine Spirit projection.

“This Spirit Array is excellent,” As everyone advanced without any pressure at all, Hua Qing Si, who was positioned at the left foreleg of the Black Tortoise projection, suddenly smiled and commented. Directing her beautiful eyes to the left side, she said: “Old Sir Qin, do you have any plans on selling this to the public? If you’re willing, this mistress can…”

“You don’t need to say anymore, Lady Hua. This Qin’s ancestor spent his blood, sweat and tears, and the latter half of his life to complete this Spirit Array. This Qin will not sell it to the public,” Before Hua Qing Si could finish her sentence, Qin Zhao Yang had already interrupted with a gloomy look appearing on his face.

“Don’t be so firm, Old Sir Qin. There is nothing in this world that does not have a price. After this matter, this mistress will find the time to have a private chat with you,” Hua Qing Si smiled as she replied. Clearly, she did not plan to give up easily. As she said those words, her eyes sparkled with a seductive glint. Despite being old and withered, Qin Zhao Yang could not stop his heart from pounding loudly, his blood from surging, and his throat from drying up before a gaze from her peach-like eyes,

[Enchantress!] He quietly cursed as he hastily defended his mental state. Taking a deep breath, he suppressed the surging Qi within his chest.

“This King is also very interested in this Spirit Array, Count me in, too.” The man with the surname of Fu suddenly opened his mouth and spoke with a tone that did not allow one to refute.

“This Sir, your words are unreasonable,” Hua Qing Si immediately felt displeased as she spat out. “This mistress is the one that raised this matter with Old Sir Qin. If you, sir, are interested, shouldn’t you allow this mistress and old sir Qin to finish our discussions before talking about it?

“So, a first-come-first-serve basis also applies in this?” The middle-aged man shot an emotionless look at Hua Qing Si and sneered. “Do you think this is like buying buns from the market?”

Hua Qing Si narrowed her beautiful eyes slightly, though she still continued to wear a faint and beautiful smile on her face as she replied, “This sir, isn’t this an obvious attempt by you to bully a weak girl like this mistress?”

A frown appeared on the middle-aged man’s face as he snorted coldly. “So?”

After exchanging words to and fro, sparks have already emerged between the two of them.

Duan Yuan Shan shouted out from the front, “Sir, madam, as of now, the most important thing to do is to repair that broken seal. We can discuss other matters after that task is accomplished. Can the two of you give me face and put this aside for the time being?”

Hua Qing Si smiled, but no longer said anything.

On the contrary, the middle-aged man continued to speak out in a cold and haughty manner. “Who are you to step in when this King is doing something? Do you believe that this king will leave this Spirit Array right now and make you all unable to return?”

As his words rang out, not only the face of Duan Yuan Shan, but even Qin Zhao Yang, Zhuang Pan and Du Li Shen turned ashen in response.

The Seven Points Black Tortoise Spirit Array required seven people to cooperate in order to display it. If the middle-aged man really left them here, with his powerful Third-Order Dao Source Realm cultivation, it might be possible for him to fight his way out of the encirclement. However, that would not be the case for the other people present.

At the very least, the few First-Order Dao Source Realm masters did not have the confidence to defend themselves against the corrosion of the Demon Qi for long, and they would eventually turn into one of the demonic creatures.

Although there was Qin Yu present with the possibility of her filling in the void, with her Second-Order Origin Return cultivation realm, how would she be able to assist the others to execute the Spirit Array? If that really happened, it would only take a few breaths before Qin Yu would be sucked dry of all of her energy within her body.

It could be said that if that middle-aged man left right now, at least half of the people present here would die.

“There’s no need to do that, sir.” Zhuang Pan was frightened to the point where his face turned pale. He did not come here of his own will, but was volunteered by Duan Yuan Shan. As his strength was inferior to that of Drunkard, Duan Yuan Shan needed the latter to take charge of Maplewood City, leaving him with no other choice but to follow along. After seeing how haughty and arrogant that middle-aged man was being, he was terrified to the bones, causing him to throw swear word after swear word towards Duan Yuan Shan in his heart, blaming Duan Yuan Shan for not recognizing the middle-aged man for who he really was - an idiot person that did not even have a single shred of morality at all.

“That’s right. Please don’t be so hasty, sir.” Du Li Shen also attempted to mediate the situation. “We can discuss this.”

As he said those words, he shot a fierce glare at Qin Zhao Yang, hinting at him to think of a way to defuse this situation.

Yang Kai continued to remain silent as he looked at Duan Yuan Shan with a somewhat astonished look.

The middle-aged man had flown over from the City Lord’s Mansion earlier, leading Yang Kai to assume that the man had some kind of relationship with Duan Yuan Shan, and that they were well-acquainted with each other. However, with what was happening now, it clearly wasn’t the case.

That middle-aged man didn’t give a damn about Duan Yuan Shan at all.

It could be said that he didn’t give a damn about anyone at all, as the behaviour he was showing indicated that he believed he was superior to everyone, and that he was the sole ruler in Heaven and Earth.

[Did this guy have a powerful background?] Yang Kai continued to mull it over. Only cultivators with extraordinary backgrounds would develop such a haughty and arrogant attitude.

“Discuss? This king never discusses with anyone,” The middle-aged man sneered at Qin Zhao Yan. “Old fellow, are you going to sell this Seven Points Black Tortoise Spirit Array or not? Hurry up and give an answer!”

His actions, which seemed to indicate that he would immediately leave if not given a satisfactory answer, made the others feel intense hatred towards him, but at the same time, they were incomparably anxious, as they turned towards Qin Zhao Yang to shoot pleading looks at him.

“Sir, what’s your opinion on this?” Unable to believe the development of this matter, Qin Zhao Yang wore an expression of bitterness and grief on his face.

On the other side, Duan Yuan Shan had reached the limit of his anger as he clenched his fists tightly.

It wasn’t because the man had not treated him, the City Lord, as someone of any importance at all. Instead, it was because he had added insult to injury at such a critical junction. If he had known that the middle-aged man had such rapacious designs, he would have never agreed to let him become a member of this Spirit Array.

If not for the dire situation, Duan Yuan Shan would have immediately flipped him off.

“This King’s patience is wearing thin. Let me ask you one last time. Are you selling it, or not?” The middle-aged man tossed out an ultimatum, leaving Qin Zhao Yang absolutely no room for respite.

“Old Qin…” Du Li Shen grew flustered as he stared anxiously at Qin Zhao Yang.

“Brother Qin, the present situation is of higher importance.” Zhuang Pan said in an attempt to persuade him. After saying that, he added, “It’s alright if it's just us. However, without the protection of the Spirit Array, your Yu’er will…”

He gave an impression of being worried for Qin Yu, as though he was extremely concerned for her well-being.

A look of fury and indignation surfaced on Qin Zhao Yang’s face as, after all, he had taken the initiative to hand over his Qin Family’s heirloom Spirit Array, had personally participated in its formation, and had even brought his precious granddaughter Qin Yu into a dangerous place, all in the hopes of helping Maplewood City fend off the dangerous situation it was currently in. However, never in his wildest dreams did he expect his surge of hot-bloodedness would be drenched and doused in ice water in such a place.

How could he be willing to hand this Spirit Array over?

“Okay. I’ll sell this Seven Points Black Tortoise Spirit Array to you, brother Fu.” After remaining silent for a while, Qin Zhao Yang replied through clenched teeth, knowing that he was powerless to change the situation.

“Haha. A wise man will submit to the circumstances!” The middle-aged man chuckled heartily, “You’re not bad, old fellow.”

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