Martial Peak - Chapter 2344

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Chapter 2344 – Massacre

“Little brat, with your proficiency in the Dao of Space, this King may indeed be unable to keep you here,” Qiu Ze looked at Yang Kai with a grim face. From their exchange earlier, he could tell that Yang Kai’s strength was not inferior to his, and the latter may even be slightly above him. With his added proficiency in the Dao of Space, Qiu Ze really did not have the confidence to stop him should he choose to escape.

In other words, Yang Kai could leave anytime he wanted to, and Qiu Ze would only be able to watch him do so no matter how displeased he was.

But in fact, Yang Kai did not leave because he still had many friends here, he couldn’t escape alone. So, Qiu Ze did not panic and only smiled sinisterly, “If you leave, this King will not stop you, but these people... Heh heh...”

He did not say too much, but the threats in his voice were clear to see.

“Qiu Ze you old dog, you really are shameless!” Ye Hen roared at him.

Qiu Ze was unmoved by his words and only looked toward Yang Kai, “Little brat, you better think clearly. Consider whether you want to escape by yourselves or stay and suffer with them.”

Even though he said such words, he really was worried that Yang Kai might just abandon these people and run away by himself. If that were to happen, then he may have to live a life on the edge in the future. Yang Kai was this strong at only the Third-Order Dao Source Realm. If he reached the Emperor Realm, then how could Sky Illumination Palace possibly survive against him?

A foe like him must either be left unprovoked or dealt with once and for all, otherwise, there were bound to be deadly consequences.

As long as Yang Kai didn’t escape, then everything else was fine. There were so many Masters gathered here, they did not have to worry about not being able to kill him. Even if he had to pay the price for it, he knew had to kill Yang Kai here today at any cost.

Ruan Hong Bo and the others were probably thinking the same thing as Qiu Ze, so all of them had ugly looks on their faces, but they did not retreat. They just watched Yang Kai, killing intents surging.

Yang Kai stood on top of the Space Array and looked around him as if he wanted to note down the faces of every single person giving him trouble. All the cultivators who were glanced over by him changed their faces and averted their gaze. They were terrified.

“Very well. You forced my hand, so I hope you won’t regret this!” Yang Kai sneered and a bracelet-like artifact suddenly appeared on his hand. Dense energy fluctuations seeped out from the bracelet. That alone was one thing, but the key point was the fact that clear traces of Emperor Aura and Emperor Intent were instantly spreading out from the bracelet.

“An Emperor Artifact!” Qiu Ze’s pupils shrank, a hot glow in his eyes.

The rest all looked wide-eyed in disbelief.

Yang Kai’s Myriads Sword was definitely an Emperor Artifact, that was something they confirmed just now. It was shocking enough for a Dao Source Realm cultivator to possess a single Emperor Artifact, but he actually had another one?

What are the origins of this little brat? Why does he have so many Emperor Artifacts?

Qiu Ze was astonished, and at the same time, his eyes became red. It took him so much effort to advance to the Emperor Realm, but he didn’t even have a single Emperor Artifact. Yet Yang Kai, a Dao Source Realm Junior, was able to pull out two Emperor Artifacts in an instant. How could Qiu Ze not feel envious of this?

At this moment, Qiu Ze couldn’t even be bothered to guess what great force Yang Kai had backing him. As long as he got rid of him quickly, then he could snatch the two Emperor Artifacts from him. With his current cultivation, his strength would definitely soar if he had these two Emperor Artifacts.

“Begin!” Qiu Ze shouted and was the first to rush towards Yang Kai.

Seeing this, the others didn’t dare to hesitate and all followed suit.

The expression of Ye Hen and the others changed dramatically, their faces all turning ashen. It was possible they may not be able to escape this time. Even Hua Qing Si’s pretty face had turned gloomy, but Yang Kai did not tell them to retreat into the Sealed World yet. Hua Qing Si knew Yang Kai definitely had his own plans, so her beautiful eyes fixed on him. She wanted to see what sort of trump card Yang Kai had to be able to withstand the attacks of so many Masters.

She saw Yang Kai grip the bracelet, then, a large black cloud suddenly emerged, buzzing incessantly. It was as if an endless hole had been opened up on the bracelet, releasing a tide of black mist. In the blink of an eye, the area around the Space Array was completely enveloped in the darkness, leaving no gaps.

“Insects?” Hua Qing Si remarked in surprise. She could finally see what sort of thing that black cloud was.

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The black cloud was made up of countless little black insects the size of rice grains, forming a cloud that protected them. Moreover, Hua Qing Si could feel an uncomfortable aura coming from these insects.

This aura was very similar to the aura of the Ancient Demon she encountered that day outside Maplewood City.

This discovery caused Hua Qing Si to jump in fright. How could she not know how strange these insects were? No matter what they were, they had the aura of an Ancient Demon, so they were definitely not to be trifled with.

With their buzzing noise surrounding them, the insect cloud appeared to have formed an iron wall around the Space Array. Qiu Ze and the others bombarded the cloud of insects in unison with their Secret Techniques and artifacts, knocking countless of those insects dizzy and causing them to fall to the ground.

In an instant, the heavy look on Qiu Ze’s face eased up. He was still on guard against Yang Kai in case he unleashed some extraordinary technique; however, once he saw that these strange insects were so easy to defeat, he instantly felt relaxed. He figured Yang Kai had probably exhausted his tricks.

Qiu Ze was feeling confident and was just about to unleash another Secret Technique to break the protection of the insect cloud when he instinctively felt that something was wrong.

He quickly looked down at the insects on the ground, only to see that the ones that had fallen were actually completely unharmed. They just fluttered their wings and came back to life. Not only that, but they were all emitting a furious and violent aura, seemingly from getting attacked, and lunged at the cultivators nearby.

[What the hell are these things?] Qiu Ze’s heart jumped, but before he could figure it out, one of the black insects pounced on him. Following that, Qiu Ze suddenly felt a slight pain from his Knowledge Sea as if he had been pricked by something. In just that one instant, he suddenly found that a corner of his Soul was missing.

[That black insect actually devoured my Spiritual Energy?] Qiu Ze was shocked and cold sweat covered his body in an instant.

He could clearly see that the insect had latched onto his arm. That was even separated by several layers of clothing. Even if he were to be bitten, it would’ve been his arm that got injured. So, why was it not his arm hurting, but instead, a chunk of his Divine Sense that went missing?

Just as he slowed down to think, he felt another prick from his Knowledge Sea as another chunk of his Soul disappeared.

[What the hell are these black insects?!]

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How could Qiu Ze dare to dally? If this kept going, then wouldn’t his Soul be swallowed up by these black insects? When the time came, he would definitely die. Out of shock, his Qi burst out and directly blasted off the insects nearby.

But what startled him even more was that not only did the insects not die, instead, they persistently tried to swarm him, but were unable to get close since they were blocked by his domain.


A scream pierced through the sky, after that, many others followed. The screams sounded extremely miserable, as if they were suffering from the cruellest torture in the world.

Qiu Ze looked over and it felt like a pot of cold water had been poured over his heart.

He saw that including the cultivators from his own Sky Illumination Palace, the cultivators from all the other Sects were enveloped by the black insects. The Third-Order Dao Source Realm and Second-Order Dao Source Realm cultivators did not have it as bad since their defences were strong and were in no worry of dying despite their miserable states, but the First-Order Dao Source Realm and Origin King Realm cultivators were clearly in grave danger. They were simply unable to escape the black insects, and many have been enveloped to the point where they could no longer be seen.

In the blink of an eye, the cultivators enveloped by the black insects turned still. Once the black insects scattered away, these cultivators fell to the ground, unmoving.

There didn’t seem to be any injury to their bodies, but from their dull and frightened eyes, it was clear they had suffered something terrifying before dying.

How could Qiu Ze not know that these cultivators had died because their Souls were devoured by the black insects? He himself had suffered the same attack, and if not for his great strength, he would definitely be on the ground by now as well.

Many cultivators fell to the ground, struggling and writhing, but not one of them could escape the fate of death.

In just five short breaths, a large number of the cultivators from the several Sects had died!

This was simply a massacre, a one-sided massacre!

Not to mention Ruan Hong Bo and the others, even Yang Kai, the culprit, had a terrified look on his face after seeing this scene.

Since he had fully brought the Soul Devouring Insects under his control, it was the first time he used them against his enemies. He knew that the Soul Devouring Insects could play a significant role in group battles, but he never thought that they would actually become so powerful after their recent evolution.

The situation before him caused him to freeze in place as Soul Devouring Insects continued to fly out from the Insect Enslavement Bracelet.

After the last Soul Devouring Insect flew out from the Insect Enslavement Bracelet, there were more than a million of them inside the mountain valley. The black cloud of insects were all gathered around the cultivators who were still struggling desperately, waiting for an opportunity to bite onto them as well.

No matter what defensive artifacts these cultivators summoned, they could not stop the Soul Devouring Insects from attacking them. Even the Source Qi in the cultivators’ bodies could not shield them from these tyrannical insects.

More and more cultivators fell dead.

The cultivators at Origin King Realm and First-Order Dao Source Realm had already been wiped out long ago. Under the attack of the cloud of Soul Devouring Insects, these weaker cultivators had no power to fight back at all.

Gradually, the cultivators at Second-Order Dao Source Realm couldn’t hold on anymore either. With the Source Qi penetrated, their Spiritual Energy was rapidly gnawed away by the Soul Devouring Insects. Even though there were no marks on their bodies, they still could not escape the fate of death.

Even using their full strength, they were unable to kill even a single Soul Devouring Insect. The evolved Soul Devouring Insects seemed to have become extremely resilient. Even though they were occasionally knocked out by the cultivators, they were able to recover quickly and join the fight again.

Ye Hen and the others were dumbfounded.

Hua Qing Si and the others were also dumbfounded.

Each of them stood around the Space Array, watching this inhumane massacre, their mood extremely complex. Even though these people were throwing their weight around earlier, they didn’t expect them to turn into cold corpses in just an instant. How could anyone describe this?

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